Professional Athletes Set For Golf Tournament

August 26, 2016

The golfers competing at the inaugural Pro Sports World Championship of Golf at Bermuda’s Port Royal Golf Course from September 8 to September 10 will include athletes that have won championships in other sports, including the World Series, Super Bowl and Stanley Cup.

A spokesperson said, “Event organizer Brady Whittingham started a recent interview with the first line of what sounded like it would be a great joke, saying ‘a goalie, a quarterback, and a pitcher walked into a bar and began telling locker room stories’; then after a little pause and a big smile, he continued, ‘the rest probably wouldn’t be printable, but I guarantee it’s always highly entertaining.’

“In less than two weeks, the scene will become a reality as players finish their two championship rounds and head inside the clubhouse together to unwind with a Dark & Stormy compliments of Goslings and Bella Vista Bar & Grill, two of the events primary sponsors.

“Former NFL Quarterback Billy Joe Tolliver is currently the top ranked golfer from his sport, and if he has his way, the golfers he has selected to join him in representing golfers from the NFL will claim the team title.”

“We’re in for a real battle. Every one of the guys in this field can play scratch golf and believe me, they all want to win this thing,” said Tolliver, who is the odds on favorite to win the individual title.

“Captains are responsible for choosing a team of golfers to represent their sport. The captains for the inaugural Pro Sports World Championship of Golf are Billy Joe Tolliver [NFL], Grant Fuhr [NHL], and Josh Beckett [MLB].

“The championship will be decided over two days of golf September 8th and 9th, with the best 4 player’s scores from each day counting toward the team total. Individual scoring will determine the overall player’s championship.”

“This is a sports fantasy,” said Clarence Hofheins, General Manager at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, the event’s presenting sponsor.

“How often is it that we get to watch a quarterback compete head to head with a goalie and a pitcher, all scratch golfers, and all guys who we know from having watched them on TV competing at the very highest level of their respective sport?”

“On Saturday, September 10, each of the athletes will participate in a Pro-Am tournament in which teams consisting of three amateur golfers will be joined by the pro athlete captain they select through the “Player Draft” taking place at the Pairings Gala being held the evening before the event at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa.”

For information about participating in the Pro-Am tournament and/or attending the Pairings Gala, visit the website, call 296-4673, or email

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