Anti-Smoking Program To Visit Bermuda Again

December 29, 2016

BF&M and Open Airways have revealed that Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking program will once again be making a stop in Bermuda, with the seminar to take place on January 7.

The program promises to help participants to quit smoking with “no will power, no withdrawal, and no weight gain.”

A spokesperson said, “Over the past 30 years an estimated 10 million people have used Allen Carr’s unique, simple, drug-free Easyway method and are now happy non-smokers. Open Airways and BF&M are bringing this highly successful workshop, led by renowned speaker, Damian O’Hara, back to Bermuda on January 7, 2017.

“The Easyway to Stop Smoking method was developed by Allen Carr, a former chain-smoker. In July 1983, after countless miserable attempts to quit, Allen discovered what every smoker dreams of: an effective, immediate and easy way to quit. Since then an estimated ten million smokers have quit using his unique Easyway method.

“Unlike other methods that involve substitution or will power, Allen Carr’s method makes stopping smoking easy by teaching smokers how to reframe smoking in a way that completely removes the desire to smoke.

“On Saturday, January 7th, local smokers in Bermuda will once again have the opportunity to ‘quit the habit’, joining the ranks of former Easyway success stories – Sir Anthony Hopkins, Ellen DeGeneres, Sir Richard Branson, Anjelica Huston and many more.”

For more information, visit the website or call 238-3261.

Easyway Bermuda December 2016

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  1. Will says:

    I quit smoking after 10 years of heavy chain smoking. I just quit. Didn’t have to pay anyone to tell me. Nothing a joint (no tobacco) can’t help with if you’re really craving. I find its not necessarily the nicotine I was craving it’s the act of smoking and filling my as long as I tell myself it isn’t the nicotine then I was good. Just done 6 months so anyone can do it!