Column: OBA C#26 Candidate Robyn Swan

December 16, 2016

[Opinion column written by Constituency 26 OBA by-election candidate Robyn Swan]

Greetings Warwick South Central. I am honoured and humbled to have been given an opportunity to serve my fellow Bermudians as the candidate for the One Bermuda Alliance in the by-election on Tuesday, 20th December.

Warwick South Central is an area I know well. My childhood was split between living overseas and in Bermuda and I have fond memories of growing up on Ord Road with great friends.

Our favourite pastimes were having birthday parties in St. Mary’s Church Hall, playing cricket, flying kites every Good Friday at PHC field, buying Simmons chocolate popsicles at Hayward’s, and racing bikes to the Rubber Tree.

Helping my fellow Bermudians has always been a passion and ten years ago I became involved in the political realm with a view to learning how I could assist.

Live stream replay of Ms Swan’s candidate announcement last month::

I’ve been involved in many different areas of our society. From being a Prison Officer, a member of the Cannabis Reform Committee to being one of the few black female members of the Bermuda Amateur Boxing team with a flawless 3 wins 0 loss record, a DJ on the local party scene as well as many enjoyable years as a Youth Group Leader with Bermuda’s youth having always been one of my heartfelt concerns. Through my interactions I have learned that there is far more that unites us than divides us.

As I have canvassed my constituency and spoken with others across Bermuda, what has come through loud and clear is that Bermudians are tired of politics as usual. We are tired of the same old ways of doing things and the combative nature of the two party system. Bermuda is looking for fresh faces and new ideas to end the political rancour.

My commitment to the voters of Warwick South Central is to be the change we all want to see. And I believe the only way to make change happen is to be an active part of that process. As a Bermudian who is directly affected by the decisions made in the House of Assembly I will have my fellow Bermudians’ interest at heart.

Canvassing the area has been a valuable experience. Residents have raised concerns ranging from speeding bikes and cars on Spice Hill Road and Khyber Pass, the need for mirrors along Khyber Heights, Scott’s Lane and King’s Lane, both North and South, to the illegal dumping on Longtail Drive – these are issues I will ensure we address to make our community better and safer.

I can also assure you that the government is doing all it can to fix the problems at TN Tatem School. As a mother, I share your concerns about the importance of the health and safety of our children and will address those concerns to make sure the problems at TN Tatem School are fixed.

There’s no doubt we have been through seven long years of a recession that has hurt many Bermudians – I have experienced this personally. We are, however, slowly but surely on the path to recovery. The economy is growing, tourism is thriving, jobs are returning, major projects are underway and we have hope for our future. This is a future I will work to ensure all Bermudians can participate in and benefit from.

Finally, let me thank the voters of Warwick South Central who have graciously welcomed me into their homes and shared with me their concerns and ideas for how we might all work together. And I know that together we can promote social and economic equality so that our community in Warwick South Central and all of Bermuda will grow and prosper together.

You have my promise that I am committed to Warwick South Central and will continue to visit your homes and address the concerns of our community. I can be reached on e-mail at or by phone on 294-3226 and we can also communicate on Facebook.

The By-Election will be held at St. Mary’s Church Hall on Tuesday, 20th December from 8 am until 8 pm. I look forward to seeing you at the polling station and wish all of Bermuda a happy holiday and prosperous New Year.

- Robyn Swan


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  1. Oh please says:

    Written by or for Robyn Swan..

    From what she has showed us in the past is she is not politically astute…

    Not sure how long she lasted as the leader of the oba youth wing.. Due to several public blunders..

    In my view should she be sucessful she will be just another back bench seat warmer for the OBA..

    Our legislative arm of govt. today is reminiscent of pre 1960 retuning to the rule of few men… An oligarchy.. ..

    • NCM says:

      Well at least we know who you are ‘Oh please’. You posted the exact same thing on Facebook. Seems it is you who is stuck in the 1960s.

    • Terry says:

      Oh Please…………………….

    • Publius says:

      Well perhaps you should try voting for a woman then?

  2. Riley says:

    Send Jack a message, oops make that Mike, vote for the Independent candidate.

  3. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:


  4. CPM says:

    She is a breath of fresh air
    Hope you do well

  5. Pastor Syl says:

    Wishing you the very best, Ms. Swan. We need more women and more young people who can focus sharply yet have breadth of vision. You fill the fill all the way around.