Court: 76-Yr-Old’s Mental Health To Be Assessed

September 30, 2016

Appearing in Magistrates Court, a 76-year-old man accused the Government of mistreating him and also requested to be paid $35 million as compensation for a car he said the police had confiscated.

Abdullah Furqan had appeared during the session of Plea Court the day before, during which he had raised his voice and alleged that the Magistrate was not doing his judicial duty.

Mr Furqan also accused the Government of mistreating him; and demanded that the Magistrate order the Police to pay $35 million as compensation for the car which he said had been confiscated by the Police.

Unable to get coherent answers to questions he asked the defendant, the Magistrate ordered Mr Furqan to be kept in custody, and for him to re-appear the following day.

In the next Plea Court session, the Court heard that it was recommended that Mr Furqan be assessed for possible mental health issues, so Mr Furqan was remanded to MAWI so that a determination could be made.

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