Number Of Registered Voters By Constituency

July 18, 2017

As Bermudians head to the polls for the 2017 General Election today, a look at the number of registered voters by constituency is below. The Parliamentary Registrar said the numbers are as of 30 June 2017, and they total 46,669.

1St. George’s North1273
2St. George’s West1410
3St. David’s1418
4St. George’s South1453
5Hamilton East1336
6Hamilton West1268
7Hamilton South1298
8Smith’s South1341
9Smith’s West1274
10Smith’s North1261
11Devonshire East1234
12Devonshire South Central1241
13Devonshire North Central1274
14Devonshire North West1259
15Pembroke East1150
16Pembroke East Central1264
17Pembroke Central1145
18Pembroke West Central1251
19Pembroke West1231
20Pembroke South West1190
21Pembroke South East1222
22Paget East1477
23Paget West1375
24Warwick South East1433
25Warwick North East1256
26Warwick South Central1274
27Warwick North Central1283
28Warwick West1379
29Southampton East1242
30Southampton East Central1371
31Southampton West Central1324
32Southampton West1278
33Sandys South1403
34Sandys South Central1240
35Sandys North Central1287
36Sandys North1254

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