Sea Cadet Dinghy Completely Refurbished

March 28, 2017

The Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps took delivery last week of their completely refurbished ASC Dinghy, Philippa, thanks to the help of Spar Yard Marine Solutions.

Philippa is the primary training dinghy used by the Sea Cadets to teach rowing and seamanship and boat handling skills.

Four Cadet oarsman and a coxswain take it out on the water every Friday evening during the spring and summer months, under the careful watch of their instructors, developing teamwork and leadership skills – and getting a great workout,

Philippa with work underway at Spar Yard Marine Solutions

Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps March 27 2017 (3)

Commander of the Corps, Lt Cdr [SCC] Michael Frith explained that “Philippa has seen heavy use over her more than 35 years of service. Even with regular maintenance undertaken by the Cadets, the years of training had taken its toll, and she was badly in need of an overhaul. We made a request for assistance, and the team at Spar Yard Marine Solutions offered to help.”

Chris Roque, manager at Spar Yard, stated “We heard the Sea Cadets needed some help getting their dinghy shipshape. We were in a position to help them out, and are big fans of what they do for the young people, so we jumped at the chance to give them some support and help them get the cadets out on the water”.

The newly refitted Philippa outside TS Admiral Somers Sea Cadet unit in St George’s, surrounded by the Cadets and Junior Cadets looking forward to getting her out on the water

Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps March 27 2017 (2)

“Within just a few weeks of it being delivered to the Spar Yard workshop, the boat was completely repaired, sanded and painted, and is now looking better than ever,” the organisation explained.

“The floorboards are coated with high grade non-slip surface, the gel coat on the hull and bulkheads have been repaired throughout and given a glossy new coat of paint, and the wooden thwarts have been sanded and completely refinished. With new fittings and hardware, she is now ready to get to work.

S/Lt [SCC] Sam Bennett, RNR, the Corps Training Officer, was thrilled with the outcome, noting that the dinghy was now fit for many more years of seamanship and rowing training for the Cadets, saying: “We’ve got a great-looking, well maintained boat for the Cadets – something they can be really proud of – and that makes all the difference. We can’t wait to take her out!”

Chris Roque [left] is presented with a certificate of appreciation by Lt Cdr [SCC] Michael Frith, RNR

Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps March 27 2017 (1)

The Cadets had an opportunity to thank the Spar Yard team at the Corps’ annual prizegiving ceremony last week. Mr Roque, representing Spar Yard, delivered the dinghy to the Cadets that evening, and was presented with a cedar-framed certificate of appreciation as thanks for the work.

Presenting the certificate on behalf of the Cadets, Lt Cdr Frith noted, “Community is a big part of what the Sea Cadet Corps is all about, and the Spar Yard team truly showed themselves to be supporters of our community.

“We can’t thank them enough for the time and craftsmanship they put into Philippa for the benefit of the Cadets, and we look forward to putting it to very good use!”

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