Multiple Bus Runs Cancelled This Evening

September 18, 2017

[Updated - Multiple routes cancelled this afternoon/evening] There will be one bus route cancelled this morning [Sept 18], with the 7.05am Route 8 bus from Dockyard to Hamilton via Cedar Hill not in service.

A spokesperson said, “Only one bus cancellation has been reported for this morning, as the 7.05am Route 8 bus from Dockyard to Hamilton via Cedar Hill will not be in service.

“All other buses are expected to run as scheduled.

“The only cancellation is the 7.05am Route 8 bus from Dockyard to Hamilton via Cedar Hill.”

Update 5.02pm: The Ministry has just advised of the cancellations below for this evening

1-Bus Service Cancellation  Monday 18-9-2017-page0002

2-Bus Service Cancellation  Monday 18-9-2017-page0001

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Comments (13)

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  1. Stinky D. says:

    The bus that got in the accident in Dockyard with the train won’t be back on the road this year

  2. Stevie says:

    Holy crap.

  3. Wahoo says:

    Too much energy being wasted on trying to bad mouth previous government not enough being done for the people.

  4. Wahoo says:

    Also we could move forward with the legal cases that will recoup some of the funds that were lost years ago. People’s money.

  5. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    I just gotta laugh to stop myself from crying…bie I’m tellin’ you.

  6. Smiths says:

    wow – convenient that they were the routes people go home on after work. I smell a rat…did all the bus drivers all get sick this afternoon?

  7. cpm says:

    I saw buses with “driver under instruction”signs-what are the drivers without buses doing?
    It must be time for a people’s campaign march against the OBA for school mould and lack of buses
    I forgot the plp magic wand-keep quiet about our problems and they will go away
    Anyone going to the illusionist magic show?

  8. legalgal says:

    On a positive note they must be saving a fortune on bus drivers. Surely they only need about half the staff. And the mechanical staff aren’t working either so…

    How do working people get home? Shameful. Sounds like wild cat strikes.

    • Albie says:

      Contracts are contracts. Not the fault of the workers that they cant perform their function, the drivers and other staff are fully paid wether they are driving a bus or on facebook. Someone else’s problem, of course.

      Of course its not anyone’s fault that the majority of the government fleet of buses cannot be put on the road.

      In the real world there are consequences for not performing and achieving targets. Managers normally have goals and performance minimum standards to achieve. In the public sector apparently that is not the case although bonuses are still paid.

      Its entirely regrettable that many clients of the PTB will not get home tonight on time. Sadly the fleet has apparently not been properly maintained and that is down to management within the civil service. We may well wonder hard and long to try and determine why but we the public will never be given the straight answers that we seek. Our short term answer is to expect to be inconvienced and be pleasantly surprised when the bus is there as promised. Of course if you are willing to accept poor service that is what you will receive. Your choice.