Aecon Awards Four Contracts For Airport

April 24, 2017

Aecon Group announced today that it has awarded four contracts as “part of the preliminary work to build Bermuda’s first purpose-built airport,” with the contracts awarded to Bermuda-Caribbean Engineering Consultants for surveying work, R.A. Murray with Correia Construction for supply and trucking of gravel, D&J Excavation for excavation work, and Aecon [as general contractor] with Correia Construction for pile work.

Aecon said the contracts have been awarded to:

  • “Bermuda-Caribbean Engineering Consultants Ltd. for surveying work.
  • “R.A. Murray with Correia Construction for supply and trucking of gravel. R.A. Murray will supply gravel and ship it from Canada and, once it arrives in Bermuda, Correia Construction will load and truck it to the airport. This will involve 27 Bermudians working a 15-hour shift for five days. There will be six shipments throughout the project.
  • “D&J Excavation for excavation work. D&J will prepare the airport site and access roads and start excavating the foundation of the passenger terminal. This is a three to five-month contract involving 15 Bermudians.
  • “Aecon [as general contractor] with Correia Construction for pile work. Correia Construction will be unloading piles from the ship onto a barge and transporting them by sea to Marginal Wharf. Correia Construction will also participate in the driving of the piles. This project will involve 10 Bermudians over a five-month period.

D&J Construction with Aecon reps. Back row: [Left to right] William Roberts, Rui Furtado, Dale Beaton, Conor Smyth, Arnold Astwood, JoJo Perez, Graham Smith. Front row: [left to right] Ben Halpin, Manny Furtado

 Airport Bermuda April 24 2017

Frank Ross, Executive Advisor, Aecon Group Inc., Infrastructure, says: “We are now beginning to prepare the airport site for ground breaking and we are delighted to award these four construction contracts.

“These initial contracts will create immediate employment for more than 50 Bermudians. We are looking forward to getting started on the project with our Bermudian partners.”

“Starting as early as April 22, Aecon will be unloading materials and begin site preparation work,” the company said.

“The airport will take 40 months to build and will be finished in 2020. Throughout construction, Aecon will notify the public of construction activities that may affect people travelling to the airport.”

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  1. Islander says:

    I am finding it hard to understand why Government would or the Company responsible for the Airport construction would consider Correia Construction for any type of contract especially after the King’s Wharf fiasco.

    • Bev says:

      My sentiments, exactly.

    • Hurry says:

      Thought the same thing. I would be suspicious if Correia kept their scope of work within budget. Maybe it is just easier to from locals than foreigners.

    • Navin Johnson says:

      The price is fixed and Aecon eats any overages unlike the Heritage Wharf……the Hospital overages went to the PPP and BCM McAlpine lost a bundle……

    • trump supporter says:

      Im sure Aecon isn’t as loose with there check book.

    • hmmmm says:

      Yup… better make sure those piles go deep enough and aren’t full of sand!!

    • NCM says:

      Because clearly the Government and Aecon are not vindictive. I’m sure the contracts were awarded in a fair manner. Should Mr. Correia never get work in Bermuda again? He is also working on the new hotel and pier at Morgan’s Point – Caroline Bay.

      • Izzypop says:

        Correia has a lot of overseas connection
        Only two companies in Bermuda that can drive piles
        Correia and Crisson.

    • Barbara D Cooper says:

      Hopefully Aecon will supervise Correia Construction’s every move !

  2. Warrior says:

    Mr. Graham Smith, still making his time and loving his job. Hard Bermuda needs loads more of workers with his spirit and zeal, amazing. Congratulations Mr. Smith for your years of dedication and commitment to D & J and this Island we call home.

    • Dog says:

      For real im worked on a few jobs with Graham that man tough as nails you better know your crane signals or he will give you a royal telling off.

  3. Warrior says:

    Sorry,it should be – Bermuda needs

  4. wassup says:

    Me thinks Aecon is trying hard to really spin this lol!

  5. Honestly says:

    Question: Do we have any surveyors here who can complete the task?

    • Go Whistle says:

      They are a bermuda based company if you did your homework you would know that

    • no love says:

      Bermuda-Caribbean Engineering Consultants Ltd. is a Bermudian company. Try some research next time before you start whining.

    • wahoo says:


  6. puzzled says:

    Same rubble.
    Different pile.

  7. Natural says:

    I wonder how many NEW positions this opened up and how many work permit holders they have on the job.

    • InquiringMind says:

      I noticed we are provided with the number of Bermudians that will be employed for the number of months for each project but we are not told how many work permits will be issued for those same periods/projects.

  8. Izzypop says:

    Always the big guns
    These Big companies never higher the smaller excavating companies who r struggling to keep their employees working
    These companies were awarded these contracts weeks ago just announcing it now.
    Now let’s see how many locals will be hired

    • wahoo says:

      Better question might be how many are interested in being hired.

    • Up D Hill says:


    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      I see you have no concept of the construction industry of today…There are more rules n regulations to even enter a construction site…There won’t be many Bermudian workers that can even pass the entry level and those that do will have experience from previous projects…they’re not building a house…understand me now don’t get me wrong…Bermuda has some great tradesmen, just not enough with experience for a project of this magnitude…

    • Well if you want quality work and on time,D&J are the ones to get the job done..seen some of the work being done up dockyard,look at the bumpy road you get leading into dockyard…At least W&E or east end ashpalt would give you a better surface..

  9. Zevon says:

    New economic activity, new jobs, good contracts for local companies.
    The PLP hate this don’t they. They whine and complain. They hate it.

    • far from it says:

      take your head out of the sand and mature up

  10. What went wrong says:

    OMG 15 Bermudians will be working for 5 days!!!!!

    Call the election now OBA – you win!

  11. BullyBreed says:

    And more Bermudian companies will be listed as the project gets going next will be form work carpenters concrete placement and so on

  12. get real says:

    Correia employs many Bermudians. He was not the architect or engineer on the wharf project. The plans said sand .He is an engineer and knew the wharf was only a Cat 1 wharf, govt kept downgrading it not him.
    The original price was over $50,000.Check your facts, these have all been published.
    He has been fully audited and the original cost is proven with emails,.
    His work worldwide is on time and on cost.
    If he is the contractor then he follows the plans, however poor so that he can pay all of his Bermudian workers.

  13. Get real says:

    Correia and his bermudian guys built half the land rec , lots of work going on this year for qualified, hardworking bermudians.

  14. Incorrect says:

    He is not an engineer. He went to school to be an engineer and does not hold that distinction.
    They employ a whole bunch of expats too….