Advance Team Gears Up For World Triathlon

October 5, 2017

Members of an advance team for the World Triathlon Series event in Bermuda are ending a three day site visit and departing the island today [Oct 5].

For the first time, the International Triathlon Union [ITU] will host a ‘World Series’ event in Bermuda next April, with Bermuda’s own Flora Duffy — the two time ITU World Champion — serving as part of the local delegation that bid for ITU events to be staged in Bermuda.

The contingent of visitors were greeted by Minister of Economic Development and Tourism Jamahl Simmons and Minister of Social Development and Sports Zane DeSilva.

Tiathlon Meeting with Ministers Bermuda Oct 2017

The Ministers are pictured with representatives from the ITU, Lagardère Productions, Upsolut Sports Agency, the Bermuda Triathlon Association and the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“Bermuda will receive a boost through ITU promotion of the event, especially because it is the birth-home of their World Champion, a popular figure in the triathlon world,” the Government said.

“Flora last month dramatically won the Elite Women’s 2017 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Rotterdam, capping a near perfect season, and retaining her title as ITU World Champion. It was her fifth ITU race victory of the season.

“The Bermudian was also part of the local delegation that bid for ITU events to be staged in Bermuda.

“The event is expected to attract elite athletes, top amateurs and spectators from all over the world for the Triathlon Festival in the City of Hamilton during the last week of April.”


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  1. Shameful says:

    No doubt Ministers DeSilva and Simmons will take full credit for bringing this event to Bermuda. SMH! Hey, Jamahl isn’t this just another Micky Mouse event to you?

  2. Bloodbreather says:

    Ooh another photo op….quick.

  3. David says:

    Still showboating , when will the work begin? 100days are ticking and my local park has no fitness equipment yet?

  4. X says:

    Why comment that it is her “birth-home”? Flora IS Bermudian. She has done more for promoting Bermuda than any of those politicians pushing themselves forward for the photo opportunity and pretending that they arranged and promoted for the ITU event to take place in Bermuda. It was NOTHING to do with Fako DeSilva and and Simmons. Pretenders.