Truck Gets ‘Stuck’ On Speed Bump In Flatts

November 30, 2016

A truck has apparently become stuck on top of the speed bump in Flatts today [Nov 30], with the vehicle seen sitting stationary on the speed bump since late this morning.

The driver was seen out of the vehicle helping to direct traffic around the truck, which at our last check today was still ‘stuck’ with another truck on scene preparing to help assist the truck off the speed bump.

stuck truck in Flatts nov-2016 (7)

stuck truck in Flatts nov-2016 (6)

stuck truck in Flatts nov-2016 (3)

stuck truck in Flatts nov-2016 (1)

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  1. Truth teller says:

    Oh sheeet

  2. Family Man says:

    Not the speed bump’s fault. Structural issue with the truck itself.

    When was this last inspected by TCD? Oh, wait …

  3. sonso says:

    Bie you must be full of sh!t!!!

  4. M. T. Pockets says:

    Looks like the back is broken, chassis failure. Never seen that before. How could it happen? I doubt that speed was a factor since his rear wheels are still on the speed bump so he must have been going slowly.

  5. Shag says:

    I don’t know about being stuck on the speed bump. Looks more like the chassis broke whilst going across it.

  6. moonbeam says:

    All speed bumps and cross walks need to be high – maybe then they would effectively slow sown all traffic (including bikes).

    • sage says:

      Bikes wheelie over or just jump them, a girl broke her hip when that one was first installed.