PLP Records Major Victory In General Election

July 19, 2017

The Progressive Labour Party has won the General Election, recording a strong victory over the OBA, winning 24 seats to the OBA’s 12, and claiming 20,059 total votes [58.89%] to the OBA’s 13,832 votes [40.61%].

As the results starting coming in, it became clear early on that the PLP would be returned to power, as their candidates started taking leads early in the vote counting process, including leading in some seats that had been held by the OBA.

PLP Win 24 - 12

The PLP returns after losing to the OBA 19-17 in 2012, and PLP leader David Burt will be the Island’s new Premier, and he is expected to be sworn in today.

As as simplified summary, the PLP held all their seats and won 7 from the OBA, while the OBA held on to 12 seats, many of which are generally regarded to be fairly safe OBA areas.

Of the seven OBA members who lost their seat, many would say the most high profile defeat was handed to the OBA Deputy Leader and former Minister of Finance Bob Richards, who was defeated by Chris Famous.

The PLP made a dominant showing in the east end, where OBA members Nandi Outerbridge, Kenneth Bascome, and Suzann Roberts Holshouser all lost their seats, being replaced by Kim Swan, Renee Ming and Tinee Furbert, who all won by over 60%.

Dennis Lister III continues the Lister family tradition as he enters the House of Assembly as an MP after defeating the OBA’s Jeff Sousa, the PLP’s Wayne Caines defeated the OBA’s Glen Smith to earn the PLP another seat, and Colonel David Burch also won a seat previously held by the OBA.

Before the final results were even confirmed, it became clear the PLP was heading towards victory, and their supporters gathered outside PLP headquarters, and celebrated until the early hours of this morning.

Bermuda moved to the single seat system before the 2003 election, and this 24-12 win is the highest margin of victory under the modern 36 single seat system, besting the prior highest margin of 22-14.

In addition to winning 24 seats, the PLP increased their winning percentage of the vote in multiple seats, and recorded fairly large margins of victory in many of the seats they won from the OBA.

The OBA has been left with only 12 seats in the 36 seat House of Assembly, and they will also see a reduction in the Senate, where the Governing party appoints five Senators, and the Opposition appoint three.

The PLP had three Senators as Opposition, and two of them [Tinee Furbert and Renee Ming] won seats in the House, so the PLP will be appointing at least four new Senators, while the OBA had one Senator [Jeff Baron] win a seat in the House, and will be reducing their Senate team, as they go from 5 to 3.

The PLP winners are Renee Ming, Kim Swan, Lovitta Foggo, Tinee Furbert, Derrick Burgess, Wayne Furbert, Chris Famous, Diallo Rabain, Wayne Caines, Walter Roban, Michael Weeks, Walton Brown, David Burt, Rolfe Commissiong, Lawrence Scott, Neville Tyrrell, Colonel David Burch, Dennis Lister III, Zane DeSilva, Scott Simmons, Jamahl Simmons, Kim Wilson, Dennis Lister, and Michael Scott.

The newly elected Government can be expected to form their Cabinet in the coming days.

Const. #1 St. George’s North: PLP Win

Kenneth L. Bascome OBA 365
Renee Ming PLP 590

Const. #2 St. George’s West: PLP Win

Nandi Outerbridge OBA 360
Kim Swan PLP 690

Const. # 3 St. Davids: PLP Win

Lovitta Foggo PLP 737
Andrea Moniz-DeSouza OBA 228

Const. # 4 St. George’s South: PLP Win

Tinee Furbert PLP 652
Suzann Roberts-Holshouser OBA 429

Const. #5 Hamilton East:  PLP Win

Peter Barrett OBA 192
Derrick Burgess PLP 808

Const. #6 Hamilton West:  PLP Win

Simone Barton OBA 281
Wayne Furbert PLP 635
Thad Hollis IND 60

Const. #7 Hamilton South: OBA Win

Sylvan Richards OBA 486
Anthony Richardson PLP 465

Const. #8 Smith’s South: OBA Win 

Cole Simons OBA 729
Gershywn Charles Conway Smith IND 15
Roseanne Tucker PLP 274

Const. #9 Smith’s West: OBA Win

Vance Campbell Jr. PLP 405
Trevor Moniz OBA 540

Const. #10 Smith’s North: OBA Win 

Michael Dunkley OBA 497
Dr. Ernest Peets Jr. PLP 454

Const. #11 Devonshire East: PLP Win

Christopher Famous PLP 513
E.T. [Bob] Richards OBA 419

Const. #12 Devonshire South Central: OBA Win

Craig Cannonier OBA 743
George Scott PLP 152

Const. #13 Devonshire North Central: PLP Win

Fabian Minors OBA 337
Diallo Rabain PLP 616

Const. #14 Devonshire North West: PLP Win   

Wayne Caines PLP 568
Paula Ann Cox IND 41
Glen Smith OBA 385

Const. #15 Pembroke East: PLP Win

Walter Roban PLP 733
Scott Stewart OBA 73

Const. #16 Pembroke East Central: PLP Win

Michael Weeks PLP 820
Lynne Woolridge OBA 58

Const. #17 Pembroke Central: PLP Win 

Walton Brown PLP 540
Andrew Simons OBA 283

Const. #18 Pembroke West Central PLP Win 

David Burt PLP 639
Nick Kempe OBA 326

Const. #19 Pembroke West: OBA Win

Jeanne Atherden OBA 502
Jason Hayward PLP 379

Const. #20 Pembroke South West: OBA Win

Susan Jackson OBA 650
Graham Maule PLP 176

Const. #21 Pembroke South East: PLP Win

Rolfe Commissiong PLP 538
Rodney Smith 228
Elmore Warren 34

Const. #22 Paget East: OBA Win 

Grant Gibbons OBA 704
Curtis Richardson PLP 397

Const. #23 Paget West: OBA Win  

Emily-Gail Dill PLP 317
Patricia Gordon-Pamplin OBA 645

Const. #24 Warwick South East: PLP Win

Nalton Brangman OBA 334
Lawrence Scott PLP 723

Const. #25 Warwick North East: OBA Win  

Jeff Baron OBA 493
Kathy Lynn Simmons PLP 428

Const. #26 Warwick South Central: PLP Win

Robyn Swan OBA 192
Neville Tyrrell PLP 724

Const. #27 Warwick North Central: PLP Win

Colonel David Burch PLP 661
Sheila Gomez OBA 338

Const. #28 Warwick West PLP Win 

Dennis Lister III PLP 530
Jeff Sousa OBA 518

Const. #29 Southampton East: PLP Win 

Zane DeSilva PLP 726
Winfield Todd OBA 145

Const. #30 Southampton East Central: OBA Win

Quinton Butterfield PLP 463
Leah Scott OBA 516

Const. #31 Southampton West Central: OBA Win

Crystal Caesar PLP 457
Ben Smith OBA 506

Const. #32 Southampton West: PLP Win

Scott Simmons PLP 645
Christina Eliot Storey IND 19
Charlie Swan OBA 263

Const. #33 Sandys South: PLP Win

Georgia Marshall OBA 339
Jamahl Snaith Simmons PLP 653

Const. #34 Sandys South Central: PLP Win

Ed Bailey OBA 170
Kim Wilson PLP 730

Const. #35 Sandys North Central: PLP Win

Dennis Lister PLP 644
Michael Swan OBA 261

Const. #36 Sandys North: PLP Win

Ray Charlton OBA 297
Michael Scott PLP 577

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    Where Do We Go From Here? ;-) ;-)

    • Spilt milk says:

      Look at the plp plan for the first 100 days then you’ll kno

      • Just the facts says:

        And then wait until 2025.

        • Lol says:

          Or wait till your oba changes their name again and find more surrogates to pull off another coup

          • Game over UBP/OBA says:




            • Earth watch police says:

              Nah plp needs to go for the jugular and finish them off for good.

          • 4 Real says:

            Ha! ha!! ha!!!
            Their next name should be TRANSFORMERS!!!

            • The FOOL says:

              Hope the pLP supporters realized they are again hoodwinked.

    • Can Only Hope says:

      I think the voters and PLP are missing the point…

      No one is addressing the Billion dollar elephant in the room…how are we going to fix it?

      By giving free education? O man smh….People need to learn how the economy works…PLP has laid a lot of promises that Bermuda doesn’t have to money for….

      Free Education? Try fixing the buses first…o yeah….WE BROKE!!!

      • See Ya says:

        But we FOUND the money trees for the AC 17 and a new airport. Like last night a change was determined!!!

  2. rodney smith says:

    Truly , This was a great win for the PLP . The People have spoken.

    • SpinCycle says:

      Yes, lets hope they remember that Giving someone a fish feeds them for a day, teaching someone how to fish feeds them for life. But at the same time, protect your fish stocks as the supply is not everlasting!

      • Can Only Hope says:

        …but it’s hard to teach someone to fish…if you have no money to buy hooks and line!

    • frank says:

      yes they have Mr Smith and no one heard louder than Bob Richards

  3. Shutthemdown says:

    And that is that!!!

  4. Encyclopedia says:

    Closest loss is 21 votes of Anthony Richardson.
    Second is Dunkley’s 43 vote win.

    Unlike last time where there were many close races, this time it is not so.

    • Hmmm says:


      Jeff Sousa lost by 12 votes to Dennis Lister III

      • God says:

        Yup and I proudly was one of those 12 voters who was chastised and ignored by the OBA – their own stupidity and arrogance lost them the election – partying while the rest of us could not move forward. For last 2 years they wanted no part of anything not Americas Cup! Dumb..

  5. Coffee says:

    That’s the way ah ha ah ha I like it ah ha ah ha !

  6. TheTruthAboutEducation says:

    We should be grateful that we live in a democracy (unlike the US where the popular vote seems to have no bearing on the outcome – hence the election of President Prima Donald). I wish David Burt and the PLP every possible success, even though I don’t agree with some of their policies. His greatest challenge will be to reform the education system, which is in crisis. Everyone knows that the ONLY way to break a cycle of deprivation is through education, education, education. Challenge #1 will be to convince teachers that the majority of them need urgent re-training to bring them up to standard (past exam results CLEARLY show this to be true, although I suspect many of them will deny this); performance related pay would be a start. Challenge #2 will be to create a culture in which all students value education (it’s called self-accountability). Challenge #3 will be to convince the parents of failing children that they, as the parent, have a massive part to play in their child’s educational failure (don’t blame others for the outcomes of your own ferral-style parenting). Challenge #4 will be to hold the principals of schools accountable for educational failure. Challenge #5 will be to find the money to make improvements. I hope David Burt is up to the challenge or we will see yet another generation of children in low-paid jobs and those that did succeed, leaving the island. You may find my comments harsh. Sometimes the truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

    • much work requird says:

      well said!!!!

    • Spot On says:

      Absolutely nailed it – there are more factors affecting education than simply the money. Of course more money is needed, but as you have quickly rightly mentioned there are other more pressing factors to resolved before money can be thrown at a failing system and mindset.

    • Ian M says:

      Just changed my vacation plans.

    • BUT Member says:

      I only disagree with you on one point. Please don’t assume you know what teachers think. Contrary to your statement, many teachers would LOVE retraining. But like other jobs, it would be nice if we didn’t have to pay for our own training, or if we did, it would be nice to be compensated. People seem to think teachers believe we don’t need to do anything different. This is simply not true. Our view is that the education SYSTEM needs improvement, and as teachers are part of that system, we would fall under the list of things that need improving. Like any other professional, we would like to be better at our profession, relative to teachers worldwide. I sincerley hope the new government understands this and takes this into consideration when making changes to our education system.

      • From the Horses Mouth says:

        Well said!!!

    • George Patton says:

      Absolutely correct. A good primary and secondary education, followed by a degree from a GOOD university and several years of overseas experience is the only way that Bermudians will find themselves in the top ranks of IB in Bermuda. Thus this becomes a 30 year project and that’s the timeline the Minister of Education should be looking at. But that 30 years starts now with the primary and secondary schools. Of course it should have started 60 years ago ….

  7. Dunkley out says:

    The milk man is 0-2 with elections. Step a way and take Trevor with you.

  8. Up D hill says:

    D people have spoken

  9. Real Onion says:

    Isle of Devils

  10. wahoo says:

    1999 all over again. ho-hum

    • Lol says:

      I kno you are butt hurt that your party lost…to bad they took the ppl of Bermuda for idiots. A landslide victory not even close shows you how much the majority of Bermuda felt about them

      • enough says:

        Actually the OBA didn’t take any PLP members or voters for idiots it is actually the other way around as you will see in the next five years. Now that have to put the money where their mouth is. It’s always easy to talk and rile up people but to follow through on what you say is a different matter.

        • Lol says:

          I didnt just mean plp voters im talking about Bermuda as a whole. Which is why they lost 7 seats by a LANDSLIDE victory not even close. So i stand by my statement because the numbers of the election dont lie, like your oba did for 5 years. So go and be butt hurt somewhere else while we bathe in victory!!!! O your tears are so sweet!!!

          • Anbu says:

            And when u dumb dumbs finally start to sink, yes they will go be “butthurt somewhere else” as they have that option. Then will sit off comfy in their new place and will literally roll over laughing at u muppets that are stuck here to rot. Hopefully it wont happen but going by previous runs, ill believe it when i see it. They wont suffer like you will. And u will love your gov for it. Just like u lot love EB and he stuck u the hardest. Lmao. Smh.

          • George Patton says:

            While the OBA lost the election fair and square, I’m at a loss to what you mean when you say they lied. Sure, the 2000 jobs promised at the previous election didn’t materialise in time for this one, but we all know that the population as a whole dropped by 10% after 2008. That translated into an economy in a tailspin and it’s tough to generate jobs until things are stabilized – which now, thank goodness, they are.

            So apart from the jobs promise, what were the lies?

      • Bermudians 1st says:

        Yeah the loser UBP/One Bermuda/OBA will have another name before next election!
        PLP ALL day ALL the WAY!!!

      • wahoo says:

        I noticed that the plp did not use their track record of recent history to prove their ability to handle our affairs, why is that? Balloons, t-shirts and a couple slogans – wow what a campaign.

        • See Ya says:

          Nor did the UBP!!! But selective memory is your strong point!!!

    • So Tired says:

      Actually 1998

  11. HALF HOT says:

    Well congrats. You’ve done to easy part now the hard part remains.

    • Bermudians 1st says:

      I know you have heard this before, but I will remind you again since you have forgotten: If you don’t have anything GOOD to say – Then remain Silent!!!

  12. Ms. G says:

    Congratulations PLP!!!

  13. Alvin Williams says:

    A great victory; but a great warning ever take the people of Bermuda for granted.

  14. Proud Bermudian says:

    Well done Progressive Labor Party….Now lets make Progress for the Laborers and move forward. As shown yesterday, Bermuda is behind you. LETS DO THIS…

    • frank says:

      as I write I am looking at 5 none Bermudians mowing grass
      they need to be gone

      • Earth watch police says:

        Let’s put Burch right on that things looking up.

      • Anbu says:

        Where u from frank? (Originally) sure as hell isnt bermuda

      • George Patton says:

        Frank, you know as well as anybody that those people mowing lawns are only there because there are no Bermudians willing to do the work. Work permits aren’t handed out if there is a qualified Bermudian to do the job.

  15. Jbda says:

    Congratulations to the PLP for their victory, Bermuda wanted a change and they got one. Also, congratulations to Mr. Burt, but now we will see what he is made of. You’ve rallied the people behind your cause (something the OBA wasn’t able to do) but now you must deliver. Whatever your political view is, remember that both parties want the best for Bermuda, regardless of whether or not you agree with them (that’s called politics). The PLP must realize that Bermuda has progressed in certain areas and it is imperative that they don’t go back. They must build on the success that the OBA had but also realize that no party is perfect. I love this island and I wish them the best of luck. #ProudtobeBermudian

  16. jt says:

    Which of these individuals will be finance minister?

    How long will the budget deficit continue to decrease towards a balanced budget?

    • Bermudians 1st says:

      Meanwhile OBAers are still shocked and can only respond in Criticism!!! Get Over It!
      You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people ALL the Time!!! PLP ALL the Day! PLP ALL the Way!!!!

      • Micro says:

        Running a deficit in the budget is just bad business. Bringing the budget back to balance should be priority number one as the millions of dollars lost to foreign creditors would be better spent on our people.

        • Light@the End of Your Tunnel says:

          Did you feel that way about the monies handed out for AC 17 and Airport???

          Have a swizzle on me!!

          • jt says:

            The budget deficit was still decreased. If the PLP can accomplish things and continue to decrease the budget w out taxing us to death I’m all for it.

          • George Patton says:

            When the numbers come in I think you will find that the AC is a net gain for the economy. And apart from the planning, no money has been “handed out” for the new terminal. In fact it’s the opposite: Aecon money is flowing INTO bermuda to the tune of a couple of hundred million. I personally know people with good paying jobs currently working on the new terminal, courtesy of Aecon money.

      • jt says:

        I’m not shocked at all. Completely anticipated. You’re quite sensitive if you think this is criticism.
        Criticism will begin if the fiscal improvements don’t continue and hopefully you will be a loud voice with many exclamation marks.

        • #BowOutGratefully says:

          Get iver your sensitive had ti fight back self!!
          The people you thought were blind are rejoicing!!! PLP ALL Day!! PLP ALL the Way.

          • jt says:

            I really don’t know where you’re getting this from but it doesn’t sound like the bringing Bermuda forward together platform that the PLP ran on. Or are you not about that?

      • mark says:

        The PLP seem to be able to fool people all the time…whats their secret?

        • #ProudofBermudians says:

          Dude jealous does not look good on you.

          Here is my coat of PRIDE!
          Now that looks so much better….c’mon here you go….look in the mirror you look so smart in it love.

          • jt says:

            If the PLP fail you are a shining example of why they will. And you have no idea why you are.
            For Bermuda’s sake let’s hope they succeed despite you.

        • Bob says:

          Not sure but I’m certain the UBP/ OBA / soon to be new name can shed light on the subject

        • Honestly says:

          Let’s not go there! That’s why the other party is finding themselves in an unbelievable position dealing with this huge defeat! Let’s the PLP do what they said they are going to do! Quit complaining and critizing.

        • PLP says:

          What happened in 2012.

      • Bernie says:

        Only time will tell whether the oba was fooling the people or the plp was

      • Non-Bermudians 2nd says:

        Bra/Ace girl…everyone gets it…you are PLP #1 supporter…But the questions he asked still remain…wether you are OBA or PLP…How is BERMUDA going to deal with this debt???.

        • See Ya says:

          Well clearly WE ALL will have to wait and see. If this is to difficult ask yourselves, “Why was this question Repeated more in the last 7 yrs….

  17. Fur says:

    FYI…there was mold in the schools when the PLP were in power last…and they did nothing about it. Good luck with that!!

    • Truthseeker says:

      day 1 already?
      expecting failure so soon?

    • Bermudians 1st says:

      Meanwhile OBAers are still stuck on what was instead of encouraging or supporting the VICTORS – The majority of PEOPLE spoke because the saw through the hypocrisy, lies and deceit of the ELITIST regime in Bermuda who did not Honour nor Respect the needs/will of the People!!!

      Thank you Bermuda for going out and expressing your desire!

      • jt says:

        I hope you are right and that the PLP is successful in uniting our island. But if they cannot manage our money as they attempt to implement what appear to be costly plans then Bermuda may not ever recover. It all starts with fiscal responsibility. Nothing else is relevant unless/until it is achieved. Fluff up anything else as much as you like, but finances are the bottom line.

        • See Ya says:

          ……and IF pigs could fly we wouldn’t have bacon!!

    • Proud Bermudian says:

      But they didn’t take multi millions and put on boats, instead of the babies of the country.

    • Nikon says:

      Fur – you are a myopic fool. I am going to tell you why. There was also mold in the public schools under the UBP!! What say you now?

    • Lol says:

      Still deflecting i see. Well at least they didnt spit in the faces of the youth by funding a 120 million dollar boat race and tell the ppl we aint got no money….must we go on?

  18. Bye darn de rerd says:


  19. Joe says:

    cant wait to see the PLP fix everything no Bob And Michael to blame now

    • Lol says:

      It was the oba for the last 5 years was blaming everyone besides themselves for what they done. They doubled the debt. The number of job losses increased by double during their 5 year reign. Education worst off then ever which was already broken by their parents the UBP at first. Lied to the ppl on more than one occassion. I mean so much more wont have time to type it all. And all the oba kept doing was deflecting, denying, and using straight ul deceit to get what they want. But i forgot the oba’s campaign is to blame the plp for everything. Almost forgot.

    • Bob says:

      You don’t have to wait as the new deal starts today – now get in line and be ready to serve your new government…

    • See Ya says:

      Boring, sore loser, divisive and pitiful say I to thee Joe!

  20. Warlord says:

    Let’s hope they can keep their snouts out of the trough

    • Bob says:

      Or be smart enough to find a legal loophole, like their hog like counterparts that fed on the Bda economy for decades…

  21. Joe Bloggs says:

    Just under 34,000 votes out of a total of nearly 48,000 registered voters

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Correction : Just under 34,000 (33,891) our of over 46,000 (46,669) or 72.6% voter turn out.

    • See Ya says:

      Haters with 1 narrative – Repeat rhetoric over and over to encourage the divide.

  22. PBanks says:

    Now we await the selection of David Burt’s cabinet members. What an intriguing task, so many MPs to choose from. Will any current Ministries be merged or split up?

  23. Common Sense says:

    In order for there to be jobs there has to be an employer, preferably not the Civil Service.

    • wahoo says:

      You should have told them that BEFORE they won.

    • puzzled says:


    • See Ya says:

      Then STOP advertising jobs that determine LOCALS stay away!!!! Be honest you employers who have continuously fabricated job descriptions and years of experience which will immediately disqualify BERMUDIANS!!!

      While you criticise the PLP, look at the part you have played to exclude us from working in our homeland!!!

  24. sick and tired says:

    Bermuda wanted a change when the UBP was in power, put in PLP. Then wanted another change, put in OBA, now another change, put PLP back in. The PLP says they have a lot to clean up, didn’t the OBA have a lot to clean up also. This is politics. Does not matter who is in power, the governments are all the same. Let’s see if this is going to stop the circle.

  25. Oongah boonga prince of nigeria says:

    It would be OK if they could manage money….we will see…sad really….dumb and dumber just voted them in…’s the most interesting thing….I could die laughing but…by the same token…I worked hard for my tax dollars…and I am not the only one….

    • Scholaraschwarmi says:

      You Need to go back to Nigeria you onga boonga idiot Calling Bermudians dumb and dumber . We don’t like Your Kind._. The Ugly Kind ._.. The People Spoke. No Status for You and your family go back to Africa.._. PLP All the Way All Day!

    • Honestly says:

      It’s far from dumb and dumber! Just watch! You should eat your words. Better still congratulate them while they are being successful! Sick of the public naysayers! Your vote didn’t count did it?

    • John g says:

      Calling 34000 voters out of 46000 dumb is why the OBA lost, Hillary Clinton should have shown you that. Alas I await the moment you blame the Russians. You got TRUMPED

  26. Bermy bud says:

    Nail in de coffin

  27. Micro says:

    Gonna be an interesting 4-5 years. Only hope the country moves forward and upward together.

  28. Hayward says:

    Just hoping people like Wayne Caines takes the role of Leader w this party as i believe he is experienced with the people of Bermuda and an intelligent man; he will be a great leader for the PLP. A fabulous role model for our youth.
    Good luck going forward Bermuda. May Peace & Love prevail over hatred & chaois.

    • frank says:

      why would you say that for heaven sake let Mr Burt get sworn I first
      as for Caines from what I have seen he is not a team player
      it is all about him

    • Kevin says:

      I agree with you there. Mr. Caines is a great man and a
      very passionate one at that.

    • God says:

      So let it be said, so let it be written, so let it be done!

  29. mark says:

    The OBA have no one to blame but themselves and their terrible messaging for the last 5 yrs. However, now the PLP supporters will have no one to blame but the PLP when things don’t go there way. The parallels between our election and the recent US one are uncanny – I wonder if they will continue in attempts to implement policies?

    • Honestly says:

      Well the OBA took my furlough money saying there was no money to pay government staff! Here comes AC!!! Seriously…my money… I needed that money for myself and family! Poor decision on their part. Lies as well. Don’t mess with my money!

      • jt says:

        Cost over runs on capital projects under the PLP far exceeded AC spending. That was your money. Budget deficits are your money. Qualified audits are on your money. Our debt is your money.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        Well Burt’s going to take your pension too ya dummy! What ya gotta say about dat?

    • John g says:

      Very true the same dynamics that elected Trump were at play here, immigration and extreme hubris toward voters. The big difference is there is no Trumpian nationalist figure here but very uncanny I agree.

  30. mark says:

    FBI all the way!!!

  31. La-Verne Symonds says:

    To all of you UBP/OBA supports you can say what you like with your negative comments. You lost and took a licking at that! Always think you have to be in control,the people have spoken so have less lip! Like spoil children when you can’t have things your way, parents have to give you a spanking. That is what you got a good spanking.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      You were doing the same thing while the OBA was in power…jus be truthful

  32. Bermudian says:

    While I congratulate the PLP in their victory let us not forget that a vibrant young woman fatally died yesterday. I yet have to see or read either party come out and express their sympathies to the family.

  33. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    Congratulations to Mr Burt and the rest of the PLP.
    Bermuda is now in your hands.
    I have my concerns but the majority supported you.
    Everyone is now watching you.
    I can only hope that you will be held as accountable for your actions, good and bad, as was the previous government.
    I wish you the best in taking us forward.

  34. The FOOL says:

    The BIGGEST losers in all this are the pLP supporters who got conned again with inept and reckless party PLP…