Top 20 Bermuda YouTube Channels In July

July 23, 2017

[Written by Don Burgess]

Reggae king Collie Buddz continues to reign supreme on top of the Bermuda YouTube Top 20. He surpassed the 25 million view mark this past quarter and has a sizeable lead over singing group Thirdstory, which includes Bermudian Ben Lusher

Bernews picked up an amazing 2.3 million views over the past three months, more than the rest of the top 20 combined.  The news organization could be poised to move past both third place BIOS and Thirdstory in the next rankings.

Dr. Cindy Trimm rounds out the top five.

top 20 youtube channels TC July

Other milestones include the Royal Gazette going over the one million view mark and the Bermuda Yellow Pages surpassing 500,000 views.

If you know of any channels with Bermuda content who should be included, please email me at All Bermuda Triangle videos are excluded. All YouTube views were recorded on July 20, 2017.

Don Burgess is the Executive Officer for the Media Council of Bermuda and is the former deputy editor of the Bermuda Sun newspaper who has earned certifications in social media and inbound marketing through Hootsuite, HubSpot and Lern University.

1 Collie Buddz 25,728,235
2 Thirdstory 9,899,200
3 BIOS 9,215,754
4 Bernews 8,961,141
5 Dr. Cindy Trimm 4,387,241
6 Mishka 2,851,869
7 Burnt House Productions 2,822,936
8 BTA 2,167,864
9 dcfcrams4ever 1,526,955
10 Andrew Stevenson 1,193,616
11 Royal Gazette 1,017,618
12 Islandstats 855,883
13 Uzimon 730,489
14 Heather Nova 651,028
15 Janson Cross 577,240
16 John Layfield 549,320
17 Hot Fiyah Sounds 524,282
18 Yellow Pages 522,495
19 DJ Rusty G 477,624
20 Into Bermuda 377,534

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