Video: Today Show Broadcasts From Bermuda

May 18, 2017

NBC’s Today show co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are broadcasting their U.S. morning show from Bermuda today [May 18] live from the Hamilton Princess, and in an advance video posted online this morning they called Bermuda “spectacular.”

twitter klgandhoda Bermuda May 18 2017 2

The hosts in the New York start out by saying, “We mention that Hoda and Kathie Lee are on the road this morning; they’re in Bermuda. Thanks for investigating whatever you’re doing there in Bermuda; tough gig, guys – what’s going on?”

“It’s a Bermudian beautiful day,” Kathie Lee says, with Hoda adding, “You guys, can you believe we’re here? This place is spectacular.”

“These flowers are from the garden of Mr. Peter Green, who owns this gorgeous resort that we’re going to be broadcasting from,” they said.

twitter klgandhoda Bermuda May 18 2017 1

“By the way, guess who we hung out with – or who Kathie Lee hung out with most of the day? Michael Douglas.

“His mother was born here in Bermuda and his family goes back to the 1600s, so he showed me a tour the likes of which I might never recover from.”

Kathie Lee and Hoda will shoot two one-hour shows in Bermuda for the 10am EST slot of the Today show; the first is being broadcast live today, while the second will be a taped show shot today to air on Friday, May 19th.

The BTA previously said, “The Today show is the top-rated U.S. morning television programme among the valued 25 to 54 year-old demographic; the Bermuda Tourism Authority has been successfully targeting travellers under 45-years-old in its consumer marketing strategy over the past three years. The 10am hour of Today typically attracts approximately 2.5 million daily viewers according to ratings agency Nielsen.”


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  1. Warlord says:

    I am so proud of my Island.How spectacular was that shoe.

  2. Truth (Original) says:

    Very Cool !

    Michael Douglas is such a great ambassador for Bermuda.

  3. Robin Berrie says:

    Please tell me how I can get one of the Rings that Kathy Lee had on during the shopping part of the Bermuda trip.sincerely, Robin Berrie

  4. Maddog says:

    Represent Bermuda! Lookin good today…a beautiful Bermudaful day. Thanks Mr Douglas for being an advocate!

  5. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

    Super Duper!!

  6. Nandak says:

    Where can I get the pink lace one piece bathing suit?

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Hamilton Princess shopping arcade

  7. Gertie barker says:

    What a fabulous look at Bermuda. Loving being a Bermudian. How do you get to be in the live audience?

  8. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    ‘…learnt a touch of Bermuda slang from Twisted Spoon mixologist Stephan Gitschner…’

    HAHAHAH biggest joke of the whole show. Embarrassing to the say the least. He’s from TEXAS and not even Bermudian! Could have at least got a local…smh!

    • Frances Marshall says:

      His Mom’s full fledged Bermudian!

    • Enough says:

      He’s doing more than you are……well done Stefan

    • Alex g says:

      He is f#@%ing Bermudian a$$ hole his mom is from Warwick she was a dill before she got married to Kirk Douglas

  9. Just the facts says:

    Speechless! This is BEYOND great for our tiny little island nation! And this weather!!!!

  10. Seriously? says:

    Amazing coverage Today!!! All the local people on the broadcast today were awesome!!! This is how Bermuda should be! So very proud today to see our people shine! Thank you Today Show!!!! Thank you Mr. Douglas for showing off Bermuda so wonderfully. Great day in BDA!

    • shamfeful says:

      Do you think if they film the Today Show in China, we would see a non Chinese serving the hosts of the “Today Show” ????

  11. Bdaluv says:

    You would never think the majority of the island is black …. smh. I counted about 5 black people and they only featured ‘certain’ business?!

  12. wahoo says:

    That is incredible anyone watching that anywhere in the world would want to come here.

  13. Ruth Kempe says:

    Love this!
    Well done Michael.
    SuperStar that you are

  14. Liz Titterton says:

    Thank you Michael for helping us put Bermuda out there. You one of us, xx

    • Onion Juice says:

      One of you, but not me.
      My demograph is ALWAYS left out.

      • Tired Bermudian says:

        When you say YOUR demographic are you talking about dopey ignorant people such as yourself?

  15. watching says:

    it was beautiful! now if only the people shown were representative of who actually lives here…

    • .am says:

      what businesses do you think should have been featured that weren’t?