David W. Burch To Run As Independent

November 30, 2016

david-w-burch 2David W. Burch has announced his intention to run as an Independent candidate in the by-election in Constituency 26 Warwick South Central, which is set to take place on December 20th.

The announcement said, “The ‘Committee to Elect David Burch’ and his supporters are pleased to announce their candidate intends to apply and file for nomination for Consistency #26

“David W. Burch [“Popa D”] was born and raised in Warwick and is declaring as an independent candidate for Warwick South Central by-election because during these critical times. He feels the country does not have a viable choice of solutions between the PLP and the OBA.

“Mr. Burch feels that both political parties just represent the ‘same old same old’ representing personal interests and not the voters of Warwick. He points out to the PLP voters of what happened to their past candidate and Premier when he spoke out; he was removed by the PLP leadership.

“Mr. Burch has worked with other Independent candidates over the years and feels voters should support Independent candidates to keep the system fair.

“Mr. Burch is not a stranger to Bermuda politics having run previously as an Independent Candidate in Warwick West and again in Warwick South East against Lawrence Scott.

“As an Independent Candidate Mr. Burch says he does not have the organizational funds and resources provided by the PLP and OBA opponents but feel the people need to move away from just voting for a political party, he said “Step out of the box and elect independent candidates that will not blindly follow the party line.”

Mr. Burch stated, “First I propose we wait for a 10 year period before we build a new airport, during at which time we can provide at least 1000 infrastructure jobs reserved for Bermudians to work on the present facilities and find a third way for financing.”

“Many of our people especially seniors are forgotten, denied benefits and prompt decisions for answers to their questions by red tape and run around excuses; Justice delayed is justice denied for unanswered responses to life threatening questions by those having a duty to act.”

He added that “the time is now when people must stand up and not allow abuse of political power by those in government” against “my fellow indigenous Bermudians. Vote for me and I will stand up for your rights.”

Mr Burch will match up against the PLP’s Neville Tyrrell and the OBA’s Robyn Swan.

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  1. Q says:

    I would like an independent in my constituency as well.

    • Serious Though says:

      we need a serious independent party platform..

      • Unbelievable says:

        That’s not the point of being independent: no political party affiliation.

    • The People= Fairness? says:

      I wish all candidates were independent. The fact that we as a people continue to pick or omit people or like or dialike people based on their polical party affoliation is crazy. We are will to vote for a criminal or an @hole over a better qualified ondividual or honest individual because we “like” the PLP or OBA. We need need to stop settling for second best a demand that parties put forward honest, motivated, qualified, educated people in every seatin every parish instead of a few good candisates and whomever is willing to run on tbe areas known as safe seats.

  2. De Warwick Bye says:

    There are no “indigenous” Bermudians as Bermuda has only been populated for about 500 years. There are descendants from Africa, Europe, mixed between the two and now descendants from Asia and the Americas including the Caribbean. Nonetheless, good luck to Mr. Burch. We need some politicians who are from outside the box.

  3. sandgrownan says:

    “my fellow indigenous Bermudians…”

    Yup, he’s nuts. No such thing as indigenous Bermudians.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Cant be no more nuts then Trump.

      • hmmm says:

        Betty Trump…I suddenly find we are in agreement on something.

      • bdaboy says:

        “Cant be no more nuts then Trump.”

        …or Onion juice

    • PBanks says:

      He used the incorrect term but I don’t think that qualifies him as ‘nuts’ at this time. I read it and thought “he meant locals/those born here”. Anyway, how about his policies? Ten years before even looking at the airport is probably the most problematic of his stances.

  4. Terry says:

    The tie breaker/maker in the house.

    He is a good man.
    Known him for 50+ years.

  5. Noel Ashford says:

    Really ? What happened to ‘dress for the job you want’ ? sweet jesus.. his best picture is with a scully / hat? What has Bermuda come to. What an embarrassment. I am sure he means well, but ‘NO’ – let’s hope he eats up PLP votes ;0

  6. Proud Born Bermudian says:

    Says who? Two foreigners who are paper Bermudians or looking to become Paper Bermudians! Is that all you got from his message? lol It hurts that bad that you are not Born Bermudian that you have to resort to calling him nuts because he is? We all know what he is saying!

    • sandgrownan says:

      Hold on, are you saying it’s ok to discriminate between “paper” Bermudians and “born” Bermudians? You know, there’s no difference under the law right?

      If I read your comment correctly, we all know what he means….he’s a bigot.

      • swing voter says:

        Are you a paper Bermudian?

        • sandgrownan says:

          There’s no differentiation under the law. Only in the minds of some….

      • Proud Born Bermudian says:

        I said no such thing! Under the law its the same thing but to be born here versus being a paper Bermudian is a big difference! You can never say that you were BORN here and that hurts! When traveling to foreign countries and asked are you Born Bermudian,you can NEVER say yes…AND THAT HURTS DOESNT IT?? LOL so continue trying to justify there is no such thing as a BERMUDIAN….if that makes you feel better but the reality no matter what makes you feel good is that IM a BORN BERMUDIAN AND YOUR NOT and that hurts doesn’t it?!?! lol

        • The People= Fairness? says:

          Believe it or not many people born in Bermudian are still paper Bermudians. We have some ask backwards laws.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          The hate flows strong in this one

      • bdaboy says:

        “.he’s a bigot.”

        It’s a common trait of the ‘indigenous’ people

  7. Proud Born Bermudian says:

    I cant wait for the next election when the PLP win so all those who threaten to leave will leave. But before you go, let me know so I can help you pack!!

    • RealOne says:

      Only an uneducated person like yourself would say something like that. Clearly you don’t know the effect international business and foreigners have on this island from rental income for Bermudians, taxes etc. It would be funny to see PLP win the next election. Hopefully all us Bermudians don’t have a mentality like you!

      • swing voter says:

        Which side of all are you talking about last I checked ubp/oba was for white Bermuda and biu/plp was black Bermuda.

        It is what it is why you think the oba change the name?
        In the UBP days we more jobs then people. Money was Island wide.

      • Proud Born Bermudian says:

        Now I’m uneducated because I don’t share the same views as you…Boy it must be nice to be you…superior and educated. Who said anything about international business or foreigners? You realize not all foreigners are connected or work in international business right…and I’m the uneducated one! What I mean is that we need to stop being held hostage by threats of people leaving the country if the PLP become the next Government because this island will do just fine. These companies know were their bread is buttered and how much they will lose if relocating somewhere they would be paying astronomical taxes versus the big breaks they get being setup in Bermuda.STOP THE SCARE TACTICS, work on the 2000 jobs that’s been promise 4yrs ago by your party….you only have months left on that promise anyway!

        • Ringmaster says:

          Not true. IB will move very fast to a stable jurisdiction where they are not threatened with the likes of Workplace Equality or Sven and Johnny. There are many places where taxes are low and sometimes they are better off paying some tax than none. Where do you think thousands of jobs went after 2008? Nothing to do with the recession, the people and jobs went elsewhere, they did not disappear, and they won’t come back. Do not believe IB owes Bermuda anything. Bermuda wins big time from IB and Bermuda needs IB. IB does not need Bermuda. If you don’t understand, your dream will become a very nasty nightmare.

          • Proud Born Bermudian says:

            And IB is not benefitting from Bermuda??lol you are not that smart are you? Why doesn’t IB go elsewhere if they are not Benefiting from Bermuda? Save the bullsheet for those who will believe you! I guess they just love Bermuda so much they want to help us out because the people are so nice. That’s probably why more companies are bringing their business to our shores. We owe IB nothing and if companies want to leave, there are more lined up in waiting!Go tell someone tell someone that crap who doesn’t know different!!

        • The People= Fairness? says:

          Your right you may be educated…but you cant fix stupid.

        • Wahoo says:

          You are wrong, sorry to tell you but you have no understanding.

        • aceboy says:

          You and Mr. Burch have no clue as to how an economy works.

          Thankfully Burch has no hope in hell of getting elected.

    • hmmm says:

      Funny thing is you wouldn’t help anyone pack..you are just gesturing in text.

      Why are you proud to be a Bermudian? Explain the attributes you are proud of. You must know as it is in your name and you are parading it

      I know why I am proud to be Bermudian.

      • Proud Born Bermudian says:

        That is almost laughable with the enormous contribution I have made to this country and representing this country! I don’t have to explain the attributes or contribution I have made because I am reminded every day by many people and see the fruit of my labour and sacrifice come to fruition! If only you knew!

        • Anbu says:

          Well tell us then smarta$$!!! What have u done for bermuda?! And helping only one segment dont count for S@&T!!!!

    • mark says:

      Here’s one born Bermudian who would like to help you pack.

  8. Warlord says:

    My fellow indigenous Bermudians aka wild hogs and cahows, hope you have registered to vote.

    • Johnt says:

      Technically the wild hogs aren’t indigenous either

    • cromwell says:

      The United Nations have a definition of indigenous and a number of groups like the Portuguese people in Bermuda fit it.

      In the case of Burch I bet he means generations of Bermudian especially black. Why don’t you ask him? Now that would be interesting. Let us know!

  9. King Jammys says:

    “First I propose we wait for a 10 year period before we build a new airport” I take it you don’t travel much David to truly know the state of the airport and the embarrassment it is to the island.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Or know anyone who has to work in that decrepid broken down place every day.

    • Proud Born Bermudian says:

      He may not travel much but I do and i can assure you that I travel a lot more than most. While I agree we need a new airport, one of this size and modernized look and structure of the jetsons is not needed for our tropical island. I have been to Dubai etc and I can assure you that the airport is not the reason why people travel there. How much time does one spend in an airport especially one that is not the gateway to other destinations.How many tourist do you see writing on social media talking about our airport being an embarrassment??

      • aceboy says:

        Dubai’s airport is a tourist attraction you moron. You have NOT been there.

    • Johnt says:

      and doesn’t he know how much it costs to maintain the current airport for ten years and then build a new one (hint the cost is unlikely to go down in 10 years time).

      • hmmm says:

        The financing cost would increase making this type of deal not possible in 10 years time. Interest rates are not heading in a downward direction..wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a rise in the US interest rates before the end of this year.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Been flying for years and never give a thought about how nice an airport looks, just get me to my destination safe. You dont spend no more then 2 hours at an airport anyway,and Ive seen airports in worst conditions but had more fun in the destination.

      • Just the Tip says:

        Care to name those destinations and also do they book themselves as high end destinations like Bermuda? Also did you have to walk exposed on the tarmac from the plane to the Terminal?

        • Proud Born Bermudian says:

          That is uniquely Bermuda,ask the tourist if they mind….I have, and they looked at me like I was crazy. Most say I don’t care I’m in BERMUDA! That comment tells me who you are or who you are not! BTW What does promoting Bermuda as a high end destination have to do with the airport….is that now the determining factor in why and where you go to vacation…THE AIRPORT?? Again tells me who you are! If that’s the case who would ever travel to Gatwick or heathrow, Jamaica ,Hawaii especially the USA! I have travelled to most states ask trump about American airports and the USA is a gateway to the rest of the world BUT WHO CARES ABOUT AIRPORTS??

        • cromwell says:

          Tell me we cant build something so you and your friends will not get wet!

        • Rick Olson says:

          I consider the airport in Turks & Caicos inferior and they attract a more affluent tourist by far and yes you are exposed to the elements just like Bermy .

      • bluwater says:

        I think that you should run, OJ and make that part of your platform. “Come late to the crappy airport!”

      • hmmm says:

        You just contradicted yourself.

        You don’t give a second thought on how an airport looks…then you go on to say you’ve seen airports in worse conditions.

      • wahoo says:

        You should have stayed there. PLP wanted to rebuild the airport and still do they just want to spend money we do not have and put us further in debt…such is the financial brilliance of Burt. Find out what the average price of property is where you had “more fun” and maybe we will pass the hat and get you set up there.

        • Proud Born Bermudian says:

          Its alright for you to tell a Born Bermudian to leave the country they were BORN in,to go live somewhere else but if a BORN BERMUDIAN tells a foreigner to go back to their country,they are called every name under the sun! wow unbelievable

          • Ringmaster says:

            Is Paula Cox a born Bermudian? Add in most of the PLP MPs spouses too.

          • wahoo says:

            How do you know onion juice is a born Bermudian? I think he is an off island troll trying to drag Bermuda down for the benefit of his birth place. Anyway I offered to pay his fare if he really had so much fun somewhere else. I did not tell him to leave.

      • The People= Fairness? says:

        May your New Years reesolution be to travel more and further away.

  10. Wahoo says:

    Ya got my vote.

  11. Rhonda says:

    Only prefix Bermudians believe that there are no indigenous Bermudians
    Black Bermudians who are descendants of African slaves transported via Caribbean born and raise in Colony called Bermuda..with no history or our exact Country of origin …we are indigenous Bermudians..
    not american- bermudians
    not Portuguese -Bermudian not British -Bermudian .. not European -Bermuda….
    we are simply Bermudian.

  12. Swing Voter says:

    does it really matter who wins in 2017? which party got some money flowing thru here again? I gotta work, I gotta eat. The war is over for me

  13. Jahstice says:

    Good luck!

  14. rodney smith says:

    David, ” He who stands in the middle , gets hit twice by those that he is running against . ” The country is too divided to ever address its real problems . The PLP hates the OBA, and the OBA hates the PLP. We are unable to agree to work on anything that will benefit the people of Bermuda. i.e. We need jobs, but just not from an airport built by the OBA . Before the 2012 election, the PLP had plans to build a $525 million dollar airport. But not a word from the PLP supporters . The PLP just removed Marc Bean, not a word from PLP supporters. We need jobs for Bermudians (2000) , and we can’t wait five years to eat .OBA, something is wrong when our job figures show an increase only in the Foreign Column. People have real problems, and they are looking to government for assistance and direction, but are only getting lip service . AND THIS IS FROM BOTH GOVERNMENTS OBA/PLP. After 14 years of the PLP, the black people of Bermuda where left in worse condition .And we don’t want to talk about that. Why?

    • Ringmaster says:

      A good summation of the problems facing Bermuda and Bermudians. Interesting to listen to the COI hearings and the venom being spewed there. No wonder Bermuda is a split Island, yet no real solutions are being offered. Bermuda has to realize the world has moved on at a dramatic pace while the local in fighting has been carrying on and is no different to anywhere else in the world. The internet and robots have replaced so many jobs and will continue to replace jobs.

    • aceboy says:

      The ONLY thing Bean had going for him as far as I am concerned was his claimed (yes, claimed)desire to get rid of corruption. But he was just as clueless about issues relating to the economy and lord knows what would have come out of his mouth given his comment aimed at an OBA candidate. Don’t put Marc Bean on a pedestal.

  15. cromwell says:

    His statement although a bit disjointed had a serious message to be further articulated. It rings true.

    “Many of our people especially seniors are forgotten, denied benefits and prompt decisions for answers to their questions by red tape and run around excuses; Justice delayed is justice denied for unanswered responses to life threatening questions by those having a duty to act.”

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is a joke. Look at this guy.

  17. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    I denounce those Independent candidates that ran just to take away votes from the P.L.P that ran in the last election,,,,,,,and I denounce those Candidates and those persons that vote for them now.Clearly they are just running to take votes away from P.L.P.for disgruntlement…..jealousy ,,,or some other selfish,,,,,devious ,,,,reasons.I intend to pull the covers off them whenever they do this.Everytime.!

    • Family Man says:

      Maybe Allah told him to run.

      Or does allah just speak to you?

    • bdaboy says:

      You want to behead them, don’t you takbir?

    • Yup yup says:

      What if they take votes from the OBA? Is that ok then?

  18. Yup yup says:

    ‘provide at least 1000 infrastructure jobs… to work on the present facilities’

    What jobs are these exactly?? Who’s paying for them? Utterly ridiculous statement.