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May 30, 2017

Eron Hill Bermuda May 2017[Opinion column written by Eron Hill]

Hon. K. H. Randolph Horton, JP, MP, Speaker

Mr. Speaker,

In early June, for only the second time in many decades, the House of Assembly will be debating a motion of no confidence in the government. The difference on this occasion is that it will be the first time in our island’s history that the government does not command a majority in the House.

As we know, the Government and Opposition both have 17 members of parliament, and there are two independent members, former Attorney General Marc Pettingil and former Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell who both resigned from the OBA government.

I trust that you will remember that at the time of his resignation, MP Crockwell was heavily critical of Premier Dunkley’s leadership stating that he had lost faith in the Premier and that ‘the inability of government to listen and to appropriately gauge the temperature of the community’ had rendered it ‘unworkable’ for him to continue.

He stated that he had seen ‘time and time again, that old UBP philosophy would prevail.’ He declared that he had been the victim of ‘economic intimidation’ at the hands of the government, specifically the Attorney General Trevor Moniz as a result of his decision to resign.

MP Leah Scott echoed these concerns, stating that the government had ‘clearly demonstrated why the OBA is so hated among blacks in the community.’

She wrote to Premier Dunkley and labelled previous statements by then Minister of Home Affairs, Senator Michael Fahy as ‘dishonest’ and impressed upon her government colleagues that ‘What you are doing is cutting right to the heart of Bermudian people.’?

Precisely a year after MP Crockwell’s resignation, former Attorney General and founding member of the One Bermuda Alliance felt compelled to resign from the party stating that he found himself ’diametrically and philosophically opposed to the government’s position or approach on numerous issues in endeavouring to move Bermuda forward.’

Mr. Speaker, it will be the duty of every member of The House who is tasked with voting on the no confidence motion this Friday to honestly and sincerely ask the question whether they have confidence in this government.

Having regard to the fact that the government no longer commands a majority in the House of Assembly, compounded with the serious principle issues that premised their resignations, it remains to be seen how Mr. Crockwell and Mr. Pettingil could honestly justify voting that they have confidence in the government. After all, if they had confidence, they’d still be in government, right? Well, we know that stranger things have occurred.

Mr. Speaker, if there is a tie on the motion of no confidence vote, and the duty lay with you to cast the deciding vote, what will you do?

Surely it hasn’t escaped an esteemed statesman like yourself, Mr. Speaker, that you sit in the position that you do because you were elected by the voters of constituency 32, right?

In fact, you implored upon those voters in 2012 that ‘The PLP needs to be returned to government’ and you promised them that you were ‘committed towards the enhancement of the quality of life for the residents of Constituency 32, specifically and our Island generally.”

Those voters sent a resounding message that they wanted to return the PLP to government and believed that you would remain committed to them specifically and our island generally. They rewarded you with a ‘hat-trick’, your third consecutive term in Parliament. Now, if the ball is placed at your feet, will you score for them, or against them?

I know that you’re also a cricket man, Mr. speaker. So, I must ask, if called upon, will you honor the 12 years of trust placed in you by the voters of constituency 32 and run down the pitch, right arm over the wicket, and ensure that the off stomp of the OBA is left spinning? Will it be your shining hour when you grasp the nettle and take a stand for the people who for so many years idolized and placed their trust in you?

Or will it be the day that you show a feign solidarity to those that have long since made it their life’s purpose to remain a thorn in the side Black Bermudians?

We must not be sidetracked; this is about power and its abuse by the UBP [now called OBA] government, and its inability to lead. This is about the realities of the two Bermuda and the growing racial and economic disparities that divide them.

Mr. Speaker, I am too young to remember your sports heydays, but my elders always made one thing clear: You were always a Trojan, never a Zebra!

We will be watching from the pavilion. Hope springs eternal!

- Eron Hill


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Comments (27)

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  1. hmmm says:

    Eron , YOU HAVE ZERO CREDIBILITY when you say things like

    “We must not be sidetracked; this is about power and its abuse by the UBP [now called OBA] government”

    because we all know to you and the PLP it is all about power, or there wouldn’t have been a vote of no confidence tabled.

    The OBA are not the UBP, the OBA are pulling up Bermuda and Bermudians out of the hole that the PLP created. If you can’t see that, then you are blind in your own quest for power.

    • Frosty says:

      Sorry hmmm, you are the blind one if you think that the PLP is more obsessed with power than the OBA. They are all selfish and all power obsessed POS, no matter what party they represent.

  2. Encyclopedia says:

    Well written letter !!
    Will Speaker heed?

    • Silence Do Good says:

      I don’t think it is very well written or looks at the issues objectively. The letter points out the members on both side leaving party politricks to actually represent the people of their constituency but implores the speakers to jump back on board with politricking.

      I hope to see Mr. Hill run and win in a election so that all those noble ideas about party and politricks either prosper or get bulldozed by the harsh reality of power corrupts absolutely and the taxpayer is left holding the bag regardless of party.

  3. Airport…St.Georges hotel. development…Morgans Point development….Americas cup….
    I have a great deal of confidence in OBA.

    Lot of vitality…I see pride in Bermuda again!

    • Double S says:

      Healthcare costs actually decreasing…

      Tourism up…

      PLP’s $400mn deficit more than halved…

      Pink Beach redeveloped….

      Willowbank back open…

      St. George’s cruise ships back in play…

      Tucker’s Point out of receivership…

      Surf Side bought and refurbished…

      • Jadon says:

        Deficit halved??? Are u blind? It went from 150,000 under the plp to 500,000 a day we are paying in interest under the UBP/OBA government.

        • Politricks says:

          Guess you don’t understand what a deficit is huh?

          Your disastrous PLP left behind a $400mn budget deficit when they were voted out. That means in one budget cycle they spent $400mn more then they took in.

          The deficit now under the OBA is less than $200mn.

          Hence, the deficit has been halved.

          Facts matter.

  4. watching says:

    WOW that was on point!

  5. Gawd says:

    Thanks for sharing publicly sharing Eron as your blurred and naive position is magnified for us to see. You are too young for this race-baiting BS. You don’t know what it is like to live under segregation nor during times of inequality. Two Bermudas? You must be in the top half considering you can afford to dress well and educate yourself overseas. Please don’t ever run for public office, you carry too much generational resentment.

    • Double S says:

      Funny that he doesn’t realize that he is part of the Bermuda he purports to hold with much disdain.

      The ability to attend University alone makes him part of the privileged Bermuda. But to attend one for a law degree puts him in the 1%.

    • Lorraine says:

      Gawd, your words says it all “you carry too much generational resentment”. From the movie South Pacific “You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear,
      You’ve got to be taught from year to year, it’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear you’ve got to be carefully taught.

      So it seems for many Bermudians. Get education, go to work, and stop blaming others.

  6. ummm says:

    So you praise two OBA members for changing their mind then call out a respected Horton to stay a Trojan and not be a Zebra… you trying to make the point about leopards and stripes? Geese and ganders and what’s good for them?

  7. Politricks says:

    Going by his ‘logic’ Crockwell and Pettengill should vote against the motion as their respective constituents voted them into power under the OBA banner.

    But he is blinded by his own hate to see the irony in his argument.

  8. Justin says:

    I remember when this guy first burst on to the scene when he was supposed to be an independent voice for Bermuda’s youth. Now we are seeing behind the veil. He can’t be trusted, just another friends and family member of the PLP.

  9. casadeanale says:

    So you paying for law school by blogging for the PLP/BIU/UBP party are we Enron.
    Such drivel with a serious lack of respect. You have a lot to learn. Using the race card as a preemptive strike on the Speaker of the house Your cohorts who are paying you must be running scared

  10. wahoo says:

    Sounds almost threatening don’t you think? Who the heck is Eron Hill to suggest to a senior politician such as Randy how to cast his vote if indeed it is required? The whole letter reeked of divisiveness – little substance and veiled racism for the sake of racism.

  11. Mother Theresa says:

    YAWN Mr. Hill. Oh by the way, that’s a very nice suit. If the PLP win the next election, Bermuda is done for, and the social and economic gap will only get bigger. But that’s OK for you Mr. Hill, you are clearly a “have” and not a “have not”. Now go away.

  12. Paid Blogger says:

    Bla bla bla Mr. Hill – if you think for one moment that your law degree will be of any use under the PLP rule in Bermuda – keep dreaming. You might want to take up Economics to understand that Bda will be a vacant Island with everyone trying to sustain themselves as fishermen and farmers as any IB will be gone.

  13. Pepper Spray says:

    Mr. Hill, you are a bright young man with much promise. I heard your interview the other night after the horrific terrorist attack in Manchester and was impressed with your thoughtfullness and articulation. You showed poise in addressing a difficult situation. Continue to express your opinions in the political realm but wait until after you are successful in your legal career to run for a seat in Parliament. Your letter is also thoughtful but keep in mind that sometimes telling someone what they “ought” to do can push them in the other direction. A motion of no confidence is very serious and I am sure the three men you referenced in your piece will do what they think is best in their heart and their conscience. It will be an interesting 2 weeks!

  14. parent says:

    This young man has stepped up said something maybe all don’t agree with him but he is not on the street he is making a difference continue young man we need more of our young brothers stepping up with pen and not gun.

  15. Laverne D says:

    Did you all Read the letter I did and understood and what he said was true, but you have a answer for every thing that comes on on all blog, looks like the people has to hit back, stop letting then talk to people like that, step up your game

  16. Jadon says:

    Well written Eron… don’t worry about some of the comments…. you know what they say! If they aren’t hating on you, your doing something wrong!! :) we got this bro.

  17. Coffee says:

    Erin , as long as there are boats racing in the Sound , Randy Hortons vote is for sail ..hehe … Sail get it !

  18. Up D hill says:

    Already becoming a sheep in the PLP noise maker gang. That is how Bermuda will see you!

  19. I shall not be moved says:

    Whether our males are on the streets or own a business, are lawyers, doctors (Dr. Ewart Brown) their tongues will rise up against them. It is about us knowing our place. Erin continue to stand strong and be bold as a lion.

  20. Hurricane says:

    Right on, Eron. Continue to use the pen, it’s mightier than the sword.