Centre On Philanthropy Congratulates The PLP

July 24, 2017

The Centre on Philanthropy said they would like to join in congratulating the Progressive Labuor Party on becoming our new Government.

“We are particularly encouraged by the emphasis that has been placed on strengthening the social infrastructure in Bermuda,” the Centre said.

“Over 350 registered charities and social services providers in Bermuda, greatly lessen the burden of the Government to provide a healthy society for our community.

“We all benefit from the collective effort of dedicated registered non-profits in Bermuda who contribute daily to a wide range of social issues including poverty, gang violence, families, abuse, the environment, aging population, education, sports, etc.

“We welcome the opportunity to meet with respective Government Ministers and Senators to assist in the implementation of some of the proposed initiatives, as do our membership of over 200 non-profits.

“The non-profit sector can play a massive role in changing our community for all of our citizens most desperately in need of it to change. If we can work together as stakeholders along with the non-profit sector there is the potential to realize real change.

“We are mindful that we have a role in the success of our new Government to achieve ‘actions that deliver’. We have the responsibility of holding our Government accountable to accomplish what they have promised. As invested stakeholders in the success of our future, we must all commit to work with the Government to see the success we want to see. They cannot be successful without each and every one of us.”

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  1. Ladeej says:

    Thank you Centre on Philanthropy. Together everyone achieves more.

    Have I missed the congratulations to the new government from the Chamber of Commerce and the international business sector (ABIC, ABIR, etc.?

  2. Rocky5 says:

    “We have the responsibility of holding our Government accountable to accomplish what they have promised.”

    PLP have promised to balance the Budget by 2019.