Snowball Stand Broken Into Twice In Eight Days

July 18, 2018

[Written by Don Burgess]

A snowball stand wishes a cold-hearted thief would chill out after breaking into the business twice in eight days.

Alfred Butterfield, the co-owner of Jazzy Treats, said his Clearwater location was broken into the past two Mondays. Last week the thief got a small amount of cash, but this week didn’t take anything after not finding any money on the premises.

Jazzy Treats Bermuda July 2018 (2)

Mr Butterfield wondered ‘why him?’ as all he is trying to do is provide a service to the people who are enjoying the Clearwater Beach area.

“I’m just trying to do a little something on the beach,” Mr Butterfield told Bernews. “It’s just a little small snowball stand, and we’re just trying to keep people cool for the summer.

Jazzy Treats Bermuda July 2018 (3)

“I’m just the little guy, and this person breaks in. He broke the door. I put a bar across it last week when they broke in.

“Now they cut underneath the bar and broke the door off. They must know there’s nothing in here. It’s a small little stand. What does he expect to get from a snowball stand?”

Jazzy Treats Bermuda July 2018 (4)

Noting that he was targeted twice in eight days, he said they “must think I’m one of those shops down on Front Street.”

Mr Butterfield also operates a snowball stand at Pembroke Park off of Parsons Road.

“This is my first year at Clearwater, but I’ve been doing this for 15 years at Parsons Road. I don’t have this problem down on Parsons Road, but I have problems down here,” he added.

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Comments (15)

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  1. facts of the rock says:

    do an overnight stay in the place with a baseball bat,when you catch the little bastard/s give them a lesson they will never forget!

  2. John says:

    Sounds like ya boy was just tryna keep coool!

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    Mr Butterfield wondered ‘why him?’

    Noting that he was targeted twice in eight days, he said they “must think I’m one of those shops down on Front Street.”

    In case you haven’t noticed , Mr Butterfield , nothing’s been safe around here for a long , long time .
    It’s not just you .

  4. Kim Smith says:

    Come on Bermuda! We are better than this!

    • Truth is killin’ me... says:

      Yes we are Kim and this just didn’t happen overnight. People have been getting away with crap far too much and for far too long!

  5. Honestly says:

    He probably needs to add lights down there as its pitch black at night. May deter the thieves!!

    • Wahoo says:

      Put it on wheels and take it home at night.

    • Sarah says:

      There are sensor lights on the building and an alarm on the door. No cash is left in the premises now, it’s a shame that this happened not once but twice.

  6. Micro says:

    Broke in and found cash. Of course they thought you’d be naive enough to leave cash again. I doubt they’d come back again after leaving empty handed the second time.

  7. Tammy says:

    Very unfortunate, it’s a very nice business. It’s not the first time for this activity. They’ve broken into the containers down at the race track in the past, more than once. There is a list of names at the Police Station but nothing gets followed up or resolved really, which is a shame. I agree in terms of putting cameras and lights at that end, especially for tourist who wish to visit the area, it is very dark at night. Vigilante style justice doesn’t make sense it’s not worth it; they usually get what’s coming to them one way or another.

  8. Izzypop says:

    Put some geese inside
    They fear nothing. They will chase those suckers till they can’t run no
    More lol

  9. Warrior says:

    Why are businesses leaving monies on property. Your business was apparently being watched n perpetrators knew your routine. Hit once secure your business better n stop leaving monies on site. Put up cameras too.