PLP’s Response To OBA’s Election Platform

July 4, 2017

“As the OBA releases their 2017 platform, Bermudians should take extreme caution when reading it,” the PLP said, adding that “in 2012, the OBA made several promises to Bermudians that were broken.”

“In 2012, the OBA promised to create 2,000 new Bermudian jobs. They broke that promise. We lost 2,000 jobs,” the PLP said.

“In 2012, the OBA promised to “reduce the cost of electricity by properly regulating the energy sector.”Electricity costs have risen for consumers”

“In 2012, the OBA promised to “reduce the cost of healthcare through tighter controls of Governmentfinanced programmes. Health care today is more expensive than it was in 2012.

“The OBA promised to waive the stamp duty for homes valued under $1 million. This was not achieved.

“In 2012, the OBA promised to “reduce government debt” and “reduce the cost of living.” Government debt has doubled and our cost of living is the highest in the world and getting higher.

“In 2012, the OBA promised to “eliminate age discrimination. This was never enacted.

“In 2012, the OBA promised to “expand preschool places,” “extend the school day” and “increase the number of guidance counselors.” None of these promises were delivered upon by the OBA government. According to UNESCO, Government Spending on Education as a Percentage of GDP in Bermuda Has Declined Under the OBA [].

“In 2012, the OBA promised to hold a gaming referendum. They failed to do so and pushed gaming through without a referendum.

“If the OBA were graded on their performance, they would get an F. Bermuda deserves better than an OBA that promises the world and fails to deliver. Ask yourself, if the OBA didn’t deliver on their 2012 promises, why should we trust them now?”

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  1. Jus' Wonderin' says:


    • Rasta says:

      PLP wrecked Bermuda, no more PLP please!

  2. inna says:

    Its hard to look forward when you keep looking back!!!!!

    You guys talk about vision 2025, yet run rampant over the OBA’s short record when you should be releasing your 2018 platform!!!

  3. puzzled says:

    And the PLP still don’t have a platform to stand on.
    See yah.

  4. Educated says:

    Thanks for pointing these out. More importantly, point out your specific plans to fix this. Pointing out the downfalls of one party does not increase our confidence in your plan. We all know what the OBA did(not) do, we lived it, we saw it. Shift your focus on drilling to us what you WILL do.

  5. sandgrownan says:

    I really don’t think the PLP are in any position to talk about the record. Given the fact a significant number of the PLP candidates who presided over the 14 years of disaster and incompetence are running again, the hubris is staggering.

    No plans, no ideas, no future.

  6. Sean says:

    So the PLP’s response is, OBA this and OBA that; have they nothing to bring to the table themselves?

  7. wondering says:

    ……and yes, I am aware that the BIG REVEAL is scheduled for Thursday but it always seems to be n hindsight of what the other guy is doing – your plan appears not that spectacular and only that to satisfy the under educated voting populace because those that have never voted before may make the difference moreso than those who are swing voters

  8. HALF HOT says:

    And we have to wait until 2025 to read yours!

  9. Hope says:

    How about responding with your own platform?

  10. AD says:

    “Ground will be broken by November 2011 for the new Park Hyatt Bermuda”, Premier Ewart Brown said this afternoon.

    -October 10, 2010

  11. aceboy says:

    The OBA would get a B+ from me.

    The F goes to the PLP for its performance 1998-2012.

  12. aceboy says:

    Where is the PLP Platform? All they have to do is cut and paste from the Vision 2025. Anything in a Platform that is NOT in Vision 2025 shows that the Vision is very limited.

  13. Joe Bloggs says:

    In 2012 we were told that the OBA was wrong and that our national debt was not in excess of $1 billion. I guess someone got something wrong.

  14. DarkStar says:

    HELLOOOOOOOO—–where does the 2000 jobs lost number come from and how many jobs have been gained. Again twisting the truth

  15. Mad dog says:

    Well said PLP..all broken promises why should we believe them now
    We don’t!!!!!

  16. Branch says:

    Looking forward to seeing what the PLP will promise. Should be highly amusing.

    The OBA have delivered on their biggest pledge of all – to turn around this island from the train wreck it was into something with a positive future.

    It is scary to think what might happen if the PLP get back in. In 5 years time the island will be deserted.

  17. Toodle-oo says:

    “As the OBA releases their 2017 platform, Bermudians should take extreme caution when reading it,” the PLP said, adding that “in 2012, the OBA made several promises to Bermudians that were broken.”

    That must not be confused with totally breaking the island though .

  18. aceboy says:

    I see there is a march going on…Gombeys and everything. Funny, because the Gombeys were doing really well begging off all the tourists at the hotels for the past month during the AC.

  19. Bermudian says:

    Pathetic response!

  20. Black Soil says:

    The PLP promised good governance, and instead they gave us duplicate payments, massive unemployment and a bankrupted treasury which couldn’t meet payroll. Who wants to go back to decline??

  21. Bermie says:

    Problem is we have no other viable real options. He have to choose the less of 2 bad choices and they just happen to be the better of the 2.
    But, hey, thanks for the report card. Do you have a report card for the years 1998 to 2012 so we can compare

  22. Looking forward to says:

    Reading the PLP platform. Seeing where the philosophy has changed since the party was last in power and see how it all stacks up against the results of the last PLP administration against the results we have seen with this term of the OBA.

    Remember that it takes money to deliver on Election Day promises!

    Both parties have their issues without question.

    It’s all about a safe set of hands to guide us through the next few challenging years of economic recovery.

    Blessings abound.

  23. You made me promises, promises
    You knew you’ld never
    Promises, Promises
    why do I believe

  24. Wwatcher says:

    This is so laughable its unbelievable. Where is the PLP platform? cause at the moment all they’re standing for is we’re not the other guys, and despite us running the country into the ground we’ve learned our mistakes and won’t do it again

  25. George C says:

    Wow!!! you mean the oba didn’t accomplish non oe the above, no wonder not one of the 36 candidtes show up at last night’s debate

  26. Rightok says:

    Even with the OBA not completing their objectives what is the PLP’s plan?

  27. Tired Bermudian says:

    Okay enough nit picking? Let’s hope your platform actually has something of substance….doubtful

  28. ramblings says:

    Should we go back to the PLP’s promises that were never implemented.. My favourite “Free Ferries”

  29. JH says:

    Bermuda cannot sustain a PLP government at this point. A PLP win will be devastating for everyone.

  30. Earth watch police says:

    Broken promises and trust issues sounds like plp mantra.

  31. No way Jose says:

    The PLP were ast hey called themselves “the government in waiting”. In addition, Burt pushed for an election, He got his wish, and is not ready? WTF?

    Once again they are talking and complaineing about everything that the OBA does without any real plan. Why push for an election and threaten a vote of no confidence if you were not prepared for an election?

  32. Warlord says:

    I am a lot better of with the last 5 years of the OBA.I really don’t need a government to help me most of the time.I do it for myself.All they do is get the foreign investment.

  33. Rasta says:

    Go home PLP, nobody believes anything you say.

  34. Sick of the politicians says:

    Does the word “Selective Amnesia” ring a bell? It’s easy to point a finger when the other three fingers are pointing back at yourself!!! Kinda like “Alzheimer’s” . Maybe we should call it “All TIMER’s”

  35. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    There are three things you can be sure of death,taxes and rising prices.

    A business Share stock value and profitability goes up and down being dependent on the economy.

    Our tax base does not do that ? You pay they spend!
    Question. Where is the value for money, check the 19th hole.

    Governments do not operate on the same principal as business, taxes are collected regardless of the economy and your ability to pay.

    Who do you think controls the economy ?

    Eg : The price of fuel goes down do you feel any relief at the pump ?

    Governments always prosper at the expense of the people who are suffering, during the last recession that was self evident.

    Why does the country have no reserves ? carrying a debt is not reserves which are needed to take the country through hard times .

    The next recession that hits our shores will break our back.
    what are you going to do ? sell pink sand !

    living on credit is courting disaster and all they do is talk ; talk and more talk.

  36. the original swing voter says:

    so an election date was ‘forced’ but still waiting for the enforcers platform …….so

    • OBA NO WAY says:

      We know you’re not a swing voter and the sour Milk man said the date wasn’t forced lololol