Bee Hive In Hamilton To Be Removed Tomorrow

November 28, 2018

The City of Hamilton said that a hive of bees has been identified in a tree near the junction of Dundonald Street East and King Street.

Beekeeper Spencer Field, of Passion Fields, has assessed the hive and scheduled its removal from the tree for approximately 9.30am on Thursday, November 29th.

He said, “This hive is quite high up in the tree but the removal should be pretty straight forward. The tree will get a little trim at the top in the process but no other harm should come to it. Once I’ve extracted the bees safely with my vacuum, they will be relocated to one of my apiaries at Riddell’s Bay.”

Video from 2016, when bees swarmed one of our windows, later removed by Mr Field:

City of Hamilton Superintendent of Parks, Steven DeSilva added, “We’ve had bees in this particular area before that Mr. Field has dealt with and with his continued assistance and expertise, we’ll get this latest hive safely removed, away from the public and to a new home. This one is pretty high up so we’ll be utilizing a high lift for the extraction and traffic will be directed accordingly.”

“The affected area will have signage in place urging people to exercise caution in the area until the hive has been safely removed,” a spokesperson said.

“The City of Hamilton reminds the public to inform them of any bee activity in the City that could pose a threat so that the issue can be addressed correctly and with haste.

“Any dispersal/relocation of bees should be handled by a bee professional that can assure the protection of the bees. The public are encouraged to educate themselves and others of the importance of bees in any community.

“If you see any bee activity in the City that may cause a threat please call 292-1234 or email”

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