Digicel Bermuda: ‘Nothing Less Than 100mbps’

July 1, 2020

Digicel announced that it will be launching a new range of home internet products, with “all residential fibre customers receiving nothing less than 100mbps.”

A spokesperson said, “Digicel is launching a new range of home internet products to change how people connect in Bermuda. All Digicel residential fibre customers will now receive nothing less than 100Mbps, surpassing anything seen on-island before.”

Leslie Rans, Digicel Bermuda’s CEO, said, “When Digicel invested in building its fibre infrastructure, it was based on the premise that the network needed to be ‘futureproof’ as customers would continue to need more speed and capacity than a copper or coaxial network is able to provide.

“I think we all know that we have been living in the future for some time, however, affordability and speed did not go in the same sentence when discussing home internet speeds on our Island. We are working to improve our customers’ internet speeds at more affordable prices with this new range of home internet products.”

“In the coming days, all of our existing residential fibre customers will be moved to speeds of either 100Mbps, 250Mbps or 500Mbps at their current rates. New customers will be able to join our network today starting at $100 for 100Mbps.”

The spokesperson said, “Digicel knows that connections start at home. By offering a minimum of 100mbps, Bermuda can do more, connect more, stream more, share more and build more on Bermuda’s only fibre to the home network. For more information visit DigicelBermuda.com or call 500-5000 (option 1).”

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  1. Reality says:

    Well Done Digicel! That’s what you call driving a country forward to where it should rightfully be as far as Internet speed is concerned.