Long-Standing Bee Hive Removed In Hamilton

November 30, 2017

The City of Hamilton today confirmed that a long-standing hive of bees that had taken up residence in a hole in a Poinciana tree at the junction of King and Union Streets by Jubilee Park has been safely removed.

Calls to remove the tree had garnered support from concerned neighbouring residents as the bees were deemed by some to be a health hazard.

City of Hamilton Parks Superintendent, Steven DeSilva said, “The removal of trees is a very emotive one. Prior advice had instructed us to remove the tree, that the hive was too large and too deeply habituated in the tree for any kind of safe removal. We didn’t want that to be our only option. There had to be a win-win here.”

Live video replay of Spencer Field removing bees last year:

The hive has been active for likely more than a decade, maybe more, but Spencer Field from Passion Fields safely removed and relocated the bees, extracted honeycomb and honey from the hive and saved the tree.

Mr. DeSilva added, “This operation has been an overwhelming success and the outlook for the bees as well as the tree is a bright one.”

To avoid any future bee habitants in the tree, the hole will be smoked, ensuring the removal of any lingering bees and will then be filled with an expanding foam, not harmful to the tree, which will prevent any future bee activity.

A spokesperson said, “The City of Hamilton reminds the public to inform them of any bee activity in the City that could pose a threat so that the issue can be addressed correctly and with haste.

“Any dispersal/relocation of bees should be handled by a bee professional that can assure the protection of the bees. The public are encouraged to educate themselves and others of the importance of bees in any community.

“If you see any bee activity in the City that may cause a threat please call 292-1234 or email info@cityhall.bm.”

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