No Smoking On BHB Grounds Effective August 1

July 24, 2016

“No smoking will be allowed anywhere on the grounds of the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital or the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre,” the BHB said, as “starting Monday 1 August 2016 it will be an offence to smoke anywhere on these properties.”

“The Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Seniors to institute the ban in compliance with the Tobacco Control Act 2015,” the BHB said.

“The Act mandates that no smoking will be allowed inside or outside health facilities. It also stipulates that cigarette, cigarette products and smokeless tobacco cannot be sold in health facilities.

“Patients, visitors and staff will all be bound by the Act. BHB will erect no smoking signage and hospital security staff will take appropriate action with violators.

“As healthcare professionals we are well aware of the risks associated with smoking,” said KEMH Chief Operating Officer Scott Pearman.

“We also recognise that the change will prove a major adjustment for many smokers, but believe all will understand that it is entirely the right action to take.

“At BHB part of our vision is to build healthy communities. This is another step in that direction.”

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  1. Kat says:

    Really can’t stop a person from smoking OUTSIDE it’s not even right…..outside belongs to mother nature

    • Watcher says:

      As someone who is highly allergic to cigarette smoke, I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear this news. I work in Hamilton and just to walk around town is an obstacle course for me. I either have to hold my breath and walk quickly by or give the smoker a wide berth, especially since many smokers tend to stand right outside the entrances to buildings. While I appreciate that smoking is a personal choice, I really wish that smokers would realize that when they exhale the smoke goes into the surrounding air affecting those of us who would rather not inhale. As far as I’m concerned, I would love to see it banned in public period until a way is found to keep the smoke in their own personal bubble.

      • moonnbeam says:

        Even their own personal bubble is a threat !

      • Foot Long Divot says:

        I think this a great idea in theory. However, anyone that has ever smoked or has spent time around people that smoke knows how cranky people get when they havent had a cigarette for awhile. The ones that truly suffer will be the staff that have to deal with those cranky patients and cranky members of staff.

      • Pitts Bay Today says:

        I agree with you on every word. I too am allergic.

    • contours says:

      It may be outside, but on hospital grounds. An obvious and long overdue move.

    • Zevon says:

      The grounds of the hospital do not “belong to mother nature”. You sound like a six year old.

    • Onion Juice says:

      So whats next, ALL Government property?

  2. Terry says:

    Who the hell will enforce it.
    The Smoke Police?

    More harmful fumes come from buses/cars/bikes et al that are a constant in and around the whole area.

    Sounds good but reflect on what I just said before you judge.

    Diesel fumes hang longer on a muggy day than two people smoking .

    Damn. Next they will ban people smoking joints in the Botanical Gardens.


    • contours says:

      Agree with the diesel fumes comment, but the specific issue here is smoking. It shouldn’t need anyone to police it. Simply by having it as a rule should be sufficient for a normal law-abiding person. In fact, it shouldn’t need to be a rule anyway, just pure good manners.

      This, by the way, is spoken as a former smoker who is considerably better off in terms of both health and finances, plus my clothes no longer stink.

    • Kim Smith says:

      I’ll bet we could police ourselves if we would try to see the sense in such a policy… I mean, it is a hospital… and smoking has no benefit to one’s health, let alone to anyone who doesn’t smoke.

  3. However says:

    First I don’t smoke and I’m all for banning cigarette smoking in a public place, especially at the hospital; however, for those that are going through traumatic times with a loved one in hospital or any emotional time period, smoking may help them cope. How are they going to police a grieving relative when the time comes?

    • Pitts Bay Today says:

      People always have an excuse to smoke., whether happy, or sad.. Ban smoking in all public places, period.

    • PBanks says:

      Maybe someone will lobby for a smoking room to be built. Getting the finances of course would be another issue entirely.

  4. mawiworker says:

    what about mawi!!!!

  5. talk di tings says:

    is marijuana still illegal ?

    • moonnbeam says:

      I certainly hope so !

      • sage says:

        PLease explain yourself as to why it is ok to criminalize people for using “one of the safest therapeutic substances known to man” yet simultaneously endorse substances which cause millions of deaths per year. This should be good.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          What should be ‘good ‘ is you telling me why my GP goes nuts every time I tell him that I’m thinking about smoking herb because it’s supposedly harmless and has never hurt or harmed anyone in the history of earth according to people like you.

          • sage says:

            You can go ahead and follow your GP, does he tell you how many people die from pharmaceuticals yearly. Ask him where cannabis lies on the Therapeutic index as compared to his preferred meds. Sounds like your doc may have grown too attached to big pharma kickbacks though, be careful.

  6. Goodnews says:

    This is wonderful and happy about this law. This is enforced by security in Boston children’s hospital and you can smoke out of the gate

  7. Terry says:

    Fools the lot of you.
    Riding or driving behind a bus is 100 times more toxic than second hand smoke.
    Dumb Onions.


    • Kim Smith says:

      Being insulting is so unbecoming. We’re talking about banning smoking on the grounds of the hospital, not about which is more toxic: smoking cigarettes or driving behind a bus. Feel free to start a campaign to better regulate the levels of toxic exhaust from buses/vehicles. You’ll get a lot of support.

      • sage says:

        I am going to start selling air conditioned bio-diesel/solar powered buses/rolling lounges fitted with powerful extractor fans drawing the toxic smoke through special scrubbers and HEPA filters then recycled through heat exchangers to provide air condition so smokers can get aboard and relax in comfort while they slowly commit suicide since no one else wants them around.

  8. jim hill says:

    “As healthcare professionals we are well aware of the risks associated with smoking,”
    So, does that mean vaping will be allowed, as it has a considerably lower risk than smoking, and no measurable 2nd hand risk?

    • Punch says:

      As health professionals we all know that obesity is bad for your health. Let’s ban frenchfries at the hospital too. Smoking is an addiction…. Give them a designated smoking area . Jeez.

      • Wanna Quit says:

        It’s all good to impose such a law as banning smoking on the grounds of Healthcare facilities. however consider the following:

        Has the BHB offered cessation programs for staff who want to quit.

        How will this impact patient care, when staff leave the property to smoke.

        How will hospital security manage this ban, when there are only a few they can’t be everywhere. Are they expecting violators to give their names once they are caught violating this law.

        Will the Botanical Gardens be available, or will they ban staff from smoking in the garden.

        Was this thought through.

  9. Point boy says:

    People who smoke will still light-up. I think a small designated area would’ve been a better first step.

  10. moonnbeam says:

    I am delighted to read this. As a volunteer at KEMH (and a nurse) , I am appalled at the number of patients who leave their rooms to smoke outside the hospital entrance. Their habit is not only a death sentence for them, but for anyone who enters the hospital through their ‘fumes’ ! For the sake of everyone, smoking must be abolished – PERIOD ! Good for KEMH !

    • Pitts Bay Today says:

      Yes, yes, yes!!! Absolute poison.

    • mj says:

      will this help cost to come down, ? or is Mrs. Symonds gonna share her paycheck! making more than all of the mp’s and Premier and this is what she comes up with, what about water on all the wards incase they need a cup of tea.. brainless group paid lots to not do too much

    • YADON says:

      You think it’s gonna stop us??? Lmao , I love I’ll drag my IV out the gate if I have to.

  11. Billy Bye' says:

    Smoking should be banned from any Public place period!
    Govt.should impose a $50 Tax on each pack! …… $$$$

  12. R U SERZ!!!! says:

    So this just means missing staff and patients.

  13. Never never says:

    I’m so happy about this not only that smoking is a dirty habit and they smell like poison ok wait they are poison but why not just ban them and alcohol while your at it.

  14. About time says:

    It’s about time. Last time I was there, a health “professional” was sitting on the back of an ambulance smoking next to an oxygen tank and a “no smoking” sign. No wonder nobody has confidence in the health system.

  15. Coffee says:

    This rule will make some people smoking mad .

  16. Pitts Bay Today says:

    I can’t believe in this day and age — in fact, tin the past 30 years — knowing what we do about this poison, that smoking is allowed ANYwhere in public geez. It’ s about fricking time. And smoking still allowed on outdoor terraces???!!!!! Unfricking-believable.

    • bee says:

      Those outdoor terraces are PRIVATE property and therefore the owner can do as they wish. And tobacco is not an illegal substance. It would be like me telling you to stop grilling/smoking (insert your food of choice) on your terrace because charcoal is carcinogenic.

  17. Seascape says:

    So HAPPY to hear this. I think that smoking should be banned from outside all public places. Even when we are outside the smoke still spreads to those nearby.

  18. takbir Sharrieff says:

    An extremely wise move to ban smoking on these public places, or in ,or outside public premises . Go and burn your own private premises down, or annoy persons in your own yard, or visitors to your own homes with that filthy habit. And that goes for alcohol, abuse, illegal drug abuse and other filthy private habits. Keep them out of ,the public domain. ..And that means……you….you……and you……..Peace.

  19. Kim Smith says:

    Bravo! Finally we start to set some standards and very appropriate too, for a hospital to ban cigarette smoking on the premises… otherwise you might want to accuse them of contributing to the future health consequences. Well done, BHB!

  20. I LOVE MY LIFE !!! says:

    As a smoker myself it seems like pretty soon smokers are gonna have to leave earth to smoke a cigarette! They should have assigned a designated area for smokers! Do they even realize how many hospital employees smoke!!!!!!!No they didn’t even consider that!! Well if you didn’t know, A huge amount of HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES smoke daily OUTSIDE!!! Don’t believe me! Well go down there any day of the week and look around outside and observe the many many employees trying to keep their sanity!Long hours, highly stressful environment, underpaid and now ya telling me I have to LEAVE the property or its a CRIME!!!ABSOLUTELY LUDACRIS!!!!! This is gonna increase the stress levels and the NEGATIVITY for SURE! So now smokers are gonna be leaving the premises every two seconds to have a smoke!!! This is gonna create all sorts of problems and issues because some small minded people at the top where overzealous and didn’t think about the repercussions !!!!

  21. Broken Glass says:

    so now the entrance gates will be where all the smokers go to light up…great move KEMH..very well thought out indeed.

  22. Triangle Drifter says:

    Good. Do it the Canadian way & ban them & their stinking habit from being anywhere near the entrance to public accessible buildings.

  23. Ymh says:

    As of July 31st smoking is prohibited on all government properties and public places. This legislation was passed in 2015 but they are enforcing it this sunday. BHB is only acting in compliance even though they are not government. There is a fine for both the individual and the company if it is breached. Also you are not allowed to have tobacco on your person while on government properties. In other words if you go through security check at maybe the court house,with cigarettes in your bag, they cannot hold it for you. It’s going to be real difficult for the smokers. But smoking is an addiction and many countries are beginning to crack down to counter the effects. This is one addiction that can harm more then just the user.

  24. YADON says:

    None of you little complainers will stop us, go ahead and try