Anglican Church Congratulates The PLP

July 20, 2017

The Anglican Church of Bermuda is congratulating Premier David Burt and the Progressive Labour Party [PLP] on their victory in General Election on Tuesday [July 18].

The Right Revd. Nicholas Dill said, “The Anglican Church of Bermuda would like to congratulate the Hon. E. David Burt, JP MP, Premier of Bermuda and the members of the Progressive Labour Party on their victory in our General Election on 18th July 2017.

“We would also like to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice of many in the outgoing OBA Government – for their service and work on behalf of the Country and for their families who have supported them, and pray for them in their role as the Loyal Opposition.

“In addition to praying for our new Premier and the Government of Bermuda on a daily basis, we as a Church undertake to offer our encouragement and support in bringing healing and reconciliation to our divided country, to the rebuilding of community spirit and help in tackling the very real and present issues surrounding education, employment, protection of the vulnerable and marginalized and to seek justice and opportunity for all.

“This is alongside our primary desire to share the good news and love of our Lord Jesus – whose model of service, forgiveness and grace brings healing, hope and new beginnings.

“The spirit of divisiveness has been present in Bermuda for far too long. It has permeated through to every part of community life. It challenges our unity, saps our joy and distracts us from our common purpose. This spirit exemplifies the differences between brothers and sisters instead of celebrating our similarities.

“The task of governing this country will be a solemn and challenging one, mistakes and mishaps are bound to occur and unfortunately in a small community, these can often be amplified. Thus, we will need patience and courage and the ability to forgive.

“We pray that our new Government will seek to reach out to all for help, including the faith community, as we are also seeking to live in a more united way. We also pray for ongoing wisdom and a spirit of humility and openness in all levels of leadership that, in the words of the Apostle Paul: we may all be enabled to live peaceful and quiet lives, godly and dignified in every way.

“May God bless our new Government and may God bless Bermuda and all her people.”

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  1. Michael says:

    What a warm, wise and very relevant message.

    The PLP has a wonderful and envied opportunity to show what a great Government they can be. Many in our community are reminded of the absolute disaster of the previous version of the PLP government. We pray that this new Government can disprove a common perception that history will be repeated.

    May God bless our new Government and may God bless Bermuda and all her residents.

    • Onion Juice says:

      How can you give accolades then talk about absolute disaster in the same breath.
      Want to elaborate on de absolute disaster of de Church History after de invasion on Indiginous Peoples and lands?

      • Anbu says:

        let us know how u r doing in 6 months muppet. U clowns got a lot of work to do in 100 days. Make sure u deliver.

      • Earth watch police says:

        Plp should tax churches previous govt were to soft cowards.

    • Green Every Day says:

      Looks like more people will remember the 24 -12 slaughter… because on July 18, 2017 the milk expired. :)

      I’m waiting for Jeff to take over the OBA/UBP. If he was smart he would start a new party and get away from these clowns so that they can pack up their Jetgate & Bermuda Status Circus.

      • Earth watch police says:

        time for plp to deliver final blow and crush and destroy all opposition for good .

      • cpm says:

        Hopefully Walton Brown will be transparent with his reasons when he gives non Bermudian Tweed his status and of course we will see a job advert that a Bermudian cannot do
        Lawyers are waiting for the loophole

  2. GoGirl says:

    Hopefully church income is part of the PLPs passive taxable income.

    • HW says:

      This is ridiculous considering the many social benefits churches provide. Perhaps you know of churches that do otherwise. But the church I go to- and many others- provide MANY outreach programs to those in need in the community. These churches operate on a low budget and are not businesses making profits but instead are using their funds for the works they do in the community.

      Taxing churches would be a ridiculous thing to do and the burden would then fall more on the government to pick up the pieces. You clearly have no understanding of all that churches do.

      If you hate god just be honest and say that rather than mask your disregard for things of god by attacking churches and seeking to tax them.

      • spider says:

        There are multi millionaires in the U.S.A who are ministers who apparently can’t see starving children around the world however can easily see the newest Bentley convertible. Persecution is rampant among religious followers.Religious people today can’t see the hundreds of gods that existed in the imagination of men and still do. I invite anyone to travel to India to see that those Gods haven’t perished and are still actively prayed to.It’s infantile to believe in any God or that men need religion to have any sort of moral compass.There is no God to hate and its foolish to believe that prayer does anything.It s an excuse for doing nothing.

      • spider says:

        If churches are not taxed then they as now have no accountability ministers have complete discretion to do as they that should go towards helping programs goes instead to the ministers lifestyle. Why are there millionaire ministers?

        • Dennis says:

          listen my people church is a bussiness that how they run it and for the poor first of all these pastor have to that god dwell within and it time to let the people know who they really are time let people know that we are the children of the most high and we are in his image and likeness time pastor to let the people know that we have the power to change the world for the good thank you and god bless you all

  3. puzzled says:

    All of you.
    You just bought a plant and then you bought an electronic service.
    The you bought gas and food.
    What a Market place it is.

  4. cpm says:

    Churches and Pastors should stay out of politics or pay taxes
    It is a disgrace when people are told from the pulpit to vote a certain way or you are letting your people down
    Pay tax and have your say