Policing Plans For House Of Assembly On Feb 10

February 8, 2017

The police said that “in light of information today that indicates public protests may be planned” at the House of Assembly this Friday [Feb 10], they have “established a policing plan.”

The House resumed last Friday, however debate on the airport was delayed to this Friday, with MPs scheduled to debate the Airport Development Concession Act 2016 and the Bermuda Airport Authority Act 2016.

Bermuda Police Service TC February 8 2017

A police spokesperson said, “In light of information today that indicates public protests may be planned at the House of Assembly on Friday 10th February, the Bermuda Police Service would like to remind the public of the role of the police in these matters.

“The police have a duty to assist those who wish to exercise their rights to participate in peaceful and lawful protest. Such protest activity must not use, advocate, or incite violence, and it must not break any laws.

“The police also have a duty to protect the Rule of Law, by ensuring that protestors do not obstruct the rights and responsibilities of other people.

“To help achieve this balance, the BPS has established a policing plan to manage protests at the House of Assembly. Parliament Street will have barriers down the centre so that traffic can flow on one side and pedestrians can safely congregate on the other.

“If more space is required, Reid Street will be closed between the junctions of Court Street and Parliament Street. The police will consider other road closures, if the need arises, based on the actual numbers that might be in attendance on the day.

Slideshow showing the police presence at the House of Assembly last Friday:


“The gate on Parliament Street must remain clear and unobstructed, at all times. No access will be granted into the grounds of the House of Assembly, other than to attend the public gallery. Due to limited seating, a maximum of 37 people are permitted to occupy the public gallery at any one time.

“The public is also reminded that it is a criminal offence to obstruct or prevent access through the gates of the House of Assembly, to interfere with the free exercise of any Member of Parliament or Senator or the lawful activity of the House of Assembly, to obstruct or assault police officers in the execution of their duties, or to participate in a public procession without a permit from the Deputy Governor’s office.”

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  1. wahoo says:

    Good grief….

    • Truth says:

      Exactly! How many of these protestors have even BEEN in the airport let alone flown out of it lately? How about they post the date of their last off-island trip on their signs this time??
      How many clients have these protestors had come to meetings thru the airport lately?

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Let us hope that the BPS are taking a no nonsense approach this Friday. Dec 2nd they were made to look very foolish.

    If the access to the HOA is blocked advise those blocking of the consequences of blocking then, if ignored, carry out what they are lawfully allowed to do.

    Park a bus with “DOCKYARD” as its destination showing & equip it with freshly lubed bracelets. Make sure that the instigators & inciters are the first to board & get a ride.

    Enough of this nonsense! Over an airport??? Yeah…right.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Over an airport that will be privatized for 30 years without any revenue benefitting the Government and then when we get it back after 30 years we will have to spend Millions reparing it.
      Hey are we in that position now?

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Impressive that you managed to fit so much misinformation in a single sentence, been studying Spicer huh. Good to know you are at least open to learning new things, even if they are factual or reality.

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          ‘aren’t factual or reality’

          • jt says:

            Not to mention the protest has nothing to do with the airport. Shhh – they’re not supposed to know.

      • wahoo says:

        You either believe the lies that plp are spreading which makes you gullible, or you are intentionally spreading misinformation yourself which makes you deceitful. Where are your strong opinions regarding every project that went over budget during the 14 years of recklessness? What do you think happened to the $800M?

    • Smh says:

      Wow you are way too eager.. would not want to give you the nuclear codes.

      People on the internet are so brave

    • VJ says:

      Triangle Drifter… you just don’t get it!! It’s not just nonsense over an airport!! Stop trying to deliberately downplay it.

      • sugra says:

        What’s the downplayed reason for this nonsense, then?

  3. Terry says:

    “The police said”.

    Great weekend folks.
    News really does suck…………

  4. Marge says:

    Where the hell are the leaders of this Island ? we need a new airport….take command and start building it.

  5. VJ says:

    Triangle Drifter… you just don’t get it!! It’s not just nonsense over an airport!! Stop trying to deliberately downplay it.

    • 4ner says:

      Oh yeah, I forgot… also about trying to get an expat’s work permit renewed

      But wait, he’s a son of the soil… errr, well, not really, but we like him so he should stay

      Alternative facts baby, alternative facts!

      • Onion Juice says:

        Any expat who fights for the rights of the PEOPLE are honored by the PEOPLE, like Dr.E.F.Gordon and others like him who neglected playing it safe, while addressing biased injustice.
        Ironic how Kingsley Tweed and Dr.E.F.Gordon are connected to this.

        • 4ner says:

          ahh cool, so you’re confirming there SHOULD be different rules, depending on who’s favourite expat you are

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Then what is it, I mean nobody, that is nobody has come forward with a better plan to deal with our current crisis… a lot of lofty, pies in the sky, we could ideally do this in a perfect world… but not one that atually deals with the reality that we live in right now. Nobody stepped up, and people are getting p!$$¥ about a company that did, and that we then spent over 2 years negotiating to get it right and make sure that if they got something out of it too. This isn’t some la-de-da notion that we can get everything thing we want, the world doesn’t work that way, Minister Richards and everyone else that has been involved on the local team have negotiated a damn good deal for the c+^##¥ reality we live in. They took the time to make sure it can work for us, and have had it recognized locally and internationally for its creative approach.
      We have a debt that my children will be paying off, and the PLP are promising that if elected, they would go right back to doing what they did to put us here to begin with and i for one do not support that. The PLP ‘Bermudians First’ nationalistic dogma is a failed pipe dream sold to those that are happy with the falsities of ideology rather than brutal reality, they play to emotional fantasy instead of logical fact, and will swallow it whole for no other reason than because of who is feeding it to them and who is on the other side. What the PLP are pushing has never helped evolve the notions of social justice or democracy, in fact it puts them further away, just look at Zimbabwe or Venezuela.

  6. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    I am 73 years of age and a senior citizen,I qualify to be pepper sprayed.I have seven children and 18 grandchildren,so please do not avoid me again ,like you did December 8th 2016,I was standing right next to the Gate of the House of Assembly.With my cane in my hand which I use for my walking stick.You cant miss me.I know my rights ,so make sure you do your job,or I will sue you for neglect of duty.See you on the 10th…….Peace,,,,

    • wahoo says:

      Without a doubt a stupid comment.

    • Zevon says:

      You’re age is about average for that rentacrowd group.

    • Hurricane says:

      He use to be smart. Age hasn’t been kind to him at all……..sad.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Nice one Takbir. It’s good to see you’ve not lost your sense of humour (or irony).

    • Smarter441 says:

      how about the police block their protest and see how “peaceful” that is

    • Terry says:

      No wonder you quit being a policeman Gary.
      You still carry all that hate.

    • 2cents says:

      You wouldn’t happened to be the nice senior citizen that wacked that
      police officer in the head with that said CANE now would you ? lol
      Stay home Friday ok….the airport is getting built, US silent majority says so!!

    • Earth watch police says:

      And you can do whatever you like except BLOCK ACCESS TO THE HOUSE.

    • Long Bay Trading Co. says:

      Mr. Sharrieff

      I appluad and respect your longevity and progeny. However, it has no bearing nor does it excuse or enhance your reasoning of quote “standing right next to the Gate of the HOA. With my cane in my hand which I use for my walking stick. You cant miss me. I know my rights so make sure you do your job or I will sue you for neglect of duty” end quote.

      No one sir, NO ONE, is above the law. Abide by the law, do as requested by the on duty Police, and there will be no reason whatsoever for you to use that walking stick of yours. It’s really THAT SIMPLE.

    • Big Boy Rules says:

      Takbir, the reason they “missed” you on the December 8th was because the protests and pepper-spraying happened on the 2nd December

  7. aceboy says:

    If the Union is called out to a meeting again to boost up protest numbers, as usual, I expect the leaders to be arrested and hefty fines dished out.

  8. Alvin Williams says:

    Police barricades erected around the people House to keep the people out and don’t forget the armored cars or military bus to take OBA politicians into the house.

  9. BDAGIRL says:

    It’s amazing how they can get people to come out to try and stop the paid politicians from going to work and to debate on the airport!!!! What your paid oppositions MPS can’t battle it out in the HOA with the current Government? If the protesters block the entrance to the HOA again use the paid BPS to take control, and make arrests.

  10. hulktoo says:

    its quite amazing how we have an inept mind set.
    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. We may agree to disagree.
    We have such a spirited example, right from our heads (government)
    once we can genuinaly change our mind set, there will genuinaly be room to grow.
    peace & love

  11. rodney smith says:

    What would be the purpose of having a peaceful protest ? The foreign advisors have set the stage . There are several groups mixed up all together so that the blame is not placed on any one group. If the M.P. ‘s get into the House, the OBA will vote the airport bill into law. Thus , nothing can be done from that point forward . So the protesters must cause trouble to prevent this from happening . Otherwise, if they stay home, it will be a done deal. 4 a.m. Friday morning, all the action starts. See you there. Let us pray for Bermuda.