CAOB Supports Airport Project & America’s Cup

January 6, 2017

The Construction Association of Bermuda [CAOB] says that it “fully supports the proposed public-private agreement” to build and maintain a new airport, and also “fully supports the America’s Cup which must be permitted to continue, uninterrupted and with the full support of all Bermuda sectors.”

CAOB Construction association of Bermuda TC January 6 2017

A spokesperson said, “The Construction Association of Bermuda fully supports the proposed public-private agreement between Aecon and the Government of Bermuda to design, build and maintain a new airport. Local construction companies and Bermudian employees will receive maximum benefit.

“The Construction Association of Bermuda fully supports the America’s Cup which must be permitted to continue, uninterrupted and with the full support of all Bermuda sectors.

“Any disruptions will potentially harm local construction companies and their employees now and well into the future.

“Disruption of this event would set a globally recognized precedent that will brand Bermuda and diminish future capacity to secure major events and projects. The loss of local revenues and employment could be staggering.

The Airport

“Organizations in Bermuda who are protesting the lack of tendering for the new airport development, are not speaking on behalf of the majority of construction companies

“CAOB is confident every possible measure is being taken to ensure our members have maximum opportunity to provide supplies and services to the General Contractor which will result in an estimated 300 job opportunities for Bermudians.

“Aecon, CAOB and the Department of Workforce Development are working collaboratively to ensure the local population has the trades credentials and specialised training to meet contract requirements.

“To ensure sustainability, CAOB continues to collaborate with the government, Department of Workforce Development and educational institutions to facilitate construction-related training for Bermuda students, the unemployed and under-employed.

“To further ensure sustainability, as the NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor, CAOB is facilitating train-the- trainer courses to ensure Bermuda has an inventory of qualified trades trainers.

“The recent protests have created delays in scheduled training and local tendering, resulting in lost or delayed contracts for local contractors and subsequently lost or delayed employment for Bermudians.

“Bermuda will be perceived as a country that does not welcome international investment which in turn, will corrupt future business development and create a downward spiral into a depressed economy.

“Bermudians in general have not been provided with adequate information or worse, been fed misinformation, fueling misguided, negative opinions and actions.

America’s Cup

“To date, millions of design and build dollars have been injected into the local economy. While CAOB does not have access to specific budgets, we understand additional work valued well into the millions of dollars is still required before the event, all of which will be performed by local contractors.

“America’s Cup is a global demonstration of Bermuda’s strengths and abilities. It can be the catalyst to bring more international events of this scope to Bermuda.

“Interruptions by disenfranchised citizens will tarnish Bermuda’s reputation and possibly negate the years of efforts by Bermudians to ensure the success of the event.

“Future events of this scope will become unattainable, crippling future growth in the tourism sector, which is currently in a very vulnerable stage of recovery.

“Related developments, such as Morgan’s Point, have generated local jobs. Currently, local contractors employ 54 Bermudians and only 5 work permit holders. The General Contractor has contracted local companies and hired Bermudians to the satisfaction of the CAOB.

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