Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s Mesquel Demera

September 23, 2017

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church will be celebrating Mesquel Demera this coming Sunday.

A spokesperson said, “The Ethiopian Orthodox Church will be celebrating Mesquel Demera. All are welcome. Wednesday, September 27, 2017 marks the annual celebration day of ‘Mesqel’ or the Minor Feast Day of the ‘Finding of the True Cross’.

“We plan to celebrate this special feast day at our Debre Genet Cathedral Church this coming Sunday 24th September, 2017 weather permitting. We plan a Liturgical Service followed by the Mesqel Demera lighting celebration.

“DE ME RA’ refers to the tower of twigs, sticks and dried material that was burned by Emperor Constantine following the orders of his mother Empress Helena leading to the finding of the True Cross of Jesus Christ.

“Please feel free to find, bring and add your ‘family contribution’ of dried sticks and freshly picked flowers to the ‘demera’ tower on Sunday.

“This is a time to join together to gain the blessings of our Orthodox Faith through recognition and remembrance of the faith of our fathers celebrated with the observance of this finding of the True Cross occasion.

“Please remind yourselves and others, prepare yourselves to be present at your church this coming Sunday at 8:30am and bring something edible to share.

“This is the Orthodox Way and the beginning of a New Year so lets all come together to renew our fresh start with thankfulness to Our Lord for all the freely given gifts we daily receive.

“May Almighty God Strengthen and Bless us all as we struggle to overcome the obstacles that Satan the wicked one strives to place in our lives. Through the power of the sign of the Cross we will overcome all things keeping us back or hindering us if only we use it.”

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