50mbps Download Speed Target For Consultation

February 15, 2017

Minister of Economic Development Dr. Grant Gibbons has written to the Regulatory Authority to request they “provide assistance in formulating and potentially implementing a universal broadband service obligation,” with a 50mbps broadband download speed cited as the “target for consultation.”

internet speed online TC February 14 2017

The letter, dated February 10th, said, “As you are aware, as the Minister responsible for Telecommunications, I may from time to time request that the Regulatory Authority assist me in formulating and implementing policies and regulations as necessary for the efficient and effective delivery of telecommunication services.”

“Therefore in accordance with Section 33 of the ECA, I request that the Regulatory Authority provide assistance in formulating and potentially implementing a universal broadband service obligation with a specific level of broadband download speed[s] that applies to specific types of customer.

“I note from your letter of January 16, 2017 that typical best-practice for a Government [and/or regulator’s] assessment of potential universal service obligations relating to broadband, should include a specified target download speed as the focus of analysis and consultation. In this context, the Authority has recommended that:

  • “i] A 50mbps broadband download speed be the target for consultation, with such a universal broadband speed obligation potentially being mandated on BTC and One Communications [including the Logic and Cablevision ICOL license holders]; and that
  • “ii] The consultation should also assess whether any such potential broadband service obligation mandated upon specified operators should apply to the services provided to all residents, businesses and Government owned entities [e.g. schools and Government offices] within Bermuda and to 100% of the geographic coverage of Bermuda.

“I concur and agree that the Authority should, in carrying out its functions as per Section 33, pursue its analysis and consultations with all sectoral participants with respect to the above noted recommendations.”

The letter is below [PDF here]

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  1. Hubert Watlingon says:

    Please get this done, Bermuda is so far behind the rest of the world.

  2. Juice says:

    With OneComms new fiber network in the works, 50mbps will be easy and 100mbps should be no problem too. It would be nice if the regulatory agency regulated the pricing though. lol Currently our cousin island Cayman is enjoying 100mbps for the same price that we pay for 25mbps.

  3. Micro says:

    Meanwhile upload speeds continue to lag even further behind the rest of the world.

    • Um.... says:

      Few people upload. The 4Mbps you get is more than enough for Skype, FaceTime, Dropbox, etc.

      • umm.. says:

        The statement a few people upload is absurd especially as anyone gaming is uploading

      • YADON says:

        You don’t have a YouTube channel do you?

  4. UmJustSaying says:

    Thank you. The 20th Century is behind us. Warp speed ahead.

  5. Good guy says:

    They already can do these speeds and offer them the issue for some is the price

  6. unbelievable says:

    50Mbps has always been available in Bermuda but it’s not all about the internet providers. The issue is that being an island and only 3 cable systems to us with no economies of scale or cables leading to or from other islands or countries like Europe or the Caribbean, who will purchase the additional bandwidth off island needed to meet these needs?
    The costs to land bandwidth on our island needs to take into consideration, landlord costs for housing equipment, power for equipment and the cable systems, higher Wages, landed costs of fiber and the cost to install it, pole rental, recovery costs with submarine cable ships on standby and landing providers in the USA and not forgetting the RA charges to the internet providers per year and this is just detailing a few items that makes up the cost of our internet. Let’s not forget the same equipment has to be purchased for 19000 homes as the USA for 1M homes. So unless all the other elements come down in price that makes up our internet then realistically 50Mbps will be out of reach of the consumer with or without fiber

  7. James says:

    50 Mbps is readily available. Problem is most people cannot afford it.
    Same goes for 100mb. Putting fibre optic cable to the home is happening. It does not mean it will be any cheaper.

    • Rightok says:

      They need to refresh their pricing. Slower speeds will be cheaper. Check the historical trends of Internet pricing in Bermuda.

  8. Cranberry says:

    But at what price?? 25mb is already outrageously priced…