Minister Foggo’s Trip To Antigua Cost $4,607

February 15, 2018

[Updated] A trip in January 2018 by Minister of The Cabinet Office with Responsibility for Government Reform Lovita Foggo to Antigua and Barbuda cost $4,607.58, according to a recent listing on the Government’s travel webpage.

The trip duration was listed as from January 20, 2018 to January 22, 2018 [see update], and the web page listing said, “Towards 21st Century Government in the Caribbean.”


  • Air Travel $1,224.60
  • Accommodation $3,331.96
  • Meals $51.02
  • Total costs $4,607.58

Update:5.22pm: Following our report, the Government’s travel website was subsequently amended to change the dates from their original listing of Jan 20 – Jan 22, to Jan 14 – 22.

The screenshot of the original posting on the Government’s website is below, provided to clarify that Bernews cited the Government correctly when we posted this story!

1-Fullscreen capture 2142018 42244 PM

Closer view of the original post on Govt website with dates circled below.

original post 34r523

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  1. Sebring says:

    Wow!!!! Can someone explain why this trip was needed? What good came of it for Bermudians? How can u spend 3 plus thousand dollars on a two nite stay? Please !!!

    We need a separate accounts department to approve and disapprove

    Gov travel

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    2 nights accommodation $3391.00???? Really? Meals only $51.00?? Oh come now, are we really supposed to believe this? Who went with her? What was Bermuda’s interest in this junket.

  3. Northrock says:

    $2,500 more in accommodation than Burch incurred in the Caribbean in December. That has to be worthy of a question, surely?

  4. Thank you, Minister for your openness and honesty.
    Oba craziness did not do that when Musson and Pamplin took their greedy selves to Rio for the Olympics. out of public money.
    Keep the transparency enforced for the people of Bermuda.
    Well done.

  5. stunned... says:


  6. spanner breath says:

    $4600 IN TWO DAYS, Live it up!!
    Were definitely going to need the chinese shortly, not just for running the airport but there going to own Bermuda. Nobody else will lend us money.

  7. Denis Pitcher says:

    How did Minister Foggo manage to spend 3k on accommodation for a 3 day trip?

    • It looks like Bernews reported the dates incorrectly. The travel website shows the 14th to the 20th. 550 a night still seems like quite a bit, especially for the Minister responsible for reforming our government to get costs under control.

      • Bernews1 says:

        Thanks for pointing out the date discrepancy, but to clarify, Bernews *correctly* reported what the Govt website said when we posted this!

        The Govt website did say Jan 20 – 22, see screenshot above, and as always we cite the dates/numbers they provide.

        But thanks for pointing it out, as we had no clue they changed the dates until you mentioned it, so updated accordingly!


    • nerema says:

      $1,100 a night. She feels like she ‘deserves it’.

  8. shrew says:

    And given the Carib’s stance on LGBTQ rights and her own silence on taking away Bermudian people’s rights, she’s got SOME NERVE going to a boondoggle called the Carib in the 21st Century. The Carib is so far behind they ain’t never moving fwd and Bda just took a giant leap backwards. so….. this whole trip seems like it was just for a GOOD TIME. and perhaps to bow down to some of the PLP donors.

  9. Kevin says:

    Spend Spend Spend
    Presidential Suite
    First Class all the way
    For that price it must have been an all inclusive pkg and the $51 was a sandwich and a Proseco here at LF Wade prior to departure
    They still think money grows on trees

  10. thumper says:

    Lolly did pretty good then…those islands are expensive to get to…and expensive to stay at.

  11. thumper says:

    Let’s us ha’dee Summit ovah heeah…