Pole Down, Traffic Diversions In Southampton

October 25, 2016

Traffic is being diverted and BELCO crews are on scene after a truck, which was transporting a container, knocked down a pole in Southampton this afternoon [Oct 25].

A BELCO spokesperson said, “A vehicle knocked down a pole near Turtle Bay Southampton. Two customers are out of power as a result. BELCO Crews are currently working to erect a new pole in order to restore power as quickly as possible to those customers.




- Two photos by Tori Cox-Lindo

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  1. ooops says:

    Dismasted and it’s not even windy today.

  2. Terry says:

    Time for new poll anyway.
    Give or take 4-5%

  3. Again says:

    Here we go again. Belco just incase you don’t remember, there was hurricane force winds a few weeks ago. And there are a lot of hanging wires. Have someone go out and see what wires are hanging and start to fix them if not there will be many more tractor trailers pulling down hanging wires. Duhhhh.

    • Hurricane says:

      They have started to fix hanging wires but they can’t do them all at the same time….duhhhhhhh

    • Be smart BDA. says:

      Stop whining… you weren’t complaining when they got your power back online as fast as they could. These guys work very hard. Lot of band aid work afer the storm to get your fridge full of cold beers. Go out there and give them one next time huh!! pi$$ a$$ When was the last you got out there to clean up or cut your trees back in the middle of the night.

    • Ko says:

      Come on now. Belco has done a great job of getting power back to the whole island in a greatly timely fashion AFTER A cat 3 storm. Mistakes happen.

      • Cynical says:

        Put the cables underground and there won’t be an issue

    • Cablevision Problem says:

      In case you didn’t know those lower hanging wires are Cablevision or Telephone wires.

  4. Truck says:

    Because of weather we have had, drivers should try to pay more attention knowing wires may be low!

    • bonita says:

      s#!t happen! when your driving a big truck you cant see how close the wires are to the container

    • NEMO says:

      The driver was paying attention he was being cautious, there was little damage. Don’t always blame BELCO their lines are not at the bottom of the pole they just own the poles.

  5. Moonshine says:

    the lower wires are BTC and Cablevision/Logic