Whoops! Bahamas Cited For Marriage Law

December 12, 2017

Another case of Bermuda being confused with another island has occurred, this time with Bahamas being reported by an online news website as “abolishing marriage equality after just six months.”

The error only occurs in the headline, and the rest of the article is basically accurate, citing Bermuda news reports and including a photo of the Bermuda flag, Bermuda House of Assembly and Bermudian Winston Godwin.

The article was posted yesterday and despite multiple people leaving comments to correct the headline, the error remains as of this writing.

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One person left a comment saying, “Boycott Bahamas! When the country changes the law to allow same-sex marriages and join other civilized nations, lift the boycott,” prompting another person, whose Facebook page states they are a “writer at Bahamas Ministry of Tourism,” to point out “this is actually not about The Bahamas.”

There are many other, accurate, reports about the Domestic Partnerships Bill online, with media outlets from multiple nations reporting on it, and social networking giant Twitter even created a ‘Moment’ about it, which they tweeted to their over half a million moment followers.

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This is far from the first time we have been confused with other islands, with multiple erroneous reports and social media updates claiming we were affected by hurricanes this year, which apparently resulted in thousands of potential tourists cancelling their plans to visit.

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  1. Family Man says:

    After a while, all the little tax havens start to look the same.

    • Baha says:

      Shame on you Bermuda. Backwards not forwards. The world is watching you.

    • Real Deal says:

      no this just shows how smart these people are in their cult. they know anything they are just sheep that react to what is feed to them. they dont care what is happening to the world’s family structure when they are spreading their cult ideals. however Bermuda will Stand Strong.

  2. PBanks says:

    Cue the “Bermuda is not in the Caribbean” and “Bermuda isn’t a nation” folk…

    • sage says:

      Funny how no one is calling for a boycott of the Philippines and Indonesia for the extra-judicial murder of thousands of drug suspects (children too) or America where convicted rapists are given full parental visitation rights, or Catholic El Salvador where girls are imprisoned for decades for having a miscarriage.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        I’m sorry, Sage, are you saying that I should not be outraged that some of my fellow Bermudians are not afforded that same rights that I am on the basis that other places are worse?

        If that rationale is to be accepted then lets start punishing thieves by chopping off their hands. It works in Saudi Arabia. Oh, and lets bring back the death penalty for anyone convicted of murder. It works in the USA and a number of other countries (like China and Iran).

      • not so "sage" says:

        Sorry excuse in supoprt of the Bermuda Government rescinding rights granted by the court.

        Spin it until you get dizzy–its just not right–sorry.

        Blessing abound.

        • sage says:

          The people who are saying they will never come here and are calling for a boycott of Bermuda are not concerned about far more egregious human rights violations like the ones I mentioned in their own country and elsewhere around the world, is what I said. You two are spinning my point, I never said I support this government did I? You two must be dizzy, try reading it slowly. How JB could take what I said to have anything to do with his last paragraph is beyond me. Some people act as if Bermuda legalizes SSM the struggle for equal rights will be over, since no one else is discriminated against or has their rights trampled by governments. No SSM campaigner has to my knowledge, mentioned that male or female polygamists are denied their rights to marry due to religious based intolerance, for instance, therefore SSM doesn’t bring about marriage equality for all, just one segment of the population.

    • Anbu says:

      Um. Its not in the carribean. Whats your point

    • Bermudaperson says:

      Bermuda isn’t in the Caribbean nor is Bermuda a country.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        + 1

        • Hackney ere says:

          Is Bermuda a country? Part of UK?
          Anyway its a disgrace to you..and maybe the UK whats going on there.
          One love.