Ministry: Bus Cancellations For Wednesday

September 27, 2017

[Updated] The cancellation of bus routes continue, with the Ministry releasing a list of bus cancellations for this morning [Sept 27] with seventeen bus runs cancelled so far today.

Microsoft Word - Bus Service Cancellation List for Wednesday Ber

Update 4.00pm: The Ministry has released the list of bus cancellations for this afternoon. There were 17 runs cancelled this morning, 50 cancelled this afternoon, for a total of 67 cancelled today.

Bus Service Cancellation Wednesday 27-9-2017-1

Bus Service Cancellation Wednesday 27-9-2017-2

Bus Service Cancellation Wednesday 27-9-2017-3

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Comments (5)

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  1. It's only just begun says:

    WHAT the PLP haven’t got that sorted yet!!!!

    • Giles Belfrage says:

      I’m hopeful PLP will sort this out, I use bus every day. I see Bernews has an app, I’d love to get push notification when cancellations are known in order to make other plans.

  2. somuchless says:

    Stuff happen but why isnt anyone complaining. PTB’s communication dept sucks. Wait. How can you complain when your party does no wrong. Now you lot gotta suffer like the rest of us.

  3. Smoke & Mirrors says:

    No way. They had all the answers and were going to do more in 100 days than the OBA did in 5 years. Listen….shhhh , you hear it….tick, tock. tick. tock. tick, tock. Time is ticking PLP, and what have you done?