Dr. Douglas On Trump & NFL Players Protest

October 5, 2017

Bermudian Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas – a professor of race and education studies at the University of Missouri — recently took part in a ‘virtual roundtable conversation’ on Think Progress to discuss President Donald Trump’s recent comments about the NFL players’ protest.

Dr Douglas was joined by Latria Graham, a South Carolina-based freelance sports journalist and cultural critic; Adrienne J. Lawrence, a Los Angeles-based legal analyst and former ESPN anchor; and Roland Martin, host of TV One’s News One Now.

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During the ‘virtual roundtable,‘ Dr Douglas said, “As problematic as Trump’s dismissive and disturbing denunciation of players’ protest has been, in many respects the true impact of his divisive leadership has been that we can no longer ignore the elephant in the proverbial living room of America.

“It’s an elephant that has occupied our living rooms even as we have sat and watched hours of football, with the false belief [by some] that racism and white supremacy is a thing of the past. Trump is saying publicly what many fans think and say privately, even as they cheer for black players and claim to have black and brown friends.

Dr Douglas added, “Donald Trump is not the thermometer for what is respect or respectful. He’s actually been a thermostat for disrespect to many, including members of the military like John McCain.

“A bigger question is who determines what is respectful? Who has the power and prerogative to do that? And ‘victory’ for whom and for what cause? Trump’s antics have muddied the waters as he seeks to co-opt the narrative.

“A ‘good’ outcome to all of this would be for Colin Kaepernick to no longer be blackballed by NFL teams for protesting legitimate issues. But it certainly cannot stop there.

“The NFL needs to mandate anti-racist training for all personnel, from owners to coaches to players to those who run concession stands. The NFL can use its platform to build bridges between police and the black communities/families that produce the black men who help make their league must-see TV.”

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  1. # 45 is a disgrace, America was born out of racism and still operate in a racist state.
    Just like when Black soldiers gave thier lives for the flag and came back home to a racist country and feared their lives against Jim Crow laws.
    And Americans chose this @$$ to be their Champion.