Logic: Post Storm Tips About Internet & Cable

October 18, 2016

Following Hurricane Nicole — which caused widespread power and telecommunications outages — Logic provided tips about helping to get your system working again.

The company said: “Important: Once power has been restored to your home, please ensure all electronics have been connected correctly before powering ‘ON’.

Cable TV – For customers with the number ‘90’ appearing on your cable box, please file a report with us so we may schedule a tech to visit you.

Internet – For customers with both ISP and cable access, the first 4 lights on the cable modem should be lit and not blinking indicating your system is fully operational.

“If this is not the case, please check your connections and ‘reboot’ the system. Should an issue persist, please file a report with us so we may schedule a tech to visit you.

Internet Access Only – For customers who only subscribe to Logic Access, and the first 4 lights are a lit solid and not blinking on the modem, a ‘reboot’ of the WiFi router may be needed.

“If an issue persists, please contact your ISP provider for further assistance.”

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  1. Cynical says:

    My tips to Logic – answer your phone when it rings. Answer your phone at the weekend. Respond to calls when messages are left. Keep appointments you make. When you attempt to fix a problem and the fix fails, don’t put the customer to the back of the queue again. Don’t charge 3 times more than anywhere else in the world for a service and speed which hasn’t improved since dial-up was invented.

    • tbt says:

      You clearly never had dial-up. It was a Hurricane relax your nerves. I have a tip. Go for a walk and enjoy the view of this beautiful island you live on instead of being stuck with your face to your computer screen 24-7. We were very fortunate to be so lucky after the storm with no life loss and little to no damage for most and all people care about is the internet and TV not working right away.

      • Tranquility says:

        Yeah, but these problems existed long before the hurricane. And some people can’t afford to just get up and take a walk. Not everyone uses their computer solely for pleasure, some of us work from home you know!!

      • Cynical says:

        Where did I mention a hurricane, my friend? As Tranquility says, these issues have existed for a long time. Don’t be so quick to jump in.

  2. Comfortably numb says:

    Bravo Cynical, could not have phrased it better myself. Customer service is appalling as are their communication skills. The one bright light is that I have found the technicians who make house calls are universally pleasant and eager to please.

    • where is he says:

      I too agree with Cynical. TBT must have all there services up and running at home. Logic cable vision need to p there customer service its sucks really.
      And can you tell me where there service guys is I need him:)

      For the proff readers I know my speeling isn’t always rite.

  3. Unus sed leo says:

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    Laying on the road amd accross it at railroad trail.

  4. Honest Steve says:

    The only reason Logic has posted this is for marketing and PR reasons and the first comment on this article shows exactly how that can backfire – especially when what was said is true.

  5. Scott says:

    Been down since the hurricane, have a ticket in, the guy who answers the phone just says “yhaaaa, there are outages all over the island, we should get to you at some point, nahhhhh have no idea when it might get fixed or when you shouuuuuld calllll again”. Frustrating, they need a serious lesson in customer relations. Frustrated!

  6. Need Cable says:

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  7. let there be light says:


  8. Y-Gurl says:

    Here’s a top tip for Logic customers…..CHANGE YOUR PROVIDER! their service is deplorable and the “don’t care” attitude of the staff and managers is beyond belief, Logic your not the only game in town and your certainly not the best, changing the name of the company is more smoke and mirrors, we know who sucks regardless