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October 14, 2015

The Regulatory Authority, Bermuda’s telecom’s watchdog, has launched, an internet price comparison tool designed to assist consumers in identifying and comparing residential telecommunications services offered by Bermuda’s local service providers.

Regulatory Authority Interim Chief Executive, Kyle Masters said, “The developers, working with our team here at the Authority, built with the consumer in mind.

“We wanted to make a site that was simple, easy to use and effective in allowing consumers to compare the services telecommunication companies in Bermuda offer before choosing the service that is right for them.”

pricecheck screenshot

The providers themselves have been instrumental in bringing the website to fruition.

Mr. Masters said “Telecommunications providers who offer residential services upload accurate pricing and service information onto the website on a regular and ongoing basis to ensure services that are being made available in the market place, are also available for review and comparison on”

In August 2015 the Authority conducted a “soft” launch of the website, advertising its own website and social media pages and communicating with members of the Authority’s mailing list. As of today has had more than 600 unique hits.

“We hope consumers will find the tool helpful and would welcome feedback on the site from users” added Mr. Masters.

To try the website out, visit

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  1. Um.... says:

    This is welcomed. This should help to drive prices down. Consumers will now be able to easily show for the service that’s best for them. Good job, RA.

    • Onion says:

      Or it will drive prices up because all the companies will be able to march up in lock-step.

  2. Patricia says:

    Thank you RA. This will be helpful for me.

  3. jeremy deacon says:

    well done!

  4. BobsYourUncle says:

    Good step in the right direction. Hope to see more visibility. I feel like a lot of these companies are taking advantage of the non-tech savvy, especially those over 50

  5. Codfish and potato says:

    How about price comparisons in the grocery stores? That would really benefit everyone.

  6. Myboy14 says:

    Somebody needs to regulate RA

  7. JB says:

    Great news guys!

    I created a price comparison website for electricity providers in Bermuda!

    Here you can look at the options and compare providers.

  8. navin johnson says:

    You can get better internet service just can’t pay more for it….

  9. Better understanding says:

    Internet is always under scrutiny but the majority of us don’t understand the operational costs to provide Bermuda with Internet services.
    We seem happy to pay 300%+ over the US for alcohol, Meat and Grocery’s, even higher rates for Vehicles and vehicle parts but that’s because we understand that the route to our doors and that goods have to be shipped and Distributed, but we very rarely target it because we understand.

    What isn’t understood is the we in Bermuda have to purchase the same equipment as the state of Texas for 27million to accommodate 65,000 for internet and once broken down to family residence its even lower. Were an island so any reliable connection has to be under the sea, which needs a ship on standby, crews on standby to repair any cable breaks. These cables cost millions of dollars per year to just power half way with charges from the other side as well, which US states don’t have to have in place or maintain. An infrastructure needs to be installed and maintained to residential properties on island, which when the equipment has landed is subject to duty. Installation and daily operation costs need to be covered. Equipment maintenance needs to be kept to up to date with upgrades, upstream services have to be purchased in the US to further connect us all to the internet who also have speed restrictions on us and the list goes on.
    We know we can get internet in the US for $25.00, but with a target audience of millions compared to thousands and the equipment has to be paid for and all supporting services, I don’t think we have a bad deal. If we want faster speeds then new equipment has to be purchased, so we start the process all over again, and we think costs COULD come down for higher speeds. We have to be realistic and understand where our service comes from before making comparisons. I know some ISPs are selling at the price its costing them just to keep Bermuda with internet services. If we go on a crusade and base it purely on price, these companies are going to disappear very quickly

  10. swing voter says:

    they ‘animated’ my girlfriend!