Logic CEO Thanks Customers & Praises Staff

October 24, 2016

Logic internet and cable services are back to normal except for a small number of customers whose status the company is still attempting to verify, according to CEO Frank Amaral.

Mr. Amaral said the processes the company uses to communicate with customers in the event of a major outage are being reviewed after collecting their feedback after Hurricane Nicole.

He thanked customers for their patience and praised his staff who had worked “all hours of the day and night” to get people back online.

“Some customers may have their service devices intentionally disconnected or have not been at home when field service technicians have attempted to speak with them,” said Mr. Amaral. “I would encourage those people to call us on 292-5544 or 296-9600.

“To our customers, we thank you for understanding and your patience was greatly appreciated.

“I’m proud of our team for being able to pull together and dedicate endless hours to recover services for our customers. I’d like to thank our staff for their commitment to the public, at all hours of the day and night.”

A spokesperson said, “By 10pm the day after the storm, Logic had quickly recovered 60 percent of its service outages Island-wide.

“With the help of the BELCO team restoring power, the remaining 40 percent of Logic’s services were then brought online throughout the course of the next six days.

“While power is the main component needed to reinstate service, Mr Amaral said there were other significant challenges such as downed lines, downed trees and other debris preventing access to areas requiring repairs.”

“Processes for simplifying communication to the public and support during irregular business hours are being reviewed”, added Mr. Amaral.

“Feedback from our customers has been collected and will be taken into consideration as we work toward implementing future best practices.”

Customers still experiencing service outages and having not yet submitted a report may do so by calling 292-5544 or 296-9600.

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  1. Comfortably numb says:

    Hopefully some of the feedback will encourage Mr Amara to instruct his staff l to answer incoming calls and reply to emails sent to the company. In addition, customer service representatives should not assure service will be restored the following day if that is not the case. I had neither Cable vision nor Internet for eight days and am still waiting for an acknowledgement and/or a reply to my email to Logic. And credit for those missing days, Mr Amaral…………..?

  2. Cranberry says:

    Still trying to pay my Logic cable bill. Maybe they can sort that out now???

  3. Um Um Like says:

    Yet the customers don’t praise the staff!

  4. Pete says:

    Our internet still not working, no answer on emails and after many phone calls, NOV1 date was given to us for repairs. They came up hill here but didnt reach bottom… Customer service very poor!!!

  5. Kento says:

    This is a complete joke, my service is still down. They announced 100% network coverage and mine was still down. No communications to the public and their store and office was closed on the Friday.

    • Paty says:

      They never fixed our line and said, they dont know when it will be fixed because they depend on BTC! Come on guys, you can do better that that!!