Live Updates: PLP Wins General Election

July 18, 2017

[Updating] The 2017 General Election is taking place today [July 18], with people across the island casting their votes, and we will be providing live updates, as well as hosting a special election night broadcast this evening.

Polling stations opened at 8.00am and will close at 8.00pm, and every voter must show identification to vote. Acceptable forms of ID are a commonwealth passport, a Bermuda driver’s licence, a Special Persons Card, and Voters Identification Card.

With a total of 46,669 people registered to cast their votes across the island today, voters will attend any one of 36 polling stations, and for all of our coverage of Election 2017 to date, click here.

Update: Our live election broadcast has ended, and the last 4 hours is below:

List of all seat winners


Your screen will automatically refresh with the latest updates:

click here Bermuda Election 2017

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  1. Double S says:

    That t-shirt is hilarious, and not in a good way.

    So vote for none of the above for the people that saved our island from complete financial ruin, but vote for the people that brought us and will bring us back to the brink.

    “The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter” – Winston Churchill

    • Seriously though says:

      The power of one man or one woman, One vote

      • Double S says:

        The power of hatred you mean…cause if you compared the performances of the two parties in their respective reigns there is only one logical choice.

        The other is purely emotional.

        • Seriously though says:

          No it’s called Democracy, whether you agree or not it’s the equalizer for all humanity.. love it

          • bdaboy says:

            “No it’s called Democracy, whether you agree or not it’s the equalizer for all humanity.. love it”

            But, the plp is anti democratic….that’s why they want to remove equal rights from some Bermudians….why can’t you understand that?

        • Lol says:

          The power of hatred? So it was ok for your friends the oba to lie to the ppl of Bermuda on more than one occassion, rule with such arrogance and disregard for ppl, double the debt, double the job losses, almost cause civil unrest with their horrible policies that would only disenfranchise the black ppl of Bermuda and so many other instances that have seperated Bermuda? And u say we have the hatred? Its you and your ppl like you that have the true hatred. Why dont you go preach to the constituants that made you lose those 7 seats you held onto dear i mean they were seats you guys traditionally held so y did you lose them? O right its hatred, not common sense or being tired of being lied to and used, just good ole fashioned hatred.

          • bdaboy says:

            “So it was ok for your friends the oba to lie to the ppl of Bermuda on more than one occassion,”

            Yes, just like the plp did…they even admitted it….don’t remember that?

        • John g says:

          Politics never was and still is not based on logic, humanity is not ruled by logic that is why we have freedom your logic leads only to tyranny democracy saves people from such logic. God bless humanity for having a soul and an unexplainable lack of logic that has lead us to science and countless other illogical feats humanity has accomplished. You got Trumped learn it love it live.

    • Easter Lily Onion says:

      You’ve been brainwashed into believing that big slice of OBA propaganda. What Dunkley, Richards and Baron are really seeking to achieve is a UBP style 1970s State with all its petty, hidden issues – not so obvious unless you are among its victims.

      • Double S says:


        Numbers don’t lie my friend (i.e. government finances)…but the PLP surely does.

        • Nana says:

          No doubt about that.

        • Easter Lily Onion says:

          Yes, brainwashed – we all know debt peaked at just about the same time as economic growth went South – but any Government would have pulled back and implemented austerity programs. Bob and the OBA did not save us from financial ruin, that is just their backstory for this campaign, what they would have you believe. The facts are that we are a billion more in debt and minus 2,000 jobs since they came to power, AC35 and new hotels not withstanding.

          • Truthhertz says:

            if you think our debt is due to the economy then you are the brainwashed one my friend. Check the records, financials and auditor general reports to see where most the spending really went.

            PLP lost 5,000 jobs in their least reign with 2,000 of them in their last year alone.

            The OBA has stemmed the flow and even that 2,000 jobs number is misleading as 650 are from the civil service via early retirement and hiring freezes.

            They inherited a below flat economy and a national budget with $400mn deficits. In less than 5 years they have more than halved that and on our way to a balanced budget. And all without ONE civil servant being laid off.

            Bermuda is on the map again with tourism and as a result hotels are being built for the first time in eons. The funny thing is that if the PLP get back in they will undoubtedly use any positive job numbers emanating from these projects plus the airport as their doing. And the brainwashed, such as yourself, will lap it up.

            Do you want to talk about the Commision of Inquiry’s findings and the fact that two of the main individuals identified in that report are up for reelection today? Some things just never change.

            • Joice M says:

              @Truthhertz – Amen, and you said it all

            • David Smith says:

              You are correct. Very sad for the children who want to go to school and advance. In a small island it is easy to see waste ….. but if you equate it to something a scholarship for your kid it brings things to light,
              Hope the PLP will understand this time around that fancy cars that depreciate don’t win elections … or do they ?

              time will tell

            • Bob says:

              The comfort of the rich depends on an abundant supply of the poor ….

              I’m feeling you brah…

        • Lol says:

          Yea you are so right numbers dont lie, i.e. doubled the debt, doubled the unemployment, money for boats none for seniors and the kids. Yea u are so right the numbers dont lie even though your party have been proven liars on more than one occassion…

          • Truthhertz says:

            Not one of those things you stated are true.

            Not one.

            • Lol says:

              None of it true? Lol really so your jist going to blatanly lie and deny that. Im not the only one saying it and the proof is in the reports. So if they never lied what was that surrogate report about? Or how bout jetgate? Or how bout telling the seniors we aint got no money but money for the americas cup? Thats what the oba said to our ppl so who is lying? Wow you ppl would literally lie for these ppl just to save face. Well since im lying all those ppl who voted against the oba are lying to i guess lol. Well 24-12 thats a lot of lying!!!

          • Toodle-oo says:

            You will always see ‘lies’ where there are none .
            How about a return to unqualified audits since 2012 ?

        • Joice M says:

          yep – my sentiments exactly

      • David Smith says:

        Garbage !

    • John g says:

      Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others. Winston Churchill- you should quote the whole thing. Dishonesty is why OBA lost if you like Churchill you would know that.

  2. Jeremy Deacon says:

    I can’t wait for the election special show. I hope people will tune in and join us. We’ve got a great team and it will be an interesting night.

    • PBanks says:

      I can’t wait for the associated drinking games during the coverage. Election Night Bingo, anyone?

      All jokes aside, good luck with the live broadcast.

    • inna says:

      I’m just happy to finally be able to read and write comments!

      For those of us not on any social media platform, it has been a boring few weeks!!!

      • How Much For A Gallon Of Milk?? says:

        I know, right??! It’s been snoozeville ’round de blogs.

    • Chris Garrod says:

      I cannot wait Jeremy. If you need a Twitter live feed with popcorn GIF’s, let me know.

  3. Joe says:

    I wonder will either of the PLP candidates do anything for their fellow Gay Bermudians on equality this time around? they and the PLP did nothing to date? shame really .. dunno about you but I cant risk my vote on fake people.

  4. HALF HOT says:

    Hope Russia don’t get involved!

    • bee says:

      well, someone stole the emails from the registrar… perhaps it was Russia

  5. Billy Bye' says:

    Too close to call but I must say – judging by public enthusiasm’ I see from the common Bermudian’ I’ll have to say that the PLP has the momentum –
    Either way the winner will win by a seat – two seats possibly !

  6. Encyclopedia says:

    Curious – How is the turnout so far in various constituencies, especially in the marginals.

  7. puzzled says:

    Quo Fata Furunt

  8. frank says:

    go out and vote people

    • Just the facts says:

      Agree! If you don’t vote, you have absolutely NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN for the NEXT 5 YEARS.
      So VOTE or ZIP YOUR LIPS until 2020!
      Your choice.

      • sage says:

        Wrong, stop spreading BS, no one knows how, or if, anyone votes unless they tell you, either way whoever wins has to listen to and serve everyone equally. People fought for the right to vote, not for people to be compelled or pressured to vote if they choose not to. You definitely have no right or authority to tell anyone they must vote or can’t say whatever they want to say.

        • Arnett B. says:

          I disagree. Ever heard of “speak now or forever hold your peace”? If you choose not to participate in this election by casting your vote, then you have no right to complain about the outcome.

          • sage says:

            Well you are wrong too, he said those who don’t vote can’t complain for the next five years, not just about the outcome, read it over. The fallacy being spread is if you don’t physically cast a vote you somehow forfeit your basic human rights and that is rubbish. Your marriage quote doesn’t fit.

  9. Born Bermudian says:

    “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

  10. Upset voter says:

    OBA spent $70 million and counting that went to the America’s Cup and could have been spent on building the new airport, but oh no, OBA gave that away for 30 years!

    Go Vote people!!

    • 2025 plan says:

      Port royal
      Court building
      800 million

      Go vote people.

      • 2025 plan says:

        Oh and the people of st George’s golf course put out of work.

    • Joice M says:

      You’re sadly misinformed, and that’s what I find most upsetting about this General Election: people are making decisions based on misinformation.

    • Will says:


      • Adrian says:

        And still money was made from the $70 million spent! It was well worth it.

        • Bob says:

          Send me the qualified accounting / audit

        • Will says:

          No honestly they didn’t spend 70 million dollars that figure is pulled out of his a$$

    • Smith says:

      That Americas cup has give Bermuda a marketing exposure that will permit Bermuda benefit for many years to come. If it was only $70m … thats a deal

      As for the airport ….. where is your business sense ? The company they had chosen build airpots and their investors who are taking the risk require a return. This airport project shoul provide a major boost for the islands workers and benefit the PLP

  11. imjustsayin says:

    If voting made a difference,they wouldn’t have elections.

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    My favourite Winston quote & so true it is.

    • Bob says:

      Victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan ….

      JFK – it’s in my fav 5…,

  13. Paul Revere says:

    Final tally from my count PLP 23 – OBA 13

  14. Forward Not Back says:

    Sad day for BDA… Good luck beautiful island!

    • David Smith says:

      The OBA has given them some really good projects, the airport rebuild, americas cup marketing that will last decades in the future ,,, should be ok provided the don’t start a “go slow” with international business work permits (remember some of these Companies values make Bermudas entire GDP look like a subsidiary. Hopefully it will take a while before the “new car orders start to flow … at the cost of Bermuda jobs and scholarships for the kids of Bermuda.

      I hope they do I good job and keep their hands in their pockets !

  15. J says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish! You OBAers thought didn’t you? Oh yeah YOU THOUGHT WRONG! You didn’t listen or care and this is the result!!

    • Zevon says:

      I’m sure we’re going to have several months of this.

    • bdaboy says:

      “You didn’t listen or care and this is the result!!”

      And now that the bigots are in, they’ll reverse any and all progress made by the OBA.
      It’s funny that the party who feels they’ve been oppressed…has vowed to oppress even more.

  16. Butterbanker says:

    The Party of Anti immigration won..
    So Burt will put in term limits
    And the last of the ib insurance will leave
    And relocate to Cayman..etc.
    Hotel staff will leave
    Non Bermudian workers will leave
    The economy will suffer
    and the Growth Bermuda has recently experienced will stagnate.

  17. Oh really says:

    Upset voter how much money did the PLP throw away. Pathetic get your facts straight.

    • bdaboy says:

      “how much money did the PLP throw away”

      $800M and counting

  18. Real Onion says:

    As a Born Bermudian I am so glad I am no longer living on the Island.

    • J says:

      We don’t care. Good riddance to you too.

    • Good for you says:

      As a Born Bermudian still living on the island i am so glad that you no longer live here! PLP for life!

      • bdaboy says:

        …and the rest of the world is happy that you can’t leave bermuda…lol

    • Arnett B. says:

      Yup, Bermuda is officially circling the drain.

    • Bob says:

      Ditto – as in, I’m glad you aren’t also

    • One Love says:

      That’s why the rest of us here must stand up and be counted, so we do not have to leave Bermuda? To ensure what happened the last four years under the OBA never, ever happen again.

      • Kevin says:

        Can u ensure that what happen the last term PLP were in, doesn’t happen again?

      • bdaboy says:

        “To ensure what happened the last four years under the OBA never, ever happen again.”

        Like equal rights for all Bermudians? This is what is so sickening about plp supporters, their hatred for their fellow Bermudians is disgusting. The hypocrisy and bigotry from the plp…well, you’re all just Republicans, like trump :)

    • Attitude Of Gratitude says:

      Hear Hear!!

  19. I read numbers says:

    We were so close….tourism numbers on the rise and likely to rise even more so as a result of the excellent AC35 coverage and visitors; new cruise ships confirmed for 2018; unemployment down; local spending up; a new airport to replace the disgrace we now have.,.ALL of these things have an effect on the entire island, no matter what your financial status is.
    Had the OBA been reelected, I have no doubt that we would have seen much more financial growth and a return of many wealthy tourists willing to spend $$$$ here.

  20. Edwin says:


  21. Bermudians 1st says:

    So long Bye Bye, So long Bye Bye…..I hope you enjoyed your last 5 years. Now it is time for everyday Bermudians to hold positions they have studied for and are Qualified for.
    That, “sorry but we are looking for someone with experience is over!!”

    Now is the time where you will be Training us for the jobs and then return to where you came from.

    • Jbda says:

      But not all Bermudians are qualified for every position, hence the reason to hire out to ex-pats. It’s cheaper to hire a Bermudian than it is to pay for a foreigner to come to Bermuda. As a company you are looking for the most qualified individual to fill out a position. By law companies in Bermuda must hire a local if they meet the qualifications, however, not all Bermudians are qualified.

  22. Billy Bye' says:

    The One Bad Apple is gone –
    The voter remembered everything they done for 4 1/2 years – it was the OBA that forgot. ….. the protest ment nothing to the OBA but it did to the folk that voted the OBA out.
    Geesh’ the OBA were so aragant that they didn’t hold a single Rally ! ……. didn’t need it because they thought that the AC35 was supposed to save them and such things were beneath them.
    The Blame goes to The Ex Premier Dunkley for allowing Fahy to try his rich boy thing on the common man.
    Oh the Airport deal was the worst deal ever made’ thanks OBA for giving away our new Airport to Canada.
    The common Man turns out to be the people that will vote the OBA out!

  23. David Smith says:

    I hope you are wrong buts lets see a trye test will be the car fleet

  24. Zevon says:

    So we’re back borrowing money and hiding it from the auditors.

  25. Onion Juice says:

    All this progress for nothing. Guess Bermuda will be heading back to the stone age yet again.

  26. Will says:

    People say the oba didn’t listen and didn’t care….and all it took to woo back the PLP voters was a couple of community fun days. Well guess what you can’t keep being given stuff by government it doesn’t work like that sooner than later they will have no more to give out and we’ll just have a repeat of their first term in office.

  27. the truth says:

    I wonder how many favors or false promises Dunkely and his milk team had to pull in order to beat Peets. And just so you know Dunkely, you will only last for this final term. 2% majority will easily and definitely diminish to the end of your political career.