Two Companies Appointed For Airport Project

June 27, 2016

Aecon Group Inc announced today [June 27] the engagement of Island Automation Limited to perform electrical engineering services and Onsite Engineering to perform mechanical engineering services for the redevelopment of Bermuda’s airport.

“The appointments of these Bermudian companies for the first design phase of the project follow a competitive selection process,” Aecon said.

“Working closely with Aecon and SCOTT Associates Architects Inc., the lead design project manager specialising in airport planning and architecture, the scope of services for both companies includes assisting with design documentation and drawings, assumptions for local conditions, permitting and approvals process, and value engineering workshops.

“In addition, Island Automation Limited will work with Mulvey & Banani International Inc. of Toronto, the lead engineering firm, to coordinate with local electrical and communications utilities, including new power and communication services for the new terminal.

“Onsite Engineering Services will work closely with lead mechanical engineers H.H. Angus of Toronto, the lead mechanical engineers, to provide input into the mechanical design elements including ground source/aquifer based condenser water heat rejection system, rainwater storage and roof catchment volumes, local equipment suppliers and suggested vendors and material selection for the new terminal.

Burns, Connor and Nackan Bermuda June 27 2016

Steve Nackan, President, Aecon Concessions, and the airport project’s development lead, said: “We’re looking forward to working with these companies because their local expertise is invaluable. We trust their talent will help to build Bermuda’s first purpose-built airport, which everyone can be proud of for generations to come.

“Aecon has significant experience constructing award-winning, world-class airports — from concept to creation — and our goal is to do the same here. We’re assembling an incredible team that we’re excited to put to work.”

Jay O’Connor, President of Island Automation Limited, says: “Since 2004, we’ve provided professional engineering services to a number of local architects and engineering firms. Our team also has successfully contributed to some of Bermuda’s most recent, large developments which places us well for the engineering required for the Airport Redevelopment Project.”

Connor Burns, Director of Onsite Engineering, says: “Our collaborative team philosophy and detailed knowledge of local codes and practices can streamline design and development cycles.

“We have a lot of diverse experience working on Bermuda’s largest overseas-led projects, and understand the core strengths of the Island’s major contractors – all of which we will bring to the table to support and assure this project’s success.”

“The announcement of these companies marks another important stage of local partner selection as the airport project enters the next stage of development with design plans scheduled to be unveiled soon,” Aecon said.

“The redevelopment of L.F. Wade International Airport is being advanced under a development agreement between the Governments of Canada and Bermuda. The Canadian Commercial Corporation [CCC] is a Crown Corporation for the Government of Canada and brings expertise in international contracting for complex purchases and the experience to select highly capable suppliers, such as Aecon.”

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  1. Pondering says:

    I guess it’s a deal then!

  2. watching says:

    were these contracts advertised or were these companies just awarded the contracts?

    • sage says:

      Aecon knows the value of RFPs it wasn’t the Ministry of Finance who hired them.

  3. Ty says:


    “The appointments of these Bermudian companies for the first design phase of the project follow a competitive selection process,” Aecon said.

    The two companies found the contracts on the streets and said they were keeping them…..

    • Kangoocar says:

      Reading comprehension is obviously not one of ” watchings ” strong suits??

      • sage says:

        Says the riddler??? expert of inappropriate punctuation.

  4. Charlly X says:

    Smdh !! Friends n Family ? Networking ? Alluminaty?
    Bobs sold us out for his ego !

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    I thought that the PLP said that there would be no jobs for Bermudians on this project.

    Somebody from the PLP explain please. You all were not misleading us were you?

    • smh says:

      They meant new jobs. I see the SAME FACES making money

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        What “Same Faces”? Two I do not know. The third is a very industrious, very young man, who has not been on the construction scene very long by virtue of his age.

        What is the problem here?

    • Its me again says:

      Who said any bermudians work for that company?

      The owners probably arent bermudian either.

  6. j says:

    I’m still failing to understand the need for a new airport of this expense. (And I’m fairly well educated.)

    • Preview says:

      I’d say its an economic B12 shot. Hopefully the project will employ many of the currently unemployed. Unfront foreign economic investment with a pay back based on a share of future earnings. As long as its contractually sound and administrated correctly it makes good sense to me. Time will tell I guess.

    • Micro says:

      You need to open your eyes and nose then.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Well then you are not as educated as the PLP Government was then. They at least saw the need. Their problem is that they are not very good business people & their version of the terminal was going to cost near 100% MORE than the OBA version.

      Maybe you are better than both of them?

    • cpt says:

      Revamping current terminal will cost c $140m, will still incur higher maintenance annual costs, and will still have the problem of flooding because of its position on the land. Spending the extra cash will mean a new terminal in a new position which is less vulnerable to storm surge, with lower annual maintenance costs.

  7. Average Bermudian says:

    fey ?


  8. hISTORY says:

    There is not a black bermudian engineer selected !!!

    why ?

  9. Your Crazy says:

    Onsite Engineering where also involved in the development of Grand Atlantic which was vigorously condemned and ultimately said to be an unsafe location. But lets have the same company work on the Airport..ok