PLP Confirm Marc Bean To Retire From Politics

November 4, 2016

The PLP has just confirmed that Opposition Leader Marc Bean “has submitted a letter indicating his retirement from politics.”

The statement from the PLP said, “The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party can confirm that the Party Leader, the Hon. Marc Bean, JP, MP, has submitted a letter indicating his retirement from politics to the Acting Governor.”

Marc Bean

Update: Mr Bean served as a PLP Senator prior to being elected in 2010 in a by-election held in Constituency #26 Warwick South Central, which was called following the resignation of former Premier Dr Ewart Brown.

He served as Minister of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy while the PLP was the Government, and following the 2012 General Election, he became the Leader of the Opposition.

The PLP’s statement was short, but indicates he is retiring from politics, not just as Party Leader, meaning his resignation should prompt both a by-election in Warwick South Central and the selection of a new Party Leader by the PLP.

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:


    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Road to Election 2017 ;-)

      • Really Really BETTTY says:

        Thanks Marc Bean for your years of service to the people.

        PLP must Stand Strong and Move forward for the People.

        • Ringmaster says:

          Marc Bean correctly called for an end to corruption, shady dealings and the rest. Says a lot as will who will run for the leader especially if any run who didn’t agree with Marc. Then after a new leader is chosen, who will return to Cabinet.

          • hmmm says:

            So he leaves the PLP and the “shady dealings” will resume in the party!

            • Madge says:

              Word has it that the P.L.P. are now defunct.
              and it is because Bean ,will disclose the issues in his formal party.

          • Madge says:

            Please dear lord ,and the P.L.P. to even consider having Zane,as our Premiere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • The People says:

          What do ypu mean by “the people” ?

        • hmmm says:

          The PLP never stood strong, it is a stupid tag line that served to brainwash a voter.

          PLP are a bunch of individuals scrapping for self.

          Marc Bean tried to put a stop to the nonsense in the party. He couldn’t.

          At least he tried, I give him credit for attempting that monumental task. The PLP are a mess. You know it and I know it. How long are you going to pretend it is different to fool the people of Bermuda Betty???????

          ps Stand strong and Move Forward = A contradiction.

          or do you mean that is the best the PLP can hope for is to get itself together to halt the decline. effectively a forward movement compared to its current trajectory into the abyss.

        • Livid Lesbian says:

          Marc Bean is a misogynist, homophobe and xenophobe….so no

    • OBA one term says:




      • The People says:

        Wow you sound as ignorant as Donald Trump. I just hope that you remember you words of ignorant advice if you ever have the unfortunate experience of witnessing someone talking to your sister mother or daughter like that.

        • Eyes wide open says:

          First you bash Marc here!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • The People says:

            Where did I bash Marc exactly. I was speaking to OBA one term about what he said. We all make mistakes and most of us learn from tge mistakes of others. The fact that OBA one term STIL thinks it is okay to talk like this is what I have a problem with. I have respect for most politicians on both sides and the time they give to serve their country. I believe none are perfectand all make mistakes and I am not affiliated with any party. I vote for the person not the party.

      • The People says:

        Only a fool would think that talking to anyone like that is normal and okay.
        Anyway I wish Marc well. The PLP turned their back on him and he has learnt a valuable lesson. He tries ro standup in support of what he thought was right but was made to sit back down again. There were a few exceptions; his true supporters friends and family. Lesson learned. Perhaps if he gained a 1/4 of the backing and support during these difficult times as many within the PLP gave Reverand Tweed would be growing insteadvof imploding.

        Marc take care of your health family and business. Some things are much more important in life.

        • Eyes wide open says:

          Second now you praise Marc here!!! hmmm which is it? Just go put on the tape recorder like a good puppet.

          • The People says:

            Unlike you I see the big picture and could not care less what party he stood for. I didnt agree with everything he said and did. However, he DID acknowledge that their were some serious problems and abuses within his party. For that he was persecuted as all of could see.
            He should have known better than to challange the legion of doom. Brown, Desilav, Burch and Burt. He paid for it.
            The leader of your party was sick …meanwhile the focus of the PLP was on a non bermudian man that should not have the right to use the word reverend in front of his name.

        • Pastor Syl says:

          Wish you well, Marc Bean. Haven’t always agreed with you, but still, I wish you well.

    • Onion Juice says:

      De biggest fear for U.B.P. and their supporters, let the race begin.

    • PLP says:

      PLP’s new leader is going to be Zane DeSilva. Thank you Marc Bean for your service.

  2. Cow Polly says:

    Now that’s the news that will make the OBA nervous

  3. question says:


  4. Hold on says:

    Don’t blame you Marc. You have a young family to worry about. Walter Robain is the best person.

    • Wayne's World says:

      How about Furbert? He has experience leading a party.

      • Serious Though says:

        No, need serious conversation on party direction not party politics

  5. biggadon says:

    The best thing to do for the sake of the party…. now concentrate on getting your health in order….Good luck Mr. Bean on all you future Endeavours !

  6. Hmm says:

    Now the OBA can panic! PLP just gained a significant chance at returning to power.

    • wahoo says:

      Maybe plp can panic also since now Marc can drop the bomb.

    • Cynic says:

      It shouldn’t be the OBA panicking, it should be Bermudians faced with the threat of returning to what they were headed into a just a few short years ago. My, how short people’s memories are.

      • mixitup says:

        If Micheal Dunkley and the UBP crew can get another opportunity to Govern (albeit crafty they way they did it) then the PLP should also… I mean if you want to compare, the PLP wasn’t in charge when the Govenor was assasinated, and there were riots and General Strikes right? Just sayin..

        • Cynical says:

          OBA should get at least as long as the PLP, Just sayin….

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Then by your reasoning, the OBA should be given a longer chance to fix the mess that they inherited. Right off the bat, the PLP were running afoul in their first term, accomplishing little, but the arguement was they deserved a second chance. In the OBA’s first term the have managed to halt the unemployment and economic free fall we were in, turn around the tourism free fall we were in, and more than half the government deficit without implementing austerity measures. The PLP and their supporters will not even acknowledge this, but the OBA has done more for Bermudians and recovering this country and Bermudians than the PLP could have ever accomplished (I base this on the policies they were following before the last election and the policies they have promised to return us to and implement should they return). So why should the OBA not be given a second term, to see how much further they can take us back from the brink the PLP left us and want to take us back to?? No government can make any Bermudian successful, they can only try to stimulate an economic environment where Bermudians can work toward that success for themselves, and the PLP failed in that regard and it cost Bermudians, their own ardent supporters, and set this country back. It can take years to build a successful economic environment, but it doesn’t take long to destroy it, an obvious lesson when you look at decades of our history, and not just the last 4 years, or 18, or 60.

        • The People says:

          Good people in both partys. The problem is that they are like sheep and have no real voice. they vote along party lines and most dont speak up. We have seen what happens on both sides when you do.

    • JAWS says:

      Nandi I hope you didn’t throw the wire away we need another recording down.

  7. TimBuc says:

    Family first.

  8. Terry says:

    Let the show begin.

    Any Trumps living in that constituency?

  9. The dark knight says:

    I would retire to marc politics is no place for real people nuff said 100%

    • The dark knight says:

      You can dislike all you want its the truth

      • mixitup says:

        I cannot understand your writing here..Can you add some punctuation and clarify plse.. Thxs

  10. Vote for Me says:

    I want to congratulate Marc for his service to Bermuda and the PLP. An honest assessment has to place him as one of the most gifted natural speakers that has served Bermuda.

    Whilst we may sometimes disagree with what he says, it is undeniable that he could think on his feet and speak in a coherent manner when necessary.

    I wish him well as he continues on the road to full recovery and congratulate his wife for her perseverance.

    Hopefully, Bermuda has not seen the last of his contribution.

  11. Warrior says:

    You are going to be a big miss!!!

  12. bluwater says:

    No one is going to panic over the “Brilliance of Burt” The past PLP junior finance minister is possibly the worst choice in the next year.

  13. George Courtney says:

    This is too bad as he has lead the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party to 2 successive bye elections

    His economic & financial stance was superb as well

    And hopefully, who ever takes over his leadership will surpass he leadership with flying colors

    • Truth (Original) says:

      Lol ! Please explain this statement;

      “His economic & financial stance was superb as well”

  14. Serious Though says:

    Kim Wilson, Save the party please…

  15. Fisherman says:

    Well done Marc, God bless and always put Him in front of you. the devil comes to steal and destroy, watch who you surround yourself with and do some deleting to your contact list.

  16. Done with all of you says:

    I don’t blame you for retiring. The people don’t like strong black men.. PLP’s lost. Enjoy famiky life my friend.

    • question????? says:

      Do strong black men call women “a ten cent political –ore who is shared by best friends”

  17. Hey says:

    Col. Burch will have his way again, then its lights out for the PLP.

  18. jackpot says:

    That’s the worse news for the OBA. In all the months of the PLP fighting what did the OBA do to move closer to the community? Absolutely nothing. Now the PLP will unite, get a strong person elected to replace Bean and be in an excellent position come the next election. Who is advising the OBA? Fire them!!

  19. WillSee says:

    Now the cookie jar experts can take over!

  20. King Jammys says:

    @ George Courtney Lol… what a joke. Economic stance? The PLP ran the island into financial ruin and you applaud that?

  21. King Jammys says:

    Which joker is next? PLP has no plan. PLP has no depth to run this island.

    • wondering says:

      Unfortunately true the country has no depth overall. No better choice on either side of the political divide and our current premier is the best of the bunch which says a lot. There is a huge number of persona who could fulfil the role but there is not one who truly has the support of their party or supporters as this country is truly divided even amongst the separate factions

      • Ringmaster says:

        Actually the PLP do have a plan. It’s called Vision 2025 so Bermuda will have to wait 9 years to know what their plan is.

  22. Kevin says:

    Too bad it took so long , he may have been politically savy but as a human being he was far less than admirable. So a new leader of the same bunch of rocks, they couldn’t run the country then why would one think they can do it now . The next election should not even be closely contested , it is clear who has the ability to get us back on track, and plan for the future, our future our childrens future

  23. Say Whaat? says:

    Hmm… PLP should get a surrogate. Lol!

  24. Jadon says:

    Funny… the PLP can’t run bermuda? I suppose it was the PLPs fault there was a world wide recession. Who bailed out Bank of Butterfieldwhen the recession hit? The PLP. 200 million! What has happened to the debt since OBA/UBP has been in power ? It’s doubled ! In 4 years! Lol yet the PLP can’t run Bermuda? Ya ok….

    • Ringmaster says:

      OBA have to pay for the bloated Civil Service caused by the PLP hiring frenzy to hide the unemployment caused by the PLP scaring away IB. IB does not need to be told to hire Sven and Jonny; to have equality in race employment or term limits. They need stability, and the internet has removed many of the jobs. Nothing to do with the recession. Next.

    • wahoo says:

      The $200M was the people’s money not the plp’s and if they had not done it BNTB would have collapsed. Anyone would have bailed them out. You gotta go back to school.

    • Spit Bouy says:


      Still trotting out the world wide recession excuse eh?! Lmao.

    • Zevon says:

      Give it a rest with the PLP “workdwide recession” myth.
      Every other economy was in and out of recession in 12-15 months. The self-inflicted recession caused by PLP incompetence and self-dealing gave us a recession that lasted 7 years and we would still be in it if you turkeys were still in charge.

    • The dark knight says:

      The oba also has to have paid loserslike these two to keep saying the same thing over & over since 2011 like we get it you have a computer give it a break you no life losers

    • Point boy says:

      Im guessing you’re fairly young. Let me explain. When the plp gained power some 20 years ago, Bermuda was booming.

      Construction! You went through town and see at least six tower crains. You (really) wanted a job you (got) it!

      That recession you talk about could have been avoided all together.

      Just poor fiscal management under the plp!

      • mixitup says:

        Hold on, I recall that the Biggest GDP recorded in History was under the PLP… And during this time we saw at leat six cranes hovering over Hamilton, maybe I was dreaming…

        • Spit Bouy says:

          @ mixitup,

          Yup and none of that would have happened without the 30 plus years of the UBP prior to 1998. What you think that all happened because of the plp?. Thanks for the laugh. lmao

          • Ringmaster says:

            Unfortunately the PLP growth years were primarily because thousands of people died. New IB set up following 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. Without those disasters the new companies would not have been formed, and growth would not have happened. The groundwork for IB had been put in place years before by the UBP.

  25. Terry says:

    What a bunch of weekend Friday Happy Hour Jokers most of you are.
    Do you actually read or even have knowledge of what you write.

    ” closely contested”.
    Now come back and back up your words with fact and a name.

    Can’t do that.
    Like “AC”.

    Air Conditionair……………………………………………

    Enjoy 2017.

    And buy local fish………………………

  26. Tom 1 says:

    Don’t blame their mistakes on the recession. The reason they put us in so much debt is because they over spent on every single capital project they ever built: Grand Atlantic, the hospital, The court house, NSC ect… And left us with a top heavy civil service.

  27. wahoo says:

    He is being pushed out simple as that. If he was honest he would admit it but this is a case of “we had to deceive you”.

  28. mixitup says:

    I would like to also that Marc Bean for his contributions, I personally appreciated his frankness and his honesty, but not everyone is ready for the truth… On another note if Kim Wilson is elected leader, it’s lights out for the OBA.

    • mixitup says:


    • Marge says:

      What contributions did Marc Bean provide ? you say you liked his frankness !!!!! and his honesty… you remember what he said about women….it was so disgusting…thank God we will no longer have to hear his hateful comments in the House anymore….

      • mixitup says:

        And you are ok with a potty mouth Premier? Then Minister Dunkley, and I quote…. “Starling, Kim Swan, and Cindy Swan, were talking to ZBM on camera for about ten minutes, and I thought to myself, ‘what a waste of f****** film.” This trash spoken INSIDE THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY…

        • Female says:

          Dunkley is…so the OBA give him a free pass on his quote with regards to Kim Swan, and Cindy Swan.

          ‘what a waste of f****** film.”

    • Zevon says:

      Talking of honesty, why did zane resign?

  29. Kevin says:

    remember this when the rest of the world was spiraling down do to the recession the PLP maintained and increased government spending the OBA are having to jump though hoops to get Bermuda pack on track ….just a note those Loans we took out during the PLP reign are now maturing we have to pay them off ….believe me when i said rocks it obviously spreads to supporters as well

    • Onion says:

      The PLP increased spending massively before the recession. The deficit reached 300 million before the recession started.

      Even with no recession Bermuda would be massively in debt.

  30. Common Sense says:

    No-one blames the PLP for the world wide recession. They do get the blame for their failure to see it coming especially when warned about it. Their dismal management meant that Bermuda suffered more and took much longer to recover than other countries.

  31. Zevon says:

    Bean was th perfect person to lead the opposition. I wanted him to stay in the position for much longer.

  32. Bermyboy says:

    Thank you Marc for dedicated service to Bermuda. I always appreciated your brutal honesty even though it was a bit much for others.

  33. Peter says:

    Ganja tea only takes u do far

  34. Marge says:

    Thank you Mark Bean for stepping down!!!!! you will go down in history as the wost leader of the P.L.P.
    The comments you made about women remind me of Donald Trump,and his disgusting remarks about women….
    I hope the next leaderof the P.L.P. will be Kim Wilson, she will get my vote.

  35. Serious Though says:


    1. Post high school Education
    2. Social Issues
    3. Health care – cost
    4. Senior issues
    5. unemployment

    If PLP bring the old guards back, It’s same team = same results, or different team = different results

    Skilled leader is highly recommended and required the village is suffering and in serious need of above the petty politics leadership skills, source of a viable and respectable opposition even when we disagree

  36. Unbelievable says:

    I for one will not miss Marc Bean and his racist, misogynistic and homophobic views. Oh yeah remember those documents that he marched down to the police station with alleged names of OBA MPs accusing them of corruption??? What a media stunt that was that proved to be a big fat ZERO.

    The PLP will be down a vote in the House once he is gone. Now is the time for them to push forth important items and pass them in the House.

    • Unbelievable says:

      That should be….the OBA should push forth these items.

    • Truth Teller says:

      Not so fast. You are without Crockwell and Pettingill is also an independent
      in everything but name.

      Ooops. I forgot. Kennny Bascome is not to keen on the Premier nowadays either.

      Just to put things in perspective for you “Unbelievable”

  37. O.M.G says:

    Yes we were going through a recession so that’s why the PLP should not have put us in such a large debt they should have been conserving our money instead of spending it with that no remorse. Mr. Bean it is very sad that your PLP members have forced you out of your position that should truly show you what type of party you joined. I truly believe that the only reason the PLP want to get back in is because of power and greed. The OBA I believe is doing their upmost for the people of this island and not their pockets. No not everybody has jobs and it is very hard for lots of people out there but if you remember the Paula coxes and Colonel Burch were the ones that ran a lot of the companies out of this island. That’s when so many Bermudian lost good jobs. It is amazing how so many people have forgotten why the OBA won the election. They won it because so many of the PLP members were disenchanted with their party And the way they were running the country into so much Debt so they just did not vote.

  38. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Oooooooooh ,,,,,,,,the statements that come from these pundits,,,,or bloggers,,,or people who make comment in Bernews on these issues.Talk about ,,,,,,brains of Bermuda,,,,,????????They should make the next government of Bermuda,,,,,,,they can solve all our problems overnight ,,,,,including ,,,,diarrhea,,,especially of the mouth,,,,foot in mouth diseases,,,,which are very prevalent here,,,,,,and open mouth and insert foot,,,,,,which is the start of it.Such Brilliance…….I am totally impressed,,,,,I wont say which way,,,,,because they could Fill ….M.A.W.I ……overnight.Standing room only.

    • Serious Though says:

      may want to call your Doc missed the point,,,seriously

  39. Rhonda says:

    Thank You Marc..we were honored to have your service..all the best to you and yours..

    Bi Election plp 3 oba 0

  40. Need Peace says:

    Thank you for your excellent service Hon. Marc Bean. I appreciate your ability to call a spade a spade. Expecting people to improve their standards was a tall order. Not your fault. The standard bar for MP’s is lower than a snake’s belly. If only people would listen to the words that came out of your mouth. Truth hurts. Now all we’re left with is a den of snakes. What’s really going on in this country? The ignorant would think that Bermuda is pristine and not capable of it all. LOL! If it wasn’t so sad, I’d reply Lmfao!!

    May God help us all!

  41. John says:

    The PLP cannot survive in the modern world with their closed unprogressive and anti equality stance the by us for us attitude will bring them down if they continue

  42. Jonathan Land Evans says:

    All the candy-dates and folly-ticians will soon be out in force — like Hallowe’en, only worse.

    • Truth Teller says:

      Wow…what a relief. To get a comment from Land Evans that does not denigrate Bermudians nor distort the historical record in a racist way. His forte I might add.

      Maybe there is a God after all!

  43. mmm says:

    At the end of the day, the persons who run the country are responsible for services to the general public — it is the opposition party who holds them accountable and transparent. We can not afford, as a country to see public funds, mis-used or over-spent.

  44. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    Wish Marc Well in his future. Hope his health which is his wealth Improves. You can always come back to politics. Thank you for doing what You felt would help Us the people. A NEW BEGINNING PLP. MINIMIZE THE WORLD KNOWING ABOUT ANY IN-FIGHTING. WIN THAT SEAT!

  45. Real Deal says:

    Very said there goes a very Real person that wont hide agendas from you. and would truthfully work for the people. very sad say. i guess will love to be governed by fake people with fake smiles and hidden agendas. hollywood politics. sad day for Bermuda

  46. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    I wish Mr. Bean all the best in the future and hope he dedicates his passion to other areas to help Bermuda and Bermudians.

  47. Jahstice says:

    Tweed for leader.

  48. Just saying says:

    It appears to be a big mess right now and it’s time the PLP pulled together. To be fair, Marc Bean handled things head on but I did not approve of his tirades and behavior in the House. I have voted for both parties in the past as both frustrated me with their empty promises , egotistical agendas etc. The political arena clearly creates dirty business and when I see the disastrous USA campaigns I fear for our future. It seems the world’s leaders have forgotten who they serve and every day you read about some scandal that has been exposed. We are a small island and take so much for granted ..we get so involved with infighting we miss the big picture. I hope Marc Beans health improves and he appreciates the important things in life like family.
    Meanwhile, I’m sick of hearing about the Americas Cup and the , airport when there’s so much in our country that needs immediate attention.
    I really don’t know which party will get my vote next time round….