A.S. Cooper Donates To Help Hurricane Victims

September 26, 2017

AS Cooper Hurricane Irma Fundraiser Bermuda Sept 2017A.S. Cooper Group of stores CEO Somers Cooper recently presented a $10,000 cheque to Bermuda Red Cross Executive Director Ann Spencer-Arscott to assist with hurricane relief efforts for the Caribbean.

“We were shocked by the devastation from the two recent hurricanes which battered the Caribbean, especially the extensive damage in Barbuda, Dominica, St. Maarten, Turks & Caicos and the Virgin Islands,” Mr Cooper said.

“As Bermudians we empathize with our friends to the south, and found it hard to imagine the full experience of a Category 5 hurricane with winds of over 185 miles per hour.”

He then explained the genesis of the campaign, saying, “We saw that the Government of Bermuda stepped up to the plate by matching funds raised for victims up to $25,000 and thought we should do something to help as well.

“We contacted our friends at the Red Cross and decided to organize a fund-raiser for them and we would match the money raised up to $5000.”

Cooper’s management were “bowled over” by the support from their customers during the weekend campaign.

The fund-raiser was implemented throughout the company’s group of stores including A.S. Cooper’s, Vineyard Vines and Astwood Dickinson shops.

Red Cross Executive Director, Ann Spencer-Arscott added, “We are so thrilled with the news of the donations by customers of the AS Coopers Group and then with match from the company.

“With our own experience of two hurricanes within a week, albeit not Category 5s, our residents can appreciate what our sister islands have gone through these past weeks. That empathy is very much seen by the generosity in their donations.

“We are so thankful to AS Coopers Group for reaching out to us to support our appeal efforts.”

In addition to raising funds, Cooper’s has also donated over 500 articles of unsold ladies clothing, supporting a local relief drive led by the Kiwanis Club of St Georges.

The Kiwanis Club has been busy collecting donations from local vendors, stores and suppliers in an effort to send containers of much needed clothing, water, first aid supplies and other necessary items to the citizens effected by these devastating storms.

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  1. princess says:

    The Red Cross is known as the The Red Double Cross in the USA most of the money that is raised go to administrative costs in other words fatten the pockets of those who run the The Red Double Cross and those who need it do not see half of that money being used for their benefit.

    One should ask themselves why is it The Red Cross is the only charity/disaster relief organization mentioned when these disasters happen, there are other charities/disaster relief organizations that do assist. It is no different with us being made to believe that Facebook is the only form of social media, Google is the only search engine and Apple is the only company when it comes to electronics that is available to the masses. This is a perfect example of social engineering.

  2. Timothy Hickey says:

    …and of that $10,000, they would be lucky if half of it was actually used by the Red Cross for relief!

  3. Upset voter says:

    And how much relief/assistance do they provide to Bermudian charities?!

  4. steve says:

    Good people. Thank you

  5. Wahoo says:

    Thanks Coopers!