Nomination Of Candidates For Election

July 4, 2017

The nomination of candidates for the General Election was held today [July 4] at the Hamilton Seventh-Day Adventist Church Hall on King Street, Hamilton. At the close of nominations, the following candidates were nominated for election, to take place on 18th July 2017.

Both parties are fielding candidates in all 36 seats, and there are 5 Independents: Thad Hollis in C#6, Gershywn Smith in C#8, former Premier Paula Cox in C#14, Elmore Warren in C#21, and Christina Eliot Storey in C#32.


Const. #1 St. George’s North

  • Kenneth L. Bascome OBA
  • Renee Ming PLP

Const. #2 St. George’s West

  • Nandi Outerbridge OBA
  • Kim Swan PLP

Const. # 3 St. Davids

  • Lovitta Foggo PLP
  • Andrea Moniz-DeSouza OBA

Const. # 4 St. George’s South

  • Tinee Furbert PLP
  • Suzann Roberts-Holshouser OBA

Const. #5 Hamilton East

  • Peter Barrett OBA
  • Derrick Burgess PLP

Const. #6 Hamilton West

  • Simone Barton OBA
  • Wayne Furbert PLP
  • Thad Hollis IND

Const. #7 Hamilton South

  • Sylvan Richards OBA
  • Anthony Richardson PLP

Const. #8 Smith’s South

  • Cole Simons OBA
  • Gershywn Charles Conway Smith IND
  • Roseanne Tucker PLP

Const. #9 Smith’s West

  • Vance Campbell Jr. PLP
  • Trevor Moniz OBA

Const. #10 Smith’s North

  • Michael Dunkley OBA
  • Dr. Ernest Peets Jr. PLP

Const. #11 Dveonshire East

  • Christopher Famous PLP
  • Bob Richards OBA

Const. #12 Devonshire South Central

  • Craig Cannonier OBA
  • George Scott PLP

Const. #13 Devonshire North Central

  • Fabian Minors OBA
  • Diallo Rabain PLP

Const. #14 Devonshire North West

  • Wayne Caines PLP
  • Paula Ann Cox IND
  • Glen Smith OBA

Const. #15 Pembroke East

  • Walter Roban PLP
  • Scott Stewart OBA

Const. #16 Pembroke East Central

  • Michael Weeks PLP
  • Lynne Woolridge OBA

Const. #17 Pembroke Central

  • Walton Brown PLP
  • Andrew Simons OBA

Const. #18 Pembroke West Central

  • David Burt PLP
  • Nick Kempe OBA

Const. #19 Pembroke West

  • Jeanne Atherden OBA
  • Jason Hayward PLP

Const. #20 Pembroke South West

  • Susan Jackson OBA
  • Graham Maule PLP

Const. #21 Pembroke South East

  • Rolfe Commissiong PLP
  • Rodney Smith OBA
  • Elmore Warren IND

Const. #22 Paget East

  • Grant Gibbons OBA
  • Curtis Richardson PLP

Const. #23 Paget West

  • Emily-Gail Dill PLP
  • Patricia Gordon-Pamplin OBA

Const. #24 Warwick South East

  • Nalton Brangman OBA
  • Lawrence Scott PLP

Const. #25 Warwick North East

  • Jeff Baron OBA
  • Kathy Lynn Simmons PLP

Const. #26 Warwick South Central

  • Robyn Swan OBA
  • Neville Tyrrell PLP

Const. #27 Warwick North Central

  • David Burch PLP
  • Sheila Gomez OBA

Const. #28 Warwick West

  • Dennis Lister III PLP
  • Jeff Sousa OBA

Const. #29 Southampton East

  • Zane DeSilva PLP
  • Winfield Todd OBA

Const. #30 Southampton East Central

  • Quinton Butterfield PLP
  • Leah Scott OBA

Const. #31 Southampton West Central

  • Crystal Caesar PLP
  • Ben Smith OBA

Const. #32 Southampton West

  • Scott Simmons PLP
  • Christina Eliot Storey IND
  • Charlie Swan OBA

Const. #33 Sandys South

  • Georgia Marshall OBA
  • Jamahl Snaith Simmons PLP

Const. #34 Sandys South Central

  • Ed Bailey OBA
  • Kim Wilson PLP

Const. #35 Sandys North Central

  • Dennis Lister PLP
  • Michael Swan OBA

Const. #36 Sandys North

  • Ray Charlton OBA
  • Michael Scott PLP

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Comments (47)

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  1. Vote says:

    Paula Ann Cox your really serious about running. I’ve definitely lost all respect for you at this point, you might have been done wrong in the selection process BUT party before individual. Remember it was your LACK of leadership when you was Premier to call a snap election when the BDA/UBP were merging.

    • wahoo says:

      Even though she was premier she was not the leader, and you “vote”, know that.

    • King Jammys says:

      The island before any political party……

    • bluwater says:

      How can an individual support a process with no integrity?

  2. John doe says:

    This gonna be an interesting election

  3. Blind Sheep says:

    Shame there not a field of 36 Independents, Bermuda needs a better choice.

  4. Ringmaster says:

    I would think Sandys and Southampton will be very interesting as they have benefited from AC35, especially as a home owner. Now it’s over we will see a downturn in rentals, and sales, which could be severe if people decide to leave Bermuda if the election does not go well. Just being realistic.

    • Coffee says:

      What do you mean by ,’if the election does not go well.’

      • Mother Theresa says:

        What Ringmaster means is that if the PLP get it in, it will be a disaster for Bermuda economically.

  5. NO MORE WAR says:

    Smh at Mrs Cox.

    • Mr. Good Bar says:

      I will vote for her. She has more integrity than the plp candidate.

      • Eyes wide open says:

        Know one in my family is voting for a woman that lost the election and her safe seat in 2012. She’s making herself look crazy. That’s 15 votes gone right there.

      • Checks & Balances 2017 says:

        You have every right to select the candidate of your choosing, but to state that she has more integrity than the PLP candidate, aka Wayne Caines, is incorrect and disrespectful. Mr. Caines has been gracious in his words regarding Mrs. Cox – and that shows his integrity. Let’s be honest about things in this election – please.

  6. Ringmaster says:

    Where is Mark Pettingill? He was elected as an OBA MP in 2012, but he resigned to run as an Independent until 2017, so why isn’t he running? When he resigned he should have caused a bye election. To not run now says a lot about his integrity and commitment.

    • Captain obvious says:

      He is feathering his own nest which was always his agenda. If we need to explain you should not be voting.

    • Coffee says:

      Good luck and good riddence to Pettingill .

    • Bdarock says:

      If you recall, at the time he left the OBA he stated he would likely retire from politics all together at the next election . He fulfilled his current term as an independent .

  7. Jus' Askin' says:

    2 More Weeks :-D

    • Captain obvious says:

      Another five years for OBA I hear you! Bermuda wins!

  8. Kangoocar says:

    Even on nomination day, the plp are trying to deceive the voters! I can’t wait for them to lose once again, Bermuda could not afford them before and we sure as heck can’t afford them now! Blurt just got back from New York from his silly junket at plp donor expense with that totally bogus PR stunt on Wall Street and the plp supporters still can’t see how deceptive he really is??

    • Vote says:

      Like you really can’t see how deceptive your OBA/Dunkley were in forcing the niave Premier Cannonier to step down

    • Really says:

      What’s more deceptive than hiding Fahy, Moniz and the other hardcore UBP element that really run the OBA? But fret not, we haven’t forgotten them.

      • Mother Theresa says:

        DREB is running the PLP, and how could ANYONE possibly forget that disaster?! You should be scared, we all should be scared if the PLP win. The island will be finished…….to the point of no return…..

      • JohnBoy says:

        Fahy isn’t running.

      • far from it says:

        deafening!!!! I would like to read the script, i bet these were instructed not to speak a word publicly

    • Coffee says:

      Remember that junket the OBA/ UBP went on . They wined and dined with Bloomberg . At great taxpayer expense .
      Kangocar had absolutely no problem with that .. It was just business as usual for the entitled .

      Not a negative peep from the likes of Kangocar .

      • Sherbet man says:

        You have an article link? Um curious

    • Concerned says:

      Emily Gail Dill should you be elected which will you wear your collar? Please don’t turn into a Nicholas Tweed

  9. Madge says:

    Burt is very deceptive, and those who know him will tell you all about him…. the truth always comes out in the end.

  10. 2025 plan says:

    Wonder if zaney waney truck permit allows that. Oh nevermind …
    PLP will release there plan on Thursday evening. Wonder what the similarities will be to the OBAS…..

  11. JohnBoy says:

    I think the independents will hurt the PLP more than the OBA.

  12. Point boy says:

    Well. I just spoke Ms Atherden good conversation.(progress)

    I haven’t seen Jason yet. I’m sure bye now, he knows he’s a puppet.


  13. John says:

    Bermuda will get the government it deserves so hope you all suck it up In two weeks

  14. James Rego says:

    Heritage Wharf

    The original estimate of costs as indicated in contract documents was $38.9 million. Upon completion of the Project, the Government recorded expenditures of $59.7 million in the Consolidated Fund.

    Note: After completion another $30 million was needed for repairs.

    Port Royal

    Source: Government of Bermuda; Approved Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for the Year

    2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11

    Ministry Cabinet Tourism Tourism Public
    Office and Works

    reported to
    as spent $6.9 M $10.1 M $3.0 M $4.5 M

    Cumulative $6.9 M $17.0 M $20.0 M $24.5 M


    The Motor Vehicle Safety and Emissions Testing Programme had an initial capital expenditure budget of $5.3 million in 2004/05 which increased to $8.6 million in 2007/08 and then to $14.25 million in 2008/09. In the end, the project cost taxpayers $15.23 million. In addition, the contract to operate the three facilities has the potential to cost Government in the region of $24 million over a ten-year period.

    Grand Atlantic

    Another fine tribute to the PLP, cost $60 million, as low cost housing, had 100 buyers lined up, sold 1!

    And let’s not forget our 11 million dollar Cricket Team.

    Not even going to go into the Court Building, Barkley School, the $250 thousand dollar Black Mayors Conference, given to the taxpayer by PLP supporters.

    • far from it says:

      twisted facts, half truths, paid for itself in ????? things you choose not to mention,

      • James Rego says:

        Sorry, posted previously in the wrong place.

        @ far from it
        I assume you are responding to me, if you have facts to refute what I have written, please share.

    • Truth says:

      Beyonce, Aicia Keyes, Oh, dont forget that bullcrap Travel agent by Curtis and Brown Co. Lmao

      • Ocean Bound says:

        Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Wyclef and Neyo.

        All fantastic!

        Let’s focus on ideas and solutions as we choose our next Government!

        • bee says:

          Ideas and solutions is something the PLP are lacking.

  15. Rasta says:

    OBA will win, Bermudians are not stupid.

  16. Coffee says:

    By the looks of it , Georgia Marshall is the only real Bermudian candidate . Everybody else falls into the Accidental Bermudian category . Sad to be a born Bermudian in 2017 .

    • Zevon says:

      Let’s go back one generation and have the same conversation.

    • Glowstick Tracker says:

      It would actually be a miracle to be a born Bermudian in 2017.
      Not one single solitary person alive in this world today can claim to be a born Bermudian. They do not exist.
      There are a lot of people who were born in Bermuda but that fact and $3 will get you a cup of coffee. It is a cover for a more insidious maligning of people we want to alienate.
      Your comment demonstrates the use of a single accurate legal comment and using it only for demeaning political comment.

    • bee says:

      the first Bdians in your family weren’t born here. so your point exactly is what? do you ask an American or Canadian if they were born in thier country? you need to open your heart and your mind.

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