Photos & Results: Netball League Matches

February 15, 2018

The Bermuda Netball Association hosted Under 12, Under 16 and Senior Division games, with the Warriors, Storm, Phoenix Fire, Lindos Tigers, Phoenix Heat, Blazzin Phoenix all scoring wins.

Under 12 Division

The Warriors defeated Phoenix 21 – 1 in the opening game of the day, Kammie Mills led the Warriors with 17 goals, while Eliyah Seon added 4 goals, while the Phoenix lone goal came from Sidney Santos.

In the second game the Storm defeated the North Village Lady Rams 24 – 16. Jamir Hatherley would lead the Storm to victory with 16 goals, while Makaylae Smith added 8 goals, while the North Village Lady Rams got 8 goals apiece from Sanaa Berkeley and Kemauri Darrell.


Under 16 Division

The Storm defeated the Warriors 45 – 9, Amaiah Butterfield and Kisaye Bell both scored 18 goals for the Storm, with Ziddonne Robinson adding 9 goals, while the Warriors got 6 goals from Kemiyah Butterfield and 3 goals from Ariana Sabir.

The Phoenix Fire edged the North Village Lady Rams 20 – 18. Nisaiah Berkeley scored 15 goals to lead the Phoenix Fire, while K’xiyae Gibbons added 4 goals and Tanzania Thomas scored twice. Gabrielle Romaine scored 11 goals for the North Village Lady Rams, Rhiannon Higgins adding 4 goals and Ciriah Simmons scored 3 times.

Senior Division

Lindos Tigers edged the North Village Lady Rams Red 34 – 31, Jahkenya Trott scored a game high 21 points for the Lindos Tigers, Charlene Bogie-Gomez added 12 goals and Allison Outerbridge scored once.

Ebonie Cox would score a game high 43 goals to lead the Phoenix Heat to a 52 – 25 victory over the Storm. Arkeita Fubler added 7 goals for Phoenix Heat, while Diara Benjamin scored 21 goals for the Storm, with Kaamilah Nasir scoring 4 goals.

Blazzin Phoenix defeated Robin Hood 26 – 13, Cheyenne McCallan scored 13 goals for the Blazzin Phoenix, with Keizhari Knight added 10 goals and Kandrea Romaine scored 3 goals.

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