Age Concern On The Upcoming Throne Speech

September 7, 2017

Tomorrow [Sept 8] the House of Assembly will convene and the 2017 Throne Speech will be delivered, which will outline the Government’s Legislative Agenda for the year ahead.

When asked if there was anything specific they would like to see in the Throne Speech, a spokesperson for Age Concern told Bernews that they are “interested in hearing how soon and in what manner and priority the following platform promises will be operationalized:”

  • Develop incentives for private sector creation and operation of retirment communities, residential care homes or senior independent living communities, providing seniors with greater potions and alleviating the stress placed on families and the hospital.
  • Reduce age discrimination in the workplace
  • Create and Office of the Public Guardian to assist legally with the management of care and funding for dependant persons who are cognitively impaired with no family members or next of kin.

The last time the House of Assembly was in session was prior to the election, and at that time the breakdown of Members of Parliament in the 36-seat House was 17 OBA, 17 PLP and 2 Independents.

The PLP recorded a landslide victory at the polls in the General Election in July, and they now hold 24 seats, while the OBA only hold 12, giving the governing PLP a strong majority in the House.

The House of Assembly will convene at 10am tomorrow, and Bernews will provide live updates as able.

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    There should be more than one person on the ballet.

    The ballot should not have a one candidate take it or leave it option.That is not democracy. That is Hobson’s choice.

    Many are dis enfranchised here . Thousands did not vote in the last election. We vote for success not incompetence.

    Voting privilege should be only for Bermuda birth right citizens.

    “Work permit Status foreigners” should not be able to vote to control our destiny.

    36 politicians! not all can agree, too many persons for little Bermuda nothing gets done properly through indecision.

    The party should not call the shots, we did not vote for puppets.

    The ballot sheet should have several other policy and other options to vote for and against as far to many issues are not dealt with properly like pepper spray.

    Hit and miss voting does not work.

    If they make a new law they must dump an old unworkable laws as there are too many controlling dictatorial laws on the books.

    We are not free we never were.

    Make our hard earned dollars count!

    What happened to the New Bermuda ,did we miss the buss again ?