“Continue To Work With A Diminished Fleet”

January 2, 2018

“The Department of Public Transportation wishes to advise parents that they are unable to provide dedicated school buses in the near future, as they continue to work with a diminished fleet,” the Ministry said this afternoon.

“Buses specifically for students of the Berkeley Institute and Cedarbridge Academy cannot be offered at this time.

“In addition, the temporary facility to supplement the bus service with minibuses has ended, therefore all students are advised to utilize the regular bus service.

“Parents and students are encouraged to bookmark the bus scheduling pages on the government portal, or, subscribe to receive bus cancellation notifications by email.

“In the event of cancellations, priority will be given to routes that service primary and middle school children.

“Circumstances are expected to improve as existing buses in the fleet are overhauled and new buses arrive starting with one this month, with others to follow.

“An RFP for fleet replacement is drafted and is being reviewed prior to issuance. This is a longer term project that will be undertaken as budget allows.”

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  1. facts of the rock says:

    Poor Management from the getgo!

    • Created says:

      Ohhh SO Much outrage from Onion Juice and other PLP supporters when the OBA were in power. Now, 5 months in, after so many promises – NOTHING HAS CHANGED. At least not for the better. Remember when they said, they would no more in the first 100 days than the OBA did in 5 years! Much easier to make promises then it is to actually govern!

      Where is OJ and others now? Where is the outrage and cries for resignation? When are they having town hall meetings and what time is the march? Surely OJ and supporters have not just forgotten have they?

      As sad as this is, at least I wasn’t one that took the bait.

      • Anbu says:

        Unfortunately stupid is as stupid does. We know what end of the spectrum oj hails from

  2. Lualaba says:

    A proper maintenance schedule would have prevented this…

  3. Bus stop cowboy says:

    That is cool we are now used to this and frankly have made other arrangements so you can go find something else to do since busses are now obsolete.

  4. KMYA!! says:

    Whilst most homes have internet capabilities to see the bus schedules. What happens with the less fortunate?

    “In the event of cancellations, priority will be given to routes that service primary and middle school children.”

    This is Bermuda, 22 square miles. Where is a child not a priority? There are children in every parish. So make them a priority!!!

    • Bus stop cowboy says:

      De government? Is that what you call them? De children are suffering and de gangsters are running around and de government are passing laws that take away rights given to others while they were not in power. Dis place is messed up and if people think it will get better I hope they are right but we need a change in government.

  5. Spanner breath says:

    And the mini bus continues to go CHA CHING! Minister needs to go.

  6. septembers finest says:

    i bet the private school buses will still be picking up the b.i kids though

  7. LM says:


  8. Varied says:

    Ho hum. More of the same.
    How sad that this continues, months and months on.

    • Bus stop cowboy says:

      Did Burtram mention this in his wordage for new years.

      • Spanner breath says:

        Its amazing Burtram nor the minister says anything about it!
        But we hear about there trips and see there photo ops!

  9. Ringmaster says:

    Why has the bus fleet diminished so quickly since July 2017? Do the drivers still get paid for doing nothing? Someone must be responsible for this mess, so where is the Minister of Transport’s statement?
    Bermudians demand a proper bus service. Stop using GP cars and spend the money on the buses. Another example of 2 Bermudas – one for the haves and another for the have nots.

    • puzzled says:

      Time to put the like/dislike button back.

      • We need the buttons says:

        I so agree…bring the buttons back!,

    • OMG says:


      PLP 24 seats

      oba/UBP 12 seats


      • nerema says:

        Actually, it’s the PLP/UBP. The PLP is the party with two ex-UBP leaders plus Jamahl.
        You lot can’t fix the bus service but you can hire new drivers we don’t need and give them all a pay increase.
        It’s all easy when it’s not your money. An idiot can do that.

        • Created says:

          The bus service diminished under the OBA? Show proof and state how and why? Every ministry is given a budget and can work within it. Why have they failed so miserably. And what did the OBA do that was different than the PLP years prior. Did the minister change management, maintenance schedules, parts suppliers? And lets say they did, the PLP had all the answers and were going to fix it all! Remember? So if the OBA changed everything, should be easy enough to put things back to the way they were – right? So why diodnt that work.

          PLP 24 seats, OBA 12 = so far means loss for everyone.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        That’s a lie lmfao…go ask any mechanic/driver up there when the OBA was in things weren’t that bad. PLP just trash at managing things bra

      • Spanner breath says:

        Check your faculties! The oba inherited most of the trash from the PLP.

        • Unbelievable says:

          Spanner breath has it right. This bus fleet was already in disrepair before December 2012. People really have selective memories.

      • bdaboy says:

        OMG LOL

        Are those 24 seats on a bus somewhere?

        You realise, when you spew your garbage in all caps, that you look like you’re mentally deficient, right?

  10. Marge says:

    The minister of transportation has no clue as to how to solve the transportation problem, can you believe in 2018 we can not provide a bus service !!!!

  11. Unbelievable says:

    Lol the PLP can’t get this right at all.

  12. Mary says:

    What are all the unused bus drivers doing are we paying the,to stay home on Netflix?

  13. Kevin says:

    imagine how we went from a full service in May to this …..keep watching it will only get better ….whats next …
    what a joke…

  14. Cris says:

    the level of credit we used to have is decreasing, if you don’t hold them accountable now its to late.Don’t wait until April.

  15. campervan says:

    Get it sorted.

  16. somuchless says:

    I want the all the ministers to stand and wait for a bus that never shows up and report back on how it feels.

    Get the bus situation fixed and stop giving friends and family school pick up jobs. The common folk are suffering. Wake up.

  17. Frank says:

    Idea use some of the GPS cars to take the children to school
    The bus drivers that are sitting around all day at Ptb
    Could drive them like their already getting paid for doing nothing

  18. PANGAEA says:

    I know exactly what the problem is here, and ,if i told you, you would not like it.

    • PBanks says:

      Tell us. People are already frustrated and angry. Neither political party should claim the high ground with this situation, so let’s get it out there and talk about solutions.

  19. Ringmaster says:

    This shows the 2 Bermudas, in a very poor light. If the OBA were Government, the Peoples Campaign would be marching, the seniors would be surrounding the HoA and protests would be visible. However because it is the PLP there will be no demonstrations and the PLP people will accept they have no buses. No demonstrations against the PLP so the very people who voted for them will be the ones who suffer. And it will get worse.

  20. The Kid says:

    Easy – privatize it