Lindo’s Family Foods Switching To Chip & PIN

March 29, 2018

Lindo’s will be switching to Chip & PIN starting on Monday April 2 in Warwick and April 9 in Devonshire.

Lindo’s Family Foods Manager Zach Moniz said, “From Monday, April 2, Lindo’s Family Foods in Warwick will be rolling out the Chip and PIN feature for credit cards that have a chip.

“Lindo’s Market in Devonshire will follow suit on April 9. This will make their transactions quicker and more secure. If customers are not sure what their PIN is, they should contact their bank. Payment with cards without a chip will remain the same.”

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  1. Puma says:

    You have to press the green button then wait…then slide your card.
    Then it asks you if the amount is ok?
    No matter how many times you say no and could you have it for less they tell you no.