Island Featured In “Bermuda Phoenix” Book

February 4, 2017

A new book by author Jo Roderick titled Bermuda Phoenix: A Beach Read highlights the tale of a “romance blooming on the pearly-pink shores of Bermuda.”

The book’s description says, “What is an author to do when he gives it his all, and it just isn’t enough? Head for an exotic archipelago, and pray to disappear into the Bermuda Triangle, of course.

“Out of money and inspiration, Andrew decides to walk away from it all to start a simpler island life — or so he planned. While it sounds easy enough, things unravel when a statuesque blonde walks into the Berma Bar.”

Bermuda Phenox February 2017

“Just as life begins to perk up, he discovers that he is supposedly deceased. The odd thing is he doesn’t feel nearly as dead as one would expect. Now, he is beginning to wish was still alive, but how can he rejoin the living?

“With a new romance blooming on the pearly-pink shores of Bermuda, Andrew has an overwhelming life or death decision to make. Emily has a plan to revive the dead, but will it work? Can the reclusive author rise like a Phoenix to reclaim his life, and bask in the gentle arms of love?

“It you enjoy Choc Lit, or a feel-good Romantic Comedy with plenty of chocolate cocktails, great banter, and endless balmy days in a picturesque paradise, then the Bermuda Phoenix is your prescription.”

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