Governor Visits St. George’s Sea Cadet Unit

April 25, 2016

Governor George Fergusson paid a visit to TS Admiral Somers — the St. George’s Unit of the Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps – on Friday evening, to meet the Cadets and adult volunteers, and observe the Cadets in their usual Friday training routine.

Starting [as every Sea Cadet parade night does] with the formal Colours ceremony, the Governor’s Standard was raised in lieu of the usual Sea Cadet Ensign, in recognition of having the Governor visit.

Following the ceremony, the Cadets stood proudly to attention as the Governor conducted a formal inspection of the ranks, taking the time to speak with each Cadet in turn as he did so. Remarking on the high standard of drill, the Governor chatted with each cadet about their experiences in the Sea Cadet program, and praised them for their commitment and hard work.


Following the Inspection, Able Cadet Mackenzie Ricketts led the Governor on a tour of the Unit building. He was shown the results of the recently completed America’s Cup Endeavour-funded renovations to the building and learned more about the partnership that exists between that program and the Sea Cadets.

AC Ricketts also proudly pointed out the many awards earned by the Sea Cadets throughout their 50-year history on the island, and showed off some of the memorabilia on display commemorating the Unit’s more significant achievements and events.

The Governor then moved on to observe the various Cadets and Junior Cadets taking part in their usual training routine. Starting with a seamanship and ropework class, he was shown how to tie some of the most important shipboard knots, and watched as the Cadets worked together to coil and heave heavy mooring lines.


He then went to observe the class of senior Cadets on the water doing some rowing and coxswain training in the Unit’s ASC Dinghy. When invited by the instructor, PO Ani Douglas, to step aboard for a firsthand display of the Cadets’ skills, he enthusiastically accepted, donned the obligatory lifejacket, and set off for a spin around St George’s Harbour.

By the time the crew came back in, he had his own oar in hand and was hard at work proving that he was more than capable of earning his “competent crew” qualification along with the Cadets. The Governor’s ADC, Captain Paolo Odoli, himself a former Sea Cadet, showed that he still remembered his own seamanship lessons, and lent a hand securing the dinghy upon its return…with just a little coaching from the Sea Cadet crew.

The Governor finished his visit by spending some time chatting with the Junior Cadet section, who were busy learning some of the basics of kayak safety and handling under the enthusiastic instruction of PO Cornell Young. They were very pleased to have the Governor there visiting, and excitedly told him about how much they were looking forward to putting their newfound skills into practice on the water in the coming months.


Lieutenant Commander [SCC] Michael Frith, the Commanding Officer of TS Admiral Somers, and newly appointed Commander of the Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps, thanked the Governor for taking the time to visit the Cadets.

Remarking on the importance of having that level of support from Government House, he noted, “It means a great deal to the Cadets, as well as to all of the adult volunteers who give up so much of their time to make the Sea Cadet program a success in Bermuda, for His Excellency to come visit and see what we do firsthand. The fact that he was so happy to jump right in and share in that fun himself was a special treat – we were thrilled to host him, and look forward to seeing more of him in future!”

The Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps is a voluntary youth organization, which offers practical and theoretical training in nautical and maritime subjects within a context based on Royal Navy traditions. T.S.[Training Ship] Admiral Somers is the name of the St. George’s Unit, based at Convict Bay Lane, St. George’s, and is made up of male and female cadets, Officers/Instructors and non-uniformed volunteers.


They provide a training programme on Friday evenings from 6:45p.m. to 9:30p.m., for Junior Cadets [age 10-12] and Cadets [aged 12-18], and incorporate a wide variety of outdoor activities including sailing, rowing, kayaking, swimming and camping.

During the winter months when the weather may restrict outdoor activities, training takes place in a number of other pursuits, such as marching drills, theory classes on various nautical topics, uniform, physical training and other sports.

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