‘Locals Only Offer’ For America’s Cup Tickets

December 5, 2016

Bermuda residents have the opportunity to buy tickets for the 35th America’s Cup at a reduced rate, with the organisers saying they have “provided this locals-only offer to ensure that anyone who lives in Bermuda can experience the sporting spectacle at some stage of the month-long event.”

“Tickets will be sold online at www.americascup.com from Friday, December 9. A full range of tickets are available with options to suit every need. The Bermuda public will be offered tickets at 25 to 50 percent less than the standard price for entrance to the America’s Cup Village for all Qualifier Races, scheduled for May 26 to June 3,” the ACBDA said.

“The ticket categories are listed below and passes are available that will give access to the America’s Cup Village on every race day, every weekday, every weekend or just one weekend. If availability allows, upgrade tickets will be available through the ticketing office on location and family day tickets will also be available.

AC Ticket on Sale Bermuda December 5 2016

Spectator Experience Ticketing Options

  • The America’s Cup Village, the heart of all the action in 2017
  • Grandstand seats, offering unrivalled views of the stadium-style racing action as it unfolds on Bermuda’s Great Sound
  • Official Spectator Boats, enabling America’s Cup fans who want to be on the water to enjoy a front row position right on the edge of the racecourse
  • Longtail Lounge hospitality, one of the best VIP experiences in Bermuda, providing relaxed views of the Great Sound in a perfect hospitality setting
  • Goslings Dark ‘n Stormy Island Bar, promising a lively atmosphere, delicious buffet lunches and fantastic views of the finish line
  • Private Boat Registration, giving boat owners the chance to enjoy all the 35th America’s Cup action from the comfort of their own vessels, right next to the racecourse itself

The America’s Cup Village

The ABCDA said, “Tickets to the America’s Cup Village give access to the custom-built, nine-acre site which will boast live entertainment, views of the racecourse finish line, ‘dock-out’ shows and sailor signing sessions throughout the event schedule.

“Overlooking the iconic Great Sound and showcasing the best of Bermuda’s food and beverage vendors, this family-friendly site will also be home to an America’s Cup merchandise store and a dedicated Kids Zone.

“The America’s Cup Village will provisionally be open between 11am and 5pm throughout most days of the event schedule, enabling visitors to soak up the atmosphere before racing commences at approximately 2pm.

“A range of ticket prices will be on offer, with prices starting at $10 and with various discounts available for Bermuda residents. Tickets for children under the age of 13 will be 50% off and there is no charge for children two years old and under.

Grandstand Seats

“Tickets to the grandstands will enable fans to soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the America’s Cup Village before enjoying the fast action racing from the comfort and convenience of their own waterside grandstand seats, with preferred access to delicious local food and beverages.

“Grandstand tickets include entry into the America’s Cup Village. Keep up with the race action through large screens and live commentary, enjoying one of the best views ever of America’s Cup racing as the boats fly towards the finish line, right in front of their seats.

“Grandstand seating is available every race day and prices range with tickets starting at just $70

Official Spectator Boats

“Take to the water from Hamilton or Dockyard and experience the thrills and spills of America’s Cup racing from a fantastic front row position right on the edge of the racecourse. Spectator Boat ticket holders enjoy three hours onboard on the Great Sound, up close to the action as it unfolds in front of them and on TV around the world. Each boat is equipped with live radio racing commentary, with food and beverages available for purchase onboard. Prices start from $150 for an adult ticket on a fleet of motor cruisers and catamarans.

Longtail Lounge VIP Hospitality

“One of the best America’s Cup VIP experiences will be found at the Longtail Lounge in the America’s Cup Village. Guests will relax in informal waterside surroundings and enjoy a complimentary bar and delicious assisted service buffet lunch. The open air private viewing deck will be perfect for watching the boats fly towards the finish line and with screens throughout the Longtail Lounge, there’s no excuse for missing a minute of the action.

Goslings Dark ‘n Stormy Island Bar

“See and be seen in the lively atmosphere of the Goslings Dark ‘n Stormy Island Bar. With a raised viewing terrace and striking views over the Great Sound, tickets include a delicious buffet lunch and official America’s Cup merchandise.

“Located within the America’s Cup Village and provisionally open from 11am until 5pm, tickets to the Goslings Dark ‘n Stormy Island Bar start from $150.

Private Boat Registration

“If you’re planning to take your own boat out to enjoy America’s Cup action, you’ll have access to the designated spectator zone of the racecourse. Throughout every race, up-to-date information and commentary will be shared with all registered boats, giving them incredible views of the action on the same water on which the teams will be battling it out for the oldest trophy in international sport. Flags are $35 for boats up to 40 feet and boats 40 to 80 feet are $15 per foot.

“On May 26th the events start with the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers, with all six America’s Cup teams competing in a double round robin series of match races. That preliminary round of racing will conclude on Saturday 3rd June, when one team will drop out of the reckoning and Oracle Team USA, the Defenders of the America’s Cup, will stand back from the next round, the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs.

“Featuring four teams, the prelude to the main event will run from Sunday 4th June until Monday 12th June, by which time the identity will be known of the team to challenge Oracle Team USA for the America’s Cup.

“The America’s Cup Match presented by Louis Vuitton will run from Saturday 17th June to Tuesday 27th June in a first to seven points race program, with the official Challenger and Oracle Team USA, the Defender, fighting it out in front of thousands of fans in Bermuda and millions more worldwide on TV and online.

“Simply put, tickets to the 2017 America’s Cup will grant access to an incredible sports spectacle that will be written into the annals of sporting history.”

* All details correct at time of publication but may be subject to change

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  1. wassup says:

    just to clarify, these are prices per day per person?

    • Onion Juice says:

      WTF, we gave them $77 Million and now you want me to pay you again.
      Everybody talking bout crime, but who are the criminals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Just the Tip says:

        Sorry but where are you getting this $77 million from?

        • Onion Juice says:

          That’s what SpongeBob said, if not what’s the price you heard?

          • Just the Tip says:

            Oh no, I ask for you to show where you got the $77million from and what you given isn’t an answer. If Bob Richards said it then show it, what article? what interview? Show you have the proof to back this claim up.

      • Onion scum says:

        We gave Beyonce $4million for her 3 hour performace yet you didnt complain about buying tickets for that.

        • T. Smith says:

          Trust me if she came here again and MY PEOPLE HAD A CHOICE BETWEEN THE 2 EVENTS THEY WOULD GO SEE HER!!

          Over rich boys racing sail boats!!!

      • Onion scum says:

        Onion Juice..either you are stuck on stupid or intentionally try to mislead. The money budgeted for AC was for marketing, promotion, safety, transportation infrastructure, education, advertising and lots more. All funds have been accounted for. Help us to find the hundreds of millions of dollars that were listed by teo AGs as not accounted for.

  2. sandra says:

    what! the AC village isnt free? and.. you have to pay to have your boat on the water? BS

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Ever been to a NASCAR race? Check the ticket prices for those. Ever camped on the infield of a NASCAR track. Check those prices.

      Face it, if not for the AC you would not dream of anchoring out in the Sound.

      • Onion Juice says:

        Ya but we did’nt give NASCAR $77 Million !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Onion scum says:

          Was tge entrance to tge playboy mansion party frer?

          • Widget says:

            @Onion Juice. Stay home and stop your whining, stick your head in that hole you dug in your back yard and all the rest of the world infusing us Bermudians will enjoy a grate time during and after the AC. My God man all you do is whine and complain., you poor deprived thing.

        • serengeti says:

          We didn’t give anybody $77m.

  3. I heart 441 says:

    Pay to see an event where I can see it for free at numerous locations in the west, yea right!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Go for it. My thought as well. Ft Scaur looks good but far far away. Like any event if you want good seats you have to pay.

  4. Bill says:

    What an absolute rip off.Standing in a makeshift bar, well away from the race,and you will only be able to view part of it, for $150.00 ?

    Give me a break……no wonder we have problems here!

  5. Bill says:

    OH…and remember……

    First boat to win 7 races, 3 races a day….you could afford to spend 150 a day to be in Gosling’s makeshift bar.

    The event could be over in three days!

    They will be packed up and gone on day 4.

  6. smudge says:

    so is there no actual racing in the great sound? or is it just from this new piece a land they have created. People have rented houses for the races that have a view over the sound are they now out of luck?
    Boo Hiss

    • Widget says:

      @Smudge. The optimum word here is “binoculars. Buy a pair and your view point with be spot on anyplace in the grate sound. Enjoy and enjoy it for free. Oh and if you see Onion Juice buy him a few beers, that might help to cheer him up.

      No offense OJ.

  7. Desk Warmer says:

    Dear AC 2017 Organising Committee,

    The Bermuda Government already wired you USD $77,000,000 for this event from the Consolidated Fund.

    So at the very least, since I have already paid for the event, you can send me tickets to my house, or arrange for me to collect once I can verify that I am a Bermuda resident tax payer.

    Surely the much heralded income, revenue, sales, and GDP growth that we have heard about is net new money coming in from the 250,000+ tourists coming to watch the event as I cannot believe that if I am asked to buy 2 tickets for $100 each that my $200 as a Bermuda resident, will be added to the total sale/GDP calculations when the Government (or AC Organisers) say that the event generated $200,000,000 in new revenues for the Organisers and Bermuda Economy

    where are those 2,000 jobs again?

    • Just the Tip says:

      Sorry but where are you getting this $77 million from?

  8. Girl bye says:

    Sorry, but I won’t be attending this event. Fix the schools, take care of the seniors. People having to decide if I should eat or buy medication.

    • Smarter441 says:

      Do you not understand how much money this will bring to the island with tourist and all the publicity? Bermuda is being advertised all around the world and when the actual event is taking place Bermuda’s clear beautiful waters will be on TV’s around the world. The last time I checked the schools have been run down and under-supplied for years so please tell me why now all of a sudden this money would have gone to the schools, senior care or any of the other issues we face.

  9. Izzypop says:

    Thank you oracle and all the other teams for hiring Bermudians to work for you. Thank you for renting our homes, purchasing groceries, renting bikes , the list goes on and on. For putting money into our economy. Thank you to the teams for all the help you hv given to our young people wanting to learn to sail and for restoring boats for the Endeavor program. I am looking forward to the race and will be out in my boat enjoying.
    Pay no attention to these ungrateful comments because they are the minority. The majority know how good this race is going to be for Bermuda.

  10. Really says:

    You can tell it rained today, every uneducated, don’t want a job person has commented on this post, your all so worried about an event that will bring millions to the Island. Where were you for every over run the PLP mismanaged, oh and why don’t you see if you could get special privledges and watch the AC up at the Ghetto where no one lives on South shore that the PLP so kindly built.

  11. Hannah says:

    I can’t find the local rates on the website. Are they still available?