Tourism Forward: ‘Thank You, Bill Hanbury’

January 13, 2017

[Part of the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s ‘Tourism Forward’ series]

At a quaint send-off reception this week key stakeholders in the tourism industry said thank you and farewell to Bill Hanbury, the former CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA]. Mr Hanbury was joined by his wife Valerie.

Government leaders were also on-hand to offer their well wishes including Premier Michael Dunkley.


Mr Hanbury, an American, was the BTA’s first chief executive officer and came to Bermuda with a wealth of destination marketing experience, having led high profile tourism organisations in the US.

In three years Mr Hanbury, along with a dedicated team, built the BTA from the ground up and moved Bermuda tourism forward – establishing world class standards that include full accreditation from Destination Marketing Association International, an unqualified audit and a highly motivated workforce.


BTA staff put together a thank you video featuring many of the people Mr Hanbury worked with over the past three years.

The guest of honour also walked away with an oversized photo of his cliff jump at Admiralty House Park back in 2015. Each attendee at the reception left a note as a keepsake for Mr Hanbury.

The successor to Mr Hanbury is Bermudian Kevin Dallas. His official first day in office was Monday, January 9, 2017.

Watch the Tourism Forward video series online at the BTA’s Vimeo channel. Tourism Forward also airs on cable on Channel 82.

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  1. Hubert Watlington says:

    Great job Sir thanks for getting our tourism back on track and I apologize for all the mean spirited people you had to deal with along the way.

  2. Double S says:

    Thank you Mr. Hanbury for setting the BTA on a solid foundation and for the beginning of a much needed tourism turnaround.

    I apologize for the personal attacks you had to endure during your time here from political zealots.

    We, Bermudians, used to be a friendly place. Not so much anymore unfortunately.

  3. Clare says:

    Bermuda is so fortunate to have had Mr. Hanbury. What a difference 3 years makes. The tourism industry is in double digit growth now, after 30 years of decline! Thank you, Mr. Hanbury!

  4. Athena says:

    Thanks should go to Mr. Hanbury for setting a firm foundation on which the BTA can continue to build, future goals to aim for and last but not least, for working through all the flak to guide the BTA to where it is today.

    He has left the organization poised for better and bigger achievements.

  5. Justin says:

    The PLP has an opportunity to gain back some political capital here to thank Bill Hanbury for his services and positive contributions to our tourism industry. But that’ll never happen because they’d have to admit they had it all wrong.

    On behalf of me and many Bermudians, thank you Mr. Hanbury!

  6. Bermuda says:

    I know it hasn’t been easy and that you have received much unwarranted criticism over the past few years, but there are definitely some of us out here who are very grateful for what you have done for Bermuda’s tourism, so just wanted to say a big thank you, Mr. Hanbury!

  7. TB40 says:

    THANK YOU Bill Hanbury !

  8. hmmm says:

    Thank You to Mr Hanbury. I never met you, but can clearly see the fruits of your and under your guidance your BTA teams labour.

    Thank You.

  9. moonbeam says:

    To Bill Hanbury: Your expertise and dedication to Bermuda’s tourism has been second to none. My apologies for the ‘flack’ you took from several negative members of our society who did not behave like true Bermudians, or have the decency to admit that you were ‘getting it right’. You rose above this, and the majority of the Island’s citizens are very grateful. You have made yourself and Bermuda proud ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU !