Digicel Unveils ‘Fibre Section’ In Hamilton Store

December 5, 2017

Following the launch of Digicel’s Fibre to the Home network the company has unveiled a new Fibre section in its Church Street store.

The new ‘Entertainment Zone’ features four flat screen TVs and comfortable seating where the company said “customers can experience first-hand the better picture quality that 100% fibre brings. ”

A range of tablets have the multi-screen app and video content explaining the benefits of fibre to the home, the TV features and upcoming shows. The finishing touch being six wall mounted 49” TVs.

“The new Fibre TV service is packed with really awesome features like HD as standard, pause and rewind live TV and the ability to rewind back through a show that’s already started,” ” explained Raynesha Lawrence, retail manager.

“With our seven day catch up viewers can go back through seven days’ worth of programs to watch a show they might have missed. Plus with 50 hours of recording time Fibre customers will never miss a thing.

“We’ve also a multi-screen app that provides the same functionality as the set-top box on any mobile device, which we’re really excited about.”

Internet TV Bundles Bermuda Dec 4 2017

“As part of the store refresh we wanted to add a really customer-friendly section to the store that really showcases the new service so people can experience fibre TV for themselves. It’s not all about the TV of course as our Fibre Internet delivers speeds of up to 200Mbps with a starting speed of 25Mbps for $105. Thanks to our Fibre to the Home network people are finally getting reliably consistent speeds,” she added.

A new Digcel Fibre Zone has also been added to the BTC store on Cedar Avenue where customers can speak to a sales agent about getting the fibre experience. On Thursday 7th December the company is hosting a Fibre Day in the Digicel Store on Church Street, with big prizes to be won including TVs and an Xbox, for people who sign-up to a fibre bundle on the day.

Digicel Bermuda Dec 4 2017 (1)

Digicel Bermuda Dec 4 2017 (2)

Digicel Bermuda Dec 4 2017 (3)

Digicel Bermuda Dec 4 2017 (4)

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  1. Micro says:

    HD = 720p
    Full HD = 1080p

    Which is it?

    No 4k Ultra HD content?

    • Um.... says:

      Good question. I think the best we can hope for is 1080p. They won’t be crippling their new network with 4K yet. I’m sure that is coming as a higher priced ad-on.

    • justin says:

      I have applied for fiber and I am now waiting 3 weeks for an appointment. Hello Digihell?

      • BrianS says:

        Getting someone to install won’t exactly fix your issue, first two crews who came to my house couldn’t finish the job. Awaiting number 3.

  2. Macro says:

    God the store is so boring!! Digicel can never seem to
    Work out to put enough energy and excitement into their retail space!! Poor architecture

  3. Jim says:

    Apparantly One’s new platform has 4K Ultra HD.

  4. She says:

    A fibre section is just two TVs if my eyes work.