Photos: Hamilton Princess Gingerbread House

December 6, 2016

The gingerbread house constructed by the Hamilton Princess staff – which measures in at 60x30x70 inches – is helping to make a visit to the hotel a journey into the realm of Christmas magic.

Requiring supplies that included 60 kg of ginger cookie dough, the Fairmont Hamilton Princess’ gingerbread house stands as a testament to what can be achieved with enough holiday spirit – and enough time, with the holiday construction taking 50 hours of work from three chefs over 25 days to complete.

The culinary delight is presently on display in the hotel’s lobby.

Executive Chef Thomas Laberer said, “There were total about five or six people from the kitchen side involved to set up and to build this gingerbread house. It took us more than three weeks.”

Chef F. Jones said, “I think the style and the model of the house should represent Bermuda, that’s why we came up with a style like this.”


“Everybody comes here and they want to see how we represent; if they see the house, they can see the style of other houses symbolic of the people living here.”

Mr. Laberer said, “Our main focus is obviously on our local population, our local people, our local customers. If you look at the lobby, how it can fit into the lobby with the rest of the design, it’s how we come up with it.

“But it’s actually quite an easy decision, made normally within two, three days, and then the big work starts afterward.”

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